Come to New Mexico With Me! | TrovaTrip Getaway October 2024

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When thinking about 2024 and what I wanted to do with Wardrobe Oxygen and this community, the first thing that came to mind was connecting in person. This was a goal of mine in 2020, but we know how that year went… So, I decided to try to achieve that goal this year. I wasn't sure how to go about it when TrovaTrip asked if I would like to host a trip with members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community. It seemed like the perfect way to start this concept of IRL get-togthers!

I love travel, especially domestic travel. The United States is vast, with a range of cultures, geography, and communities. I have visited a good chunk of the states in our country over my life, but I realized with our family cross-country road trip that a day or two doesn't even scratch the surface of what a state has to offer. We can easily homogenize the United States as one culture; traveling shows how different we are and how much we still need to learn about one another to find mutual respect and understanding.

I have also noticed how much all of you love to travel. My travel recaps get a lot of comments and traffic, and I am asked to make travel capsule wardrobes more than any other type. But I know just booking a weekend away with my family is tough; organizing group travel is an MFer. I have no time or skill (or business insurance) for such an undertaking. I would need a professional to manage such travel for Wardrobe Oxygen and that's where this New Mexico TrovaTrip comes in!

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What is TrovaTrip?

TrovaTrip is a program where influencers, community leaders, and subject matter experts are invited to host travel to various places across the globe. TrovaTrip employs experts in these destinations and curates a trip that includes popular attractions, well-rated hotels, organized group meals, and downtime so those who attend can do their own thing or organize a meal or activity with others in the group.

I liked the idea of traveling with you in the Wardrobe Oxygen community. I've learned through almost two decades of writing here, almost five years of the Facebook community, and getting to know you all better through comments, emails, Instagram DMs, and the occasional in-person meets that many of us are kindred spirits with similar interests and are similar in age. We may be in relationships or solo, have kids or be child-free, but I have found many of us like to travel and wish we did it more.

With TrovaTrip, all I had to do was pick the destination and promote it to gather a group of like-minded folk to attend. TrovaTrip does the rest. This sounded fantastic, especially as my first foray into bringing together some of the Wardrobe Oxygen community.

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Researching TrovaTrip

I did my research about TrovaTrip and reviews beyond those who hosted trips. I found that most had really positive experiences. Those who had poor experiences often didn't use TrovaTrip, or the host did a poor job at explaining, setting expectations, or participating in the actual itinerary. This research helped me better understand my role in ensuring a successful and fun experience for my guests.

I appreciated that trip guides are local to the destination, not random employees of TrovaTrip. Domestic hotels are in line with chains like the Drury Plaza, which I stayed in when I visited St. Louis.

Planning a New Mexico TrovaTrip

I shared a survey on social and in this blog post, asking folks where you would like to go on travel, your budget, and what times of the year worked best for you. I didn't want to sway your responses, but I was psyched when the majority of you were interested in visiting New Mexico. It's secretly where I wanted to go. The only time I've been to New Mexico was back in 2016, and it was only a single night in Albuquerque. Well, that is changing this October 18-22!

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Come to New Mexico with Me!

October 18-22, join me and a dozen or so women from the Wardrobe Oxygen Community as we explore Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico! Along with an experienced travel guide from that part of New Mexico, we will see some of the best sights and visit the best destinations in the area, have some great meals, get to know one another.

We will learn about the blend of Native American and Spanish influence through architecture, art, and other aspects that make up the identity of the southwestern United States. We will visit natural splendor, museums, and historical sights, and of course, get in a bit of time to shop and connect as fellow grown women!

While this may be a fashion and style blog, this is not the focus of this five-day trip to Santa Fe and Taos. This is a way to have some fun and adventure, explore a beautiful part of this country at one of the best times of year to visit it, and support grown-ass women traveling together and living life on their terms.

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Visit Santa Fe and Taos October 18-22, 2024

You can read more about this getaway through TrovaTrip at this link. We will be visiting the Palace of Governors and New Mexico History Museum, the New Mexico Museum of Art, Loretto Chapel, El Santuario de Chimayó, Ortega's Weaving Shop, Harwood Museum of Art, the Rio Grande Gorge, and an optional trip to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. We will be staying at a hotel in Santa Fe and be provided transportation for a day visit to Taos. We will have a guide with us for all activities.

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New Mexico TrovaTrip FAQs

What is Included in this Trip?

The cost includes all lodging, airport transfer, excursions/activities listed on the TrovaTrip page, daily breakfast, and some lunches and dinners. Lodging is double occupancy (shared) rooms. I am working on a gift bag for all attendees, and I will be hosting at least one meal not covered by the TrovaTrip.

What is Not Included in this Trip?

This trip does not include your transportation to and from Santa Fe from your home. Only meals and activities included in the itinerary are included in the cost. There is one optional trip that is $22 additional; you can add it when you register for the trip. Insurance is not included. However, when booking the trip, you have two options for insurance to add to your trip for an additional fee.

If you miss the scheduled airport transfers, you are responsible for paying your way to and from the hotel. The price does not include tips for the guides; this is something we will discuss before the trip in the private Facebook group I will create for attendees.

How Many People Will Be on This Trip?

This trip will be 10-20 individuals; I am guessing around a dozen of us grown-ass women. There needs to be a minimum of 8 who sign up for this trip to ensure it takes place, but based on initial feedback, I am not worried we won't make the minimum.

How Do Shared Rooms Work? What If I Want a Single Room?

If you are going with a friend and paying together, TrovaTrip will place you in the same room.  If you pay separately, there will either be a comment section when you book to notify who you wish to bunk with. You can also let me know, and I’ll notify TrovaTrip to have you share a room. Otherwise, you will be placed with another member of the Wardrobe Oxygen community.

If you prefer not to share a room, there will be an option to pay an additional fee for a private room during booking. 

Can I Bring My Spouse or Partner?

This is a trip for us grown-ass women. I am only permitting women to attend this trip to focus on community and making new friends. I am not bringing my husband; I am bringing a friend who will be sharing my room. I encourage those in relationships with women to choose to travel solo or with a platonic friend so we all have the same experience and vibe.

How Can I Get to Know the Other Attendees?

I will be creating a private Facebook group for those who sign up for this trip. There, we can get to know one another, plan out travel and packing, ask questions, coordinate activities, and stay in touch after the trip. I will email registrants with a link to this group. Depending on interest, I may also schedule one or two Zoom or Google Meet sessions so we can become comfortable with one another and answer questions.

On top of this, after polling those attending this trip, we will create another form of communication that is best for most attendees (group text, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.). This way, we can stay in contact during the trip. This contact method will be discussed and chosen once folks have registered for the trip.

How Can I Be Sure No Sketchballs Are Attending?

I am not conducting background checks or asking for copies of folks' driver's licenses, but I have ultimate control over who I allow to attend and who will be blocked from attending. I am not allowing any men to attend, and as a seasoned influencer, I have data from past commenters, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers to ensure known sketchballs will not be in attendance.

Do I Have to Participate in All Activities?

I planned this trip in hopes that it would be comfortable and enjoyable for a range of people regarding social comfort, ability, and interests. That being said, you are not required to attend any activity on the itenerary. However, know you will not be refunded any part of the cost for not participating nor will you be provided transportation or scheduling assistance for activities outside the ones we have planned.

If you are from this area or have visited Santa Fe and Taos often and have suggestions for restaurants or free time activities outside what has been coordinated by TrovaTrip, I am happy to hear them! I want to ensure this is a fun experience for all, and I appreciate any feedback or ideas to achieve it!

Do I Have to Pay In Full When I Sign Up?

You will have the option to pay 25% of the cost now and the remainder 90 days before the trip, or you can pay in full at the time of registering for the TrovaTrip. There is also an option to pay for the trip with Affirm.

I Don't Want to Be On the Blog/Social Media

I will not share a single face without permission and will never share the name or location of anyone attending. I am not bringing a photographer; this trip is not for “content” or to market for future trips. The goal is for like-minded women to make friends, find future travel buddies, and have an experience together.

I will be writing a recap blog post on Wardrobe Oxygen. The recap may have a group photo or some candids, but attendees will approve them before use. If photos aren't approved, they will not be used. I will share the trip on Instagram, but no photos or mentions without permission. No content that includes anyone but me will be used if no permission is granted.

What Do You Get from Hosting a TrovaTrip?

Of course, folks will be curious the benefit to me hosting this New Mexico TrovaTrip. As host, I receive the TrovaTrip for free. I still have to pay for flights, non-scheduled meals, and tips, but I get the trip for free. I could have a private room or share with a friend, who could also attend for free. I chose to bring a close friend so she could experience the trip and my trip experience would be like yours.

I do make a commission of each trip that is booked. I am very transparent with how I and other bloggers and influencers make money. This is in the same line as affiliate sales; if you purchase from my link, I will earn a percentage of that purchase price. For TrovaTrips, it is a flat fee but the fee varies depending on how many people sign up and how high of a fee I wanted to take. I chose not to make that fee too large to keep the price reasonable and because the real gift is being able to travel with you.

I am really excited about this New Mexico TrovaTrip, and if it goes well, I hope to have future trips with the Wardrobe Oxygen community to other destinations!

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  1. My family and I spent a week in Santa Fe last October – it was magical. I would love to go back, but I already have two trips scheduled for 2024, plus another commitment that weekend. I know you will all have a great time! I am looking forward to your plans for 2025.

  2. Though I can’t justify a trip when it’s my regular quick get away, if you do a meet and greet for those of us who are from close by the area, I’d love to do that! And if I didn’t see that in the write up, please forgive me. When we go to Cape Cod, I will be all in.

  3. I have wonderful memories of a visit to that same area from many years ago.
    At the open-air jewelry market in Santa Fe, I hunted for a turquoise necklace. So many hundreds were on sale that they swam together in my mind, so I shifted my focus from the necklaces to the faces of the women selling them and chose one whose gentle modest smile (so different from some of the aggressive or jaded faces) attracted me, and bought from her.
    I hope the overwhelming holiness of El Santuario de Chimayó is still apparent, now that it has become more touristy. Perhaps no crowds can ever dilute the mute eloquence of the dirt-and-linoleum floor of the chapel, the wall of crutches and canes left as tributes by the healed, or the availability of the healing mud.
    Not joining you, but if I were, I would leap at the chance to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe museum, especially at that affordable price. The fearless Georgia was a model for us all.

  4. What a cool idea, Alison! I hope this trip is a wild success, and that you will keep doing trips like this in the future. Because I have spent a lot of time traveling to Santa Fe (because it is less than an 8 hour drive away from Tucson and I used to go there semi-regularly for work) I won’t be joining you on this trip. But you and your group will have a great time!

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