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A Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Fall to Winter

Capsule Wardrobes Fashion Advice

A reader reached out asking a question about a casual capsule wardrobe.  What would I have in a capsule wardrobe if I wasn't a fashion blogger? I am an urban planner working in the architecture/engineering/development space. I make enough money so that I can buy clothes that are well made, but I also cannot break the bank and don't have the space for a ton of stuff that's rarely worn.…

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Ask Allie: Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Post-college Orientation

Capsule Wardrobes Corporate Fashion Fashion Advice

I'm starting an internship and I'm really excited about it! But first, I have a 10 day orientation in North Carolina. The internship directors told us to dress “casual” but to me (as a very recent college grad) that's whatever t-shirt is clean and shorts that have seen better days. I want to pack everything in my carry-on and I'm assuming I'll need clothes to wear for nights out! I…

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Ask Allie: An Active Casual Capsule Wardrobe for a Woman Over 60

Capsule Wardrobes Fashion Advice Fashion By Decade

I am about to retire and would love to have advice about a capsule wardrobe to fit my new situation. I am a young 62 and pear shaped. I'm planning to focus on travel, enjoying grandchildren, blues festivals, yoga and walking. I like classic styles and love blues and greens. Congratulations! That sounds like an amazing way to spend this new point in your life. And I love that you’re…

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