Universal Standard Ponte Pants Review


Universal Standard has recently come out with a new line of Ponte pants. I've reviewed many items from Universal Standard and always give my most honest review. Let me show you how I felt about each pair!

The weight of this ponte knit is perfect for joggers. These are laid-back, but classy too!

Laid-Back Ponte Jogger

I should go up a size for a better fit, but they don't carry petite, unfortunately. Sizing up would be too long.

Pull-On Bootcut

These are a bit thicker feeling than the other ponte pants I received.

Minimalist Moro Pant

I have now owned three versions of this pant, and I think these are the best!

Stephanie Pant

These pants are soft and stretchy, but not structured enough to support a zipper and pockets.

Cigarette Pants

These pants have stretch, but the fabric looks like suiting pants for the office!

Pull-On Cigarette

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