Capsule Wardrobe: Fall Casual / Travel

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Wardrobe Oxygen: A capsule wardrobe for fall with a focus on casual, active, and travelYou all are having some romantic falls based upon your emails! Trips to resorts, hotels up north to see the leaves change, B&Bs along Skyline Drive, and a couple of you have decided to visit Asheville after my trip recap! My capsule wardrobe today is inspired by you – a relaxing getaway that will have lots of variety. Hitting the gym to work off that decadent dessert, hiking through the woods to see the leaves change, heading downtown for some shopping and sight-seeing, evenings at a fancy restaurant or a dive bar, and plenty of porch sitting, hammock swinging, and wine sipping near a fire pit.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Capsule Wardrobe for Fall. Lots of layering and versatility from a casual day, active events, and dining out. Travel friendly.

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This capsule is based upon two classic Autumnal shades – burgundy and camel. These colors look fabulous with other neutrals like grey, black, and denim. They also make for gorgeous contrast with lavender, blush, mustard, and teal. There’s some on-trend pieces, but in general the collection is classic, simple, and travel friendly.  The jacket doubles as a raincoat, the lavender shirt wicks moisture and repels wind, and all the shoes are kind to feet.

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This time of year it can be 70 at noon, 50 by 4, and 30 in the evening. There’s a chance for rain, strong gusts, and blindingly bright sun. To make it work, layers (and a fab pair of sunglasses) are key. With layers, you can also create completely different looks with the same base pieces. Depending on where you are, consider adding to this capsule a pair of lightweight gloves (I personally love these for being windproof, comfortable, and able to truly work with touchscreens) and a beanie (I have this one and love how it’s lightweight yet warm and not too tight that it musses my hair).

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Active Adventures:

  • Leggings, lavender tee, puffer vest, sneakers
  • Leggings, lavender tee, hoodie, waterproof boots
  • Leggings, band tee, hoodie, puffer vest, waterproof boots
  • Stretch jeans, striped shirt, anorak, waterproof boots
  • Stretch jeans, lavender shirt, anorak, sneakers

Shopping, Museums, and Seeing the Sights:

  • Jeans, turtleneck sweater, puffer vest or anorak, waterproof boots
  • Jeans, turtleneck sweater, biker jacket, sneakers
  • Jeans, turtleneck sweater, wrap, Chelsea boots
  • Jeans, striped shirt, wrap, Chelsea boots
  • Jeans, striped shirt, biker jacket, sneakers, silk scarf at throat
  • Jeans, band tee, biker jacket (consider adding the hoodie underneath or tied at waist), sneakers
  • Black slim knit pants, turtleneck, puffer vest, sneakers
  • Black slim pants, striped tee, hoodie, puffer vest, Chelsea boots
  • Black slim pants, turtleneck, biker jacket, Chelsea boots
  • Black slim pants, dressy blouse, biker jacket, Chelsea boots
  • Ponte dress, tights, Chelsea boots, scarf, biker jacket
  • Ponte dress, leggings, Chelsea boots, wrap
  • Denim skirt, striped shirt, biker jacket, tights, Chelsea boots
  • Denim skirt, turtleneck, anorak, tights, Chelsea boots
  • Denim skirt, band tee, hoodie, sneakers

Dinner and Evening Activities:

  • Black slim pants, dressy blouse, flats, clutch
  • Black slim pants, turtleneck, pendant necklace, Chelsea boots
  • Ponte dress, silk scarf, flats
  • Ponte dress, tights, Chelsea boots, pendant necklace
  • Ponte dress, pendant necklace, flats, clutch
  • Denim skirt, turtleneck, black tights, Chelsea boots, pendant necklace
  • Denim skirt, dressy blouse, tights, Chelsea boots

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Of course there are a lot of other combinations to make from this capsule wardrobe. If you have room and it fits your personal style you could add a pair of pumps, a matte jersey wrap dress, a pair of ankle or boyfriend jeans, another long-sleeved top, a crewneck or v-neck merino or cashmere sweater in a layering weight, a pashmina or blanket scarf.

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This doesn’t have to be camel and burgundy. This could be done with blush pink and dove grey, teal and brown, all shades of black and gray, navy with cream. Consider a brighter and more interesting neutral like cream, ivory, camel, dove grey, or navy to balance the other neutrals and denim and to help your signature color pop. Choose pieces that resist wrinkles so you can spend less time prepping your outfit and more time enjoying yourself. And don’t forget to pack some slipper socks, a robe (this is my favorite and goes on all my trips), and sleepwear that makes you feel fabulous so you can enjoy every hour of your getaway!

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  1. I love all your capsules, but this one is so helpful to my current lifestyle. Very good for the autumn/spring UK climate, allowing for rain and frequent weather changes. Love the comfortable footwear, but you can still go smart for a low key evening out without bother. Mostly casual, but not depressing. Love it.

  2. Love this! Perfect for my Thanksgiving trip to St. Louis. Now to figure out how to modify for late December in NYC.

    By the way, this post isn’t showing up on your main page. You have to search for it or link from the email.
    — Suzanne

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