How to care for cashmere at home

do you have to handwash?

You can actually care for your cashmere at home, following a few simple steps. And you don't have to handwash!

how to care for cashmere at home

Fasten any buttons, snaps or zippers before you put your cashmere in the bag.


use a mesh bag

You don't need a special cashmere wash. I've been using this one that is eco friendly.


Wash on The gentle Cycle

After washing, place your sweater flat on a towel and roll it to remove excess water.


wring out with a towel

more cashmere tips

All clothing will last longer with less laundring.


don't over wash

If it just needs a little refresh, a steamer will work magic.


use a steamer

This spray will take out any pesky odors.


Try a fabric refresher

I find that baby shampoo is the best thing to use for spot treating cashmere.


got a stain?