The Cool Classic Black Sneaker 


The Adidas Samba is great if you're looking for a cool classic black sneaker. The black with Adidas' three white stripes on the side is iconic and works so well with the current fall fashion trends.

Why in the world would this shoe over other styles of sneakers have a return to fashion? Sure the '90s and Y2K fashion are back in a big way, but the return of the Samba is also in thanks to some high-profile Adidas collaborations.

Why Are Adidas Sambas Back in Style?

Folks like Bella Hadid, Frank Ocean, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, A$AP Rocky, and Kristen Stewart have been seen in this iconic sneaker, and most of them are wearing them in the classic black with white stripes version.

samba sneakers are a hit with celebs

What makes the Adidas Samba great is the low profile. This adds versatility to the shoe, making it work with leggings, baggy jeans, and dresses alike.

How to Style Adidas Samba Sneaker?

It looks cool a bit roughed up with wear. No need to be precious with your Sambas, let them get creased and scuffed and broken in, even if you're styling them with your favorite dress or a chic pantsuit.

rough up your adidas samba

IMO, the Samba runs a bit more narrow than a lot of Adidas styles. But unlike the Stan Smith, the Samba is a bit more flexible and you may find it more comfortable.

How Does the Adidas Samba Sneaker Fit?

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