I Get the Peloton Hype: An Update After 25 Rides

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I was one of the lucky ones, I ordered my Peloton during the pandemic and received it within a week. But that’s because I ordered it before everything went into total lockdown. I know now people are waiting for months to get theirs. Hang in there, it will be worth the wait. I finished my 25th ride the other day and wanted to share a Peloton update, which could also be titled, “I get the Peloton hype.”

I’m not one to succumb to hype. I am skeptical and as a blogger, I have the ability to often see behind the curtain of hype and realize it’s a bunch of bunk. I didn’t get a Peloton because I wanted to be cool or part of some “bigger thing” or be part of the “family.” I got it because I didn’t want to lose what I had gained from two years of weight training with a personal trainer and I knew it was a piece of equipment that me, my husband, and our kid could all use. The only equipment I bought was a pair of shoes, and I didn’t even buy the Peloton ones (I got these on Zappos and switched out the Peloton pedals for SPD ones and use SPD cleats). I rode, not thinking this would be my “thing” but thinking it would be good exercise that isn’t too noisy and doesn’t take up too much space in my home.

The first two weeks, I switched up instructors, going by what friends and those who follow Wardrobe Oxygen suggested. I stuck to classes that were no more than 30 minutes in length, labeled Beginner or Advanced Beginner, figuring that was my pace since I hadn’t been on a bicycle (other than my fixed-gear adult tricycle) for a decade and never attended a spin class. It was good. I didn’t hate it, I kind of enjoyed it. Some teachers had better playlists, some were too peppy or too chatty for my taste, but in general, I liked it. Only one class did I exit out of five minutes into it, knowing 30 minutes with that instructor would drive me batty.

My husband immediately fell in love with the Peloton, and since we got it I think he’s only missed three days of riding. He quickly found a favorite instructor and chooses to use the subtitles and listen to his own music. I couldn’t relate; while I didn’t mind the Peloton it was like working out at the gym – I went because I paid for it not because I looked forward to it. While I felt better after, it wasn’t enough to get me hyped for my next session.

ACS 0017
Before a 45-minute ride with Jenn Sherman in my adidas x Universal Standard unitard

My husband said he preferred the longer classes, 45 minutes gave him enough time to get into a zone. One evening feeling unproductive, unmotivated, and all-around over being cooped up inside I decided to take a 45-minute ride. If I couldn’t hang, I’d exit out and delete it from my profile. My husband suggested I try Jenn Sherman. He described her as, “I swear she’s at school pickup each afternoon.” As soon as I started the class I knew what she meant. Jenn Sherman feels as though she's someone we went to high school with. She was the girl who was hella smart, but also a little bit trouble. She was the friend I felt daring with, but also felt safe enough with to do those daring things.  I started a 45-minute class with her not liking the playlist, but about 20 minutes in I was pant singing along and having conversations with Jenn and it was like each time I slumped she told me to check my posture, each time I was clinging to the bar for dear life she told me to relax my hands. I rode most of that ride with my eyes closed, no interest in the leaderboard or if some stranger was giving me a high five and I ended that class on one of those endorphin highs I had always read about but in my 45 years had never ever experienced. I didn’t want to get off the bike, I stuck around for a 10-minute arm class and then a 10-minute cooldown.

ACS 0018
And this is how I looked after the ride! Sweaty and spent, but happy and not in pain. I found my “thing”!

The next day I was excited to get back on. Was that a fluke? I did another class with Jenn Sherman again in the late afternoon. Again I started off not vibing with the music and ending with a total high. I sweat so much my towel could be wrung out and I felt AMAZING. Not sore, not exhausted, but like I was a freaking badass. That happy high lasted the rest of the day.

I did a 30-minute ride the next late morning with a friend, a different instructor known for really peppy motivating chatter with pop music. I could not get into the zone, and needed that leaderboard to keep myself driven and motivated. Afterward, I felt tired and that night my neck felt a bit achy, like I did the whole ride with my shoulders up near my ears. I skipped the next day, I didn’t feel inspired to get on the bike, but I was inspired to treat these Peloton rides like a science experiment.

peloton newbie review over 45
Getting in a ride after the workday was through, rocking that bandana headband and one of my favorite sports bras.

I learned that 45-minute rides, especially with arms, are my favorite. The music for me matters less than the instructor. I like Jenn Sherman and Denis Morton the best, though love to throw in an occasional Kendall Toole. I have yet to experience every instructor so this list may change in a month’s time.

I learned that I am good at weights and strength in the morning, but I do better riding at the end of the day. Somewhere between 4-6pm is my sweet spot. I get all zen with it, I occasionally cry or swear, often confuse my family by grunting, “Okay, yep, on it” or “I can't, okay yes I can!” or “Are you kidding me?” to the screen. I feel I am letting out all the stress and frustration and fast paced-ness of the day on that bike, and when I ride in the evening I don’t find myself hunching my shoulders or slouching like I catch myself doing in the morning.

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I learned that the competitive aspect of Peloton may appeal to some like my husband, but for me I catch myself focusing too much on output and not on form or cadence just to beat some complete stranger. Each time I find myself doing that I send that person a high-five in thanks for motivating me and then close the leaderboard so I can focus instead on myself.

I learned that a hand towel plus a cotton bandana tied at the neck is perfect for me to deal with sweat during a ride. Usually, by the 15-minute mark, the bandana has become a headband to hold back flyaways and also soak up sweat. It’s funny, I am someone who has always hated how sweaty she is. Bangs, white shirts, synthetics in summer… they aren’t usually my friends, especially between May and October. But I get a bit of a high seeing how soaked that bandana is at the end of a good ride.

I learned that the less clothing I wear, the better. Thick leggings, long leggings that bunch behind the knees, tops that stick to my stomach, anything that clings to my upper back is a no-go. I often wear the unitards from the adidas x Universal Standard promotion (they're on sale) because there is no waistband and they’re so thin they don’t feel like much when I’m riding. I also like capri-length leggings with plenty of ventilation just with a sports bra. I’m in my house, it doesn’t matter what I wear or look like, and that is really freeing.

I learned that just because your BFF positively adores a certain instructor or that instructor has 500 kazillion Instagram followers and 500 Facebook groups and hashtags dedicated to them doesn’t mean they are a good fit. That being said, I find the way to stay motivated with the instructors I do like is to keep trying others. Play the field, so to speak.

This past weekend I joined a bunch of groups on Facebook focused on Peloton. The majority of the posts I just don’t care about, but I appreciate the ability to hang out on the fringes of these groups of passionate fans. It’s like me with baseball; I don’t care about the sport but I enjoy going to a game or two and getting caught up in the chants and songs and the energy of the stadium. Sometimes I get more into the energy; I have some friends now that we will text or message one another to do a ride at the same time, I sometimes get so hyped up I high-five strangers on my rides, and my husband and I can chat Peloton for a good hour, both vibing off one another’s post-ride energy. Other times, I just want to get into my solitary zone.

The other week I was on a ride and close to getting into that zone when my daughter busted open the office door, an excited look on her face. “Is it important?” I yelled at her while music was thumping in my ears from my Powerbeats. She mouthed yes. “Is it important enough for me to get off this bike?” She said no and left me. And I gave myself permission to push that to the back of my mind and get back into the ride. I went to her after and yes it was exciting, but no it was not important. But what was important was me putting myself first. A ride is usually less than an hour, that is not a major amount of time, especially with all of us in the house together 24/7. It’s enough time to stop worrying about everyone else and giving permission to worry about me, myself, and I only.

I suck at meditating, I hate baths, and lately, I don’t often have the focus to read. We all need some way to decompress, to have “me time.” Right now life is scary and overwhelming and stressful and sad, it’s needed more than ever. I kept saying I was doing this, I’d write about ways I was caring for myself, how I was doing “the oxygen mask” of caring for myself so I could care for others. But those 45-minute rides when I give it my all, they’re the only times I’ve felt in a long while where I am truly doing that.

A Peloton isn’t the answer for everyone, just as I wrote raves about weight training and it wasn’t right for everyone. But we all need some way to let off steam, make ourselves the focus in a healthy manner, to get into a zone, and feel proud. It can be art, it can be music, it can be yoga, and it can change over time. For me right now, it’s the Peloton and I totally get the hype.

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  1. Late to the party here but was a spinner for years and due to husbands knee surgery we got a Peloton 9/2018. He never wanted to spin before that. He is riding daily now – and we do upper body weight classes.. I felt/feel like I won the lottery. It’s been a life saver during quarantine and probably long after this. I can’t get my cholesterol down but my “good” HDL is very high so no meds needed. As far as the groups I think I belong to all and probably ride most instructors except one or two. Initial cost is what throws folks off but honestly for what we were paying to belong to the Y (before it closed) was higher than our current monthly cost so we are probably already even. Glad you are enjoying it! You probably wouldn’t want to see me on the LB as I am quite the high fiver!

  2. I have the costco version and have been using the free peloton trial for a month now. My first ride was with a trainer that was “too encouraging” and I spent half the ride rolling my eyes.
    Then reddit recommended Emma Lovewell and I found my trainer. I love her 80s rides in particular, my high school days. Just tried Jenn and liked her too, she dropped an f bomb or two which made me laugh. Ben Alldis is also straightforward but I found his cueing less clear.
    Have fun and enjoy your new toy!

  3. I now have a Peloton because of your posts! Thanks for the detailed, honest reviews.
    I’m very out of shape, but easing into it and loving it so far.
    I also find it to be a fantastic way to de-stress, which is much needed.
    Thanks again!!

  4. I’m so glad you love your Peloton! I’ve had mine for about 4 years and its one of my best purchases EVER! I used to take Jenn Sherman’s spin class locally in NJ about 8-9 years ago and once I found out she was at Peloton I bought it immediately. Try all the instructors, you’ll find that they motivate you in different ways…but I always come back to Jenn Sherman. You may also like Power Zone training for the structured approach.

    Really enjoy your blog and insta stories, feel like you are a friend that I haven’t yet met IRL. The Tuesday instagram live with DC Style Factory has motivated and encouraged me to look at my closet in different ways.

    Take care and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  5. I bought the Peloton after/because of your first post and it arrived this Monday (UK). I started with short scenic rides (I haven’t been on a bike in some 20years), and after today’s post felt encouraged and did a ride with Jen. The whole family’s quite enamoured with it. So, a big thank you, for your comprehensive (warts and all) review and inspiration!

  6. Thanks for posting this Alison! Can you share details of your obvious weight loss only 25 rides in? I’m seriously considering buying to help unload calories and body weight. Also, do you have an affiliate link so you get credit for my purchase?

    1. I’m not tracking weightloss and I don’t even own a scale in my home. Before quarantine, I was 195 lbs per my gym scale. I am still fitting into my clothing, though my lower belly is firmer and I see more of my ab muscles above the belly button. And no affiliate link, Peloton doesn’t work with influencers or offer that. I do have a referral code I can offer 12 times a year but policy states you are not allowed to share on a public website or on social media. However, if you do decide to get one and have any other questions, feel free to email me. All Peloton owners, after 10 rides, get a referral code they can offer friends that provides the new customer with $50 off accessories and the referrer gets $100 credit at the Peloton boutique.

  7. I’m very interested in the bike to replace the gym/running (heat and my knees). But what is the seat like? I can do more time on a skinny road bike seat than a standard one for some reason. A regular seat kills my butt! My other worry is space.. what would you recommend is the minimum square foot (or like 3×5) space including a mat to setup? thanks!

    1. It’s like a road bike seat, but also like a road bike you can switch it out for something you’d like better. I am the same, I like the skinny road bike seat, and it reminds me to sit further back on it. And honestly, it’s no wider than a yoga mat even with you on it you really don’t need more space than that except for ventilation. There are many Peloton Facebook groups and people are always sharing their setups. While some have expansive home gyms, many show their bikes in a 3′ space behind a couch, in a little nook between the washer and the hot water heater, in place of an end table in a studio apartment!

  8. Back in September, a hotel I was staying at for a conference had a Peloton, so I tried it out and fell in love. But our budget just didn’t have room for one at the time, so I am using a different spin bike and the Peloton app. I am loving it so far – but have only stuck to the 20 or 30 minute classes. Your post has me inspired to try a 45 minute ride this weekend.

  9. I totally love you for posting those pictures! So real and so inspiring! Definitely a badass!

  10. If you like Jenn, try her Epic Singalong and My Mix Tape rides – I choose the ones that throwback to the 80s and 90s, and I can’t sing and breathe, but I can lip sync!

  11. It was fun to read about your experience with the Peloton, Alison! I am so happy for you that you found your way into really loving this activity, and physical activity in general! Yay for endorphin highs, whether they are mellow or really big ones. They are really good for our health and well-being. Personally, I find that now, more than ever, I rely on that daily dose of endorphin. I truly HAVE to at least run for 2-4 miles, or go for a 25-40 mile road bike ride EVERY morning. (It has to be the morning here in AZ at this point, as by the afternoon we are in the 95-105 range!) Maybe I skip once a month–and then, I invariably end up in a sour mood. I probably am not going to win any races–it’s not my goal! But I know I am way stronger than I was when I was younger. (Just remembering that last summer I was second in my age group of 60-65 year old women in a 5K run, so maybe I will win some day, lol.)

  12. Alison, I’m having such a reaction to your story about your daughter interrupting you while you were riding. In addition to staking a claim for self-care, it’s great parenting. You are teaching her to respect herself (as she models your behavior) and to consider her timing with others. Two incredibly important aspects of being in the world, no matter what your age. But there is a little painful squeeze for children who have to grow up. My son is 30 years old, and I continue to feel this “squeeze.” It just comes with the territory. Congratulations on a fine moment. <3

  13. I am longing for a Peloton. But mostly, I just loved this post. I cannot get enough of the posts when you share how you got from there to here, your skepticism, your emotions along the way. I’m here for the real talk! I’m suddenly reminded of the great post you did years ago about “You don’t have to make it work.” Would you consider updating that post to talk, not only about skirts (“you don’t have to make that skirt work unless your husband’s grandmother gave it to you and you’re going to a party at her house and the invitation says you have to wear a skirt” — or something like that), but about life in general? I think we’re all realizing that there is a whole lot of stuff we no longer have to make work.

  14. Delivery for my Peloton is scheduled for May 12! I can’t wait – thanks so much for this post, I will be referring back to it!

      1. I will look you up on there! I loved doing spin years ago in face to face classes so I am optimistic about this.

  15. I’ve been doing 30-minute rides recently due to scheduling, but I actually like 45-min rides better too – I feel like instructors often try to jam so much in a 30-minute ride, it’s not as satisfying.

    1. Yes, that may be it! I really enjoy a full-length song, the ability to go a while without any talking, or to have them really detail form and position and inspire me to go from focusing on technique to pushing myself farther and back. It is a different experience. But I’m doing a 30-minute today, it’s also a good pickmeup!

  16. I love this! When you find what works, stick with it. But honestly, I’m just here to say that I love that you and I have the same pink water bottle. <3

    1. LOL I love that water bottle, I have three of them! Blue, pink, and a purplish berry color. One next to my bed, one next to my computer, and one for Peloton though often is full of iced coffee!

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