new peloton owner?

I'm not rich, thin, or athletic but I love my Peloton bike. My tips for success!

Hi, I'm Alison. I am over 40, overweight, have never taken a spin class, and don't like cardio yet I bought a Peloton bike and LOVE it,. I'll share my tips to get to love the Peloton too!

get fitted for the bike

Peloton has a guide to adjust the bike for your body.  However, Peloton instructor Christine  D'Ercole has a great  video with more direction that I recommend.


take the you can ride program

I didn't take this and really wish I did. It helps you understand the bike and experience a variety of classes.

go commando

You will be FAR more comfortable if you don't wear underwear with your bike shorts or leggings. Below I link to my favorite size-inclusive leggings and shorts for the Peloton bike.


sit farther back

For comfort, sit further back than what feels normal.  I am 5'3" & size 14 with a large rear.  Half my rear hangs off & almost 3" of seat shows in front.

you do you

Don't assume your friend's favorite instructor or style of class will be yours.   For example, I found I like endurance rides over shorter rides, riding after work instead of the morning.


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