Where to Shop When You are Midsize

(sizes 12-16) & a Grown Woman

If you're a midsize girl like me, you've likely experienced the same struggle of finding clothing that's meant for your body. If that rings true, let me show you some great brands to try!

Before running to the store or making any purchases online, you need to know your size. Measuring tape is easy to come by and well worth the money if you don't have one yet.

get measured: know your size

There are some great options for cocktail dresses and formalwear. Dillard's, for example, has sizes ranging from 0-18 and their cocktail dresses are designed for grown-ass women's bodies.

where to shop for formalwear

Ann Taylor is a great destination for classic suiting from size 00-18 and even offers petite or tall options. If you want something less basic, Argent offers great colors with modern silhouettes.

Where to find workwear

If you want on-trend style that isn't geared toward teens, try BACAAL or Banana Republic for sophisticated fashion straight from the runway. Or try a more feminine look with Kate Spade!

where to buy  on-trend styles

Classic doesn't mean boring, and brands like Eileen Fisher are a fashion staple for those who like a versatile and high-quality wardrobe. You can find the right brand to elevate your style.

where can you find a classic aesthetic?

How to Style a Sweater Vest as a Grown-ass Woman

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