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What I Wore: Weekend Style

Wardrobe Oxygen featuring a Foxcroft plaid shirt, Bernardo vest, and Adora Bags leather tote Wardrobe Oxygen featuring a Foxcroft plaid shirt, Bernardo vest, and Adora Bags leather tote Wardrobe Oxygen featuring a Foxcroft plaid shirt, Bernardo vest, and Adora Bags leather toteShirt: c/o Foxcroft (14)  (plus version) | Jeans: NYDJ (14 P) | Vest: Bernardo (L) (this year’s version, plus size) | Boots: Fitzwell Wide Calf (similar) | Bag: c/o Adora Bags | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Welcome to my weekend!  For this sort of weather, you can usually find me in jeans, a striped tee or plaid shirt, booties or boots, and this vest.  It’s perfect for everything from being chauffeur taking Emerson to classes and birthday parties, to racing around a mall for a specific item, to visiting friends or stopping by the local pub for a drink with my sister.  I really like this shirt from Foxcroft; it’s not flannel but cotton for nicer drape and a better fabric to layer with or tuck in (this shirt with its fine red lines through the plaid would look adorable with a red wool or black leather pencil skirt for the holidays).  Foxcroft is my go-to for button-front shirts because I always find they accommodate my bust and arms and the quality is stellar (I have white shirts five years old I still wear regularly).

When you have wide calves, it can be really hard to find decent tall boots.  If they fit, they’re made of crappy materials or have weird details that make them look cheap or cheesy.  Or else they cost 50 kazillion dollars and have a sketchy return policy.  I regularly stalk for wide calf boots on sale and they never fail me.  I got these boots from Fitzwell… last year?  The year prior?  Anyway, I snagged them for less than $75 and they’re real leather and really comfortable.  They have a pretty extensive selection of tall boots 16″ shaft circumference and wider.  They have free shipping for orders over $50 and while you’re responsible for return shipping fees, I think it’s a fair trade for the great prices (almost always cheaper than anywhere else online).  Usually they only have 30 days for returns, but right now with the holidays, they’re having an extension through February.  Not just for wide calf boots, I’ve also gone to 6pm for sneakers for the whole family if I don’t care about getting the latest and greatest, scored Em light-up Sketchers and Karl size 14 Birkenstocks there for nice prices.  Newp, post isn’t sponsored by 6pm, this is more of a PSA!

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Wednesday: Horsin’ Around

Shirt: Simply Be c/o Gwynnie Bee
Jeggings: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: Fitzwell
Necklace: Stella and Dot c/o Kristin Biggs

Some days you just want to be able to throw on an outfit and go; on days like this I immediately go for tall boots, skinny pants, and a flowing top. I just received this tunic from Gwynnie Bee yesterday and think it is too cute. Come on now, how can you resist a top with horsies all over it? I’m pretty excited for Gwynnie Bee’s new arrivals – peplums, sequins, wrap dresses and more! Not only that, Gwynnie Bee tweeted yesterday that they just placed an order for leather jackets! Swoon!

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My Wardrobe Today – Friday

Baby, it’s COLD OUTSIDE!  My husband, Emerson and I headed to our favorite local diner for breakfast and I bundled up in my Lands’ End Luxe Down Parka.  LOVE this coat – it’s so warm and the hood is so snuggly!  Underneath was my Ann Taylor LOFT curvy bootcut jeans, my black booties from Fitzwell, and my black and white striped long-sleeve tee from Ann Taylor.  Silver hoops and cuff.  Pretty generic attire, but it was early and I knew I would be spending the rest of the day at home.

Exciting plans this afternoon – cleaning the bedroom from top to bottom, washing laundry, wrapping the last two presents.  Tonight off to my sister’s!  Hope everyone is well and staying warm!

My Wardrobe Today – Monday

Shirt – Ann Taylor (found on clearance rack for $29.99 and then 30% off)
PantsGap Perfect Trouser pants
ShoesFitzwell “Andrea”
Silver hoops and cuff
CoatLands End (and check out Wardrobe Oxygen tomorrow- I will be having a full review of the coat!)

Back to work! It feels weird getting back after a week out of the office. So many voice mails, emails, and regular snail mail to go through!

I felt so out of sorts this morning, didn’t really have the creativity to pull together a real ensemble, so I just wore the two things that came out of the dryer yesterday. As I ramp up back into the work world, I will get back on track!

What I Wore: Zebra

Tank: c/o Karen Kane | Skirt: The Limited (similar) | Shoes: Fitzwell “Aurora” | Watch: Citizen c/o WatchCo | Bracelets: Nordstrom, had forever, J. Crew via eBay | Necklaces: eBay | Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Vibrant Mandarin | Rings: Etsy | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Sunday, I cleaned out my closet. With travel and busy schedules, my closet was looking very much like my high school bedroom, where I no longer knew the color of my carpet due to the piles of clothes, shoes, and junk. In cleaning, I found this fabulous top that Karen Kane was kind enough to send me a couple months ago. It’s a Medium when I normally wear a large, and I am thrilled it comfortably fits over the bust but is a bit snug over the booty. I did my belt trick and created a bit of a peplum. The fabric is perfect for the humidity as it doesn’t cling and floats with any passing breeze.

These shoes are a STEAL at 6pm. I like Fitzwell because they have extended sizes (wide widths and wide calfs for their tall boots), but they also have strategically placed heels to reduce pressure and to make it easier to walk with such height. First day wearing them and no issue walking to the office, pretty impressive!

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What I Wore: Not Following Directions

Blazer: The Limited (similar) | Dress: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Fitzwell “Aurora” | Bracelet: J. Crew (similar) | Watch: Citizen c/o WatchCo

I bought this dress in a rush, and I must admit after my first time wearing it I didn’t have the desire to wear it again. But that would be a big waste of money, so I washed it cold on the gentle cycle (it says Dry Clean but it’s 100% polyester ponte and I have bought a lot of Ann Taylor ponte before and it washes beautifully) and hung it to dry. This morning I tried to iron out the wrinkles with a relatively cool iron and where the iron went, the fabric immediately faded. Oh, and the dress which originally hit right to the knees is now at a length which is veering on inappropriate for the office. I must admit, I miss the old quality of Ann Taylor. They seem to be very lost, going from trendy to classic to trendy again, and their quality is all over the place. So if you get this dress, follow the instructions and be sure to dry clean. 

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Monday: Gray with Green

Dress: c/o Karen Kane
Tank: Caslon (similar)
Boots: Fitzwell
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Sabina (similar)

This morning I felt rushed so I grabbed this dress from Karen Kane. I have worn it before, but this is the first time on the blog. While I love the concept of a sweater dress, I usually find them too clingy; this one has a flattering fit and flare silhouette which makes me have a waist but hides the lower tummy.

As for the green in the title, it’s because of the “Jalepeno” Chevy Spark that GM loaned me for the week! When they asked me what type of car I’d like to try, I asked for something with a bunch of fun gadgets, good on gas, and perfect for city driving. While the Spark has four doors, it’s quite compact and I can zip around city streets and park at cramped meter spots with ease. I drove it to work today and can’t wait to play with it more!

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Tuesday: Fact of Life

Dress: Gap
Cardigan: LOFT (similar)
Boots: Fitzwell
Necklace: Gift
Bag: Sabina (similar)

I was tempted to title this post DONT CURR; today is that kind of day. Instead the theme to The Facts of Life played in my head – you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life. Well today’s outfit is a fact of life – some outfits aren’t fun or chic or terribly flattering, but they get the job done. This is more of a weekend look for me, but it was raining cats and dogs this morning, I have a complicated project today at work, and I really didn’t care too much how I looked doing it. Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Wine Not makes the look a hair more purposeful, but really I’m just glad I have had my coffee and got to the office without a car driving in the gutter and splashing me from head to toe!

FYI, this dress does shrink in the wash.  I washed on cold and tumbled dry on medium and it shrunk most everywhere.  Personally, I like the fit much better than before (size Large regular) though wish I still had that extra half inch of length. Speaking of which, this dress is currently on sale and Gap is offering 30% off today (code THANKYOU).

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Tuesday – Lazy Goth

Sweater – Ann Taylor (similar)
Jeggings – Old Navy (similar)
Necklace – Ann Taylor (similar)
Bag – Sabina (similar)

This is my lazy look – all black, and closet pieces I have had for years and constantly wear. This morning on Twitter Morgan said outfits like this bring the goth out in her, I say this is a pretty lazy goth look, call it Weekend 30-something Suburban Goth.  And the hair? Well it’s hot and humid today, so out comes the natural look (luckily today it’s not acting too Kip Winger – usually when I need a haircut it behaves better when wavy/curly/Kip-y). The last time I wore this sweater and jegging combo, it was with my booties. Today it’s raining so I wanted a closed-toe shoe that could handle a few puddles so I pulled out the Fitzwells. My coworker recently got these same boots in brown and also loves them – fits wide calves, soft leather, and what an awesome price!

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Saturday – New boots and scarf

Jacket – Ann Taylor (similar)
Tee – J. Crew (similar)
Scarf – c/o Lolly
Boots Fitzwell
Bag – Sabina (similar)
Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Saturday afternoon we went to help a dear friend celebrate his birthday. Relaxed get together at his house, so it was a great chance to break in my new boots.And check these babies out – just $53 for soft leather and a classic style that fits my wide calves!  I like them so much, I wish I bought them in brown as well.  Heads up – I usually wear an 8 but bought them in an 8.5 since they didn’t have wide widths available at this price – the foot seems to run a bit narrow and I really did need that extra half of a size to make them comfortable.  The leather however is soft and they have already molded nicely to my feet!

And the first picture… I just couldn’t help myself with such a crazy range of beverages in my possession!

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In Wardrobe-related News…

I bought new shoes.

I didn’t really NEED these shoes. I have ankle booties that I can wear with skirts, and I have a pair of city boots I can wear with jeans and trousers. However the ankle booties are peeptoe, and the city boots… well I just don’t like them. I bought them out of desperation.

When you are overweight, you don’t carry that fat just in your belly – it goes everywhere, including your feet. After having Emerson I had an extremely difficult time finding any shoes that would fit. Before getting pregnant, I was already wearing brands that tended to size wide, or purchasing wide widths whenever available. After she was born, my feet were almost as wide as they were long. I became a huge fan of brands like Sofft, David Tate and Fitzwell for offering extra-wide width shoes with style.

A year after Emerson’s birth, my feet had narrowed slightly – enough to make many of these lovely wide shoes I bought almost unwearable. I decided to purchase a new pair of city boots to replaced the very worn, now too big (and slightly dowdy) David Tates I owned. I tried a couple of my old favorite brands – Franco Sarto, Nine West, Enzo Angiolini, Impo, found them all to be too tight on my still-puffy tootsies. After reading online, I checked out Fitzwell and found a pair of booties that had a slender kitten heel, extended toe box, and weren’t that cute on top, but knew that portion would be hidden by my pant leg. They fit, they were incredibly comfortable, and they got the job done.

I learned during my adult life to buy lower- to mid-priced shoes because my wide yet short feet would quickly stretch them out, and anyway I had some stinky feet that would make even the most-babied shoes unwearable after a season or two. I didn’t think this would ever change. Then I had a baby and joined Weight Watchers. Childbirth changed my chemical makeup and I was happy to find out it made my feet far less stinky. I could switch out insoles, wear natural-fiber socks and have shoes stay nice forever. And with Weight Watchers, I am seeing the padding disappear from my chin, my belly… and my feet. My slimmer tootsies started swimming in my Fitzwell boots – I started compensating by wearing thick socks and subconsciously purchased less pants because I didn’t like my only winter pants-appropriate footwear.

One day I was doing some virtual window shopping at and saw a pair of Cole Haan booties on sale. They had the Nike technology that people rave about. This bootie looked really classic and versatile – so versatile I thought they could be worn with pants AND skirts. Unlike the ankle booties I already owned, they had a closed toe and no memorable details. They had a more… modern and stylish silhouette than my Fitzwell city boots (and a higher heel, which I liked). I would have NEVER considered Cole Haan pre-pregnancy because I couldn’t see spending so much on a pair of shoes that would be grody within a year. But they were on sale for less than $150, and I am a new Allie, with new feet…

They arrived on Monday and I didn’t even open the box until Tuesday. I just NEW they wouldn’t fit. Tuesday night, after putting Emerson to sleep I went and tried on the shoes. Oh my, the leather is pretty, the heel is the perfect width and height, and they FIT! Omigoodness, they FIT! Not only do they fit, they are comfortable. Not as insanely perfectly comfortable as my Miss Sixty booties, but darn-patootin’ close! It feels GOOD to be wearing well-made shoes that fit, flatter, and could easily be in my wardrobe for years.

So technically, I didn’t need another pair of shoes in my wardrobe. However I think these shoes are good for my soul, as well as my soles!

My Wardrobe Today – Wednesday

Blue Merino Sweater – Ann Taylor (last year)
Gold and Crystal Necklace – Ann Taylor (earlier this fall)
Gold “Twig” Bracelet – Ann Taylor (two years ago)
Black Trousers Gap Perfect Trouser Pants
Black Ankle Boots Fitzwell “Andrea”

It seems as though my entire wardrobe is hanging to dry from my shower curtain rod.  Pretty simple outfit today making do with what was clean!

I am so excited, I am finally getting my hair cut and colored tonight!  Sooo needed!  Not going to go with hardcore bangs like I previously mentioned; pretty much keeping my same cut but trimmed up.  I also will get it colored – single process, a bit darker than my natural color but nothing drastic.  I really just want to grow out my hair right now, once it’s to the length I like I may get creative again with the color.

My Wardrobe Today – Friday

Only in the 40s here in the DC area, and the ground is still wet and mushy from yesterday’s rain.

Coat – Lands End (they don’t seem to make this one any more, but my mom has this one which is a very similar cut and length)
Scarf – Banana Republic (no longer available)
Sweater – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Necklace – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Jeans – Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots – Fitzwell “Andrea”
Silver Cuff

Hair is next day, straightened really fast with my flat iron. I think I need a haircut, and I am really craving thick straight blunt bangs. I don’t pull the trigger because I fear I will regret them. But then I think with layers, they can grow out without too much pain.

Heck, I grew out my Kelly Taylor early ’90s ‘do and my Kelly Osbourne asymmetrical ‘do…

My Wardrobe Yesterday and Today

This is a week of very early mornings. Tomorrow I will have to wake up at 3:30am to get to work on time. I KNOW! Unfortunately this means you get a bunch of the wacky waist-up photos in the poorly-lit office bathroom.

Tuesday’s attire:
Blue ruffle top – Ann Taylor Loft (no longer available online)
Black pantsGap Perfect Trouser Pants
Black bootiesFitzwell “Andrea”
Necklace – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Silver Cuff

Wednesday’s attire:
Striped teeLands End Canvas (NOW ONLY $9.99!)
Orange silk scarf – Banana Republic (no longer available)
Denim pencil skirt – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
BootsDUO “Bern”
Necklace – Ann Taylor (no longer available)

Today is was super rainy and grody in the morning. Humid, warm, wet. My hair is second day and woke limp and sad. I tried some dry shampoo, but gave up and just threw it up in a messy updo. No point in stressing over it at 5:30am!

My Wardrobe Today – Christmas Recap

I got back my camera!  And with it some very overdue pictures from Christmas!

Christmas Eve:

Navy knit top with tan dots – Ann  Taylor
Straight leg jeansNot Your Daughter’s Jeans
Belt – Hobo International (bought at a sample sale)
Boots Fitzwell “Andrea”

So Christmas Eve was a bit of a mess.  Looking back, I can’t recall what happened but I can remember getting dressed in a rush, realizing what I wanted to wear was not clean, not having time to do my hair.  Usually, we dress up for Christmas Eve (my sister wore a hostess dress, my mom wore a top with velvet pants, even Emerson wore a dark green velvet dress).  Yeppers, I wore jeans.  They WERE clean!

My sister hosted, made a delicious meal.  We had classic Christmas crackers, plenty of wine, and my mom read The Night Before Christmas to Emerson and she opened presents from her stocking.

Christmas Day:

No pictures of me.  I was wearing my chunky taupe cardi from Ann Taylor, my gray and tan striped surplice tee also from Ann Taylor, and jeans.  We do Christmas Day pretty casual – breakfast while opening presents.  Above, you see Emerson enjoying her Christmas present – a new kitchen!

Day After Christmas:

Black and white striped scoop tee – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Black felted wool military-inspired jacket – Ann Taylor (no longer available online but may be in stores on sale rack)
Black trousers – Gap Perfect Trouser Pants
Boots – Fitzwell “Andrea”
Necklaces – One from the Renaissance Festival, the other from Ann Taylor LOFT.  Both many years old.
Bracelet – Tarnish via Nordstrom

Nope, I didn’t hit the spray tan before these pictures.  I honestly have no clue why I am a weird orange color.  The day after Christmas we went to visit my husband’s family up near Baltimore.  We had a wonderful meal and spent time with his awesome relatives.

Emerson rocked another one of her Christmas presents – a faux fur coat from her Aunt Debbie!  She loved seeing the snow fall…

What I Wore: Cozy Sparkle

Sweater: Vintage (similar) | Jeggings: Old Navy | Shoes: Fitzwell (similar) | Lipstick: Revlon Matte in Real Red topped with Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Vivacious

My NYE plans changed abruptly – my poor sister was going to host a bash and came down with a horrible stomach bug that has been traveling around our extended family and neighborhood.  We’re not sure exactly what we plan to do this evening, we have a babysitter and two bottles of bubbly in the fridge and I plan on picking up sushi on the way back from dropping Emerson off at my mom’s house.  There’s a few activities going on in town, but we’re not against just rining in the new year snuggling together on the couch!

So instead of what I was going to wear to the party, I decided to do something more comfortable and low key, but still with plenty of sparkle and shine! I saw this sequined sweater on eBay many years ago and they sold it as a dress; even when I was a size 10 this baby was NOT long enough to be a dress. I wore it once before with a flippy skirt and tights, but it made my body look a lot like a barrel. With jeggings and heels, my midsection is better balanced, and I don’t feel as much like a goth disco ball!

Happy New Year everyone!

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What I Wore: Slithering Snake

Jacket: Halogen (similar) | Sweatshirt: c/o CAbi | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Fitzwell (similar) | Necklace: c/o Kristin Biggs, Stella and Dot | Bracelets: Nordstrom (similar), had forever | Lipstick: Revlon Matte in Wine Not | Bag: Banana Republic via eBay (similar)

CAbi recently contacted me and asked if I’d like to style a few of their pieces. Yes please! I have been a fan of CAbi for a long while since my dear friend Lisa became a consultant for CAbi and introduced me to the line. The clothes fit so well, it always amazes me that my petite curvy frame can rock the same CAbi pieces as my tall slim friend Lisa. I decided to take this opportunity to try a few things that aren’t typically me and asked to try their Dressed Up Sweatshirt. Gotta say I like it! It’s sheer so I have a black cami underneath, but not super sheer that it looks inappropriate at the office. I love the mixed pattern, and am always a sucker for any animal or snakeskin print. I originally imagined this top with their Fleather Skirt (which I also got and adore and will feature soon), but today I was feeling more relaxed and decided to pair it with dark denim.

I can’t recommend eBay for bags enough.  There’s so many people out there who buy and baby bags and then tire of them after a season or so.  I wanted a plain black leather tote that could pack into a suitcase if need be, but look nice enough for work.  I found this one on eBay; the leather is super soft, it’s unfinished inside which makes it light and easy to pack but the straps are thick and sturdy.  Single pocket inside to hold keys and cell phone, structured bottom, straps that fit over a winter coat and a magnetic closure.  All that for $20 and it even came in a dust bag.  If you know a certain brand or even style number/name search eBay before paying retail and you can save big.

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What I Wore: Shopping Local

Shirt: c/o InStyle Essentials | Skirt: buythedress on Etsy | Shoes: Fitzwell | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Rings: Etsy, Argento Vivo (similar)

One trend I am LOVING this season is the full midi skirt (those of you who follow me on Facebook already know this). However, I don’t have the budget to afford one from Tibi or another designer. When I see a trend I love that I think can be easily recreated, I don’t go to Forever 21 or Zara, I head to Etsy. This way I know that I am supporting a small business or independent artist while getting the designer look for less.  While I was desiring a solid color, I found this gorgeous wax print print skirt from buythedress. Even better, this Etsy seller lives just a few towns from me!

And I know some of you are thinking… what is this white chick doing wearing Ankara?  Actually, some of you may just find it to be a pretty print.  Many mass retailers these days are taking Ankara, also known as Dutch wax print and silkscreening it on all types of fabrics and all types of garments and calling it a “floral” or “tribal print.”  It’s hard in the land of fast fashion to always know what exactly you are wearing and if it’s cultural appropriation.  Ankara has gained popularity in the past seasons, and has been seen far more often on celebrities and runways so here’s a few links providing the history and origin of Ankara:

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My Wardrobe Today – Tuesday

Black merino turtleneckAnn Taylor
Black trousersGap Perfect Trousers Pants
Black leather bootiesFitzwell “Andrea”
Necklace – Ann Taylor (no longer available – Spring 2010)

The eBay seller stated this is a bracelet from Anthropologie – I don’t really know because there is no tags or stamps on it to show the brand/store.  I don’t really care because it was only $25.00 (and shipping only $1) and it’s super cute.  I was in need of a brushed gold bracelet – the one I have from Twisted Silver has really gotten tarnished and icky over the years and needs to be retired (or rejuvenated in some crafty way).  I liked that this bracelet had some bling to it – thought it would be a great piece with an LBD or even with a simple tank and jeans come spring.  By the way, quite pleased with this eBay seller – this was shipped quickly in a padded envelope, wrapped in a red chiffon fabric.

Figure the accessories make up for a pretty boring outfit.  I have a really busy week at work and so many non-work responsibilities that it’s nice to be able to just grab a random top and bottom from the closet and know it will work together, even if it’s not the most creative ensemble.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to own a wardrobe of staples that will mix and match with ease, and to remove from your closet anything you can’t wear right now.  I find that having most pieces solids, and finding creativity in accent pieces and accessories makes my base wardrobe even more versatile.  Great for a busy person!

My Wardrobe Today – Saturday

Black shaker-knit dolman sweater tunic – Ann  Taylor (purchased Spring 2010)
JeansNot Your Daughter’s Jeans
Black leather bootiesFitzwell “Andrea”
Pumpkin leather purseHobo International “Libby”
Silver cuff
Silver and green stone ring

Saturday night my sister had a party – very casual get together of good friends, good drink, good times.  I wasn’t trying to upstage the fabulous Birthday Girl (who wore the cutest cool-toned floral dress, black cardi and opaque tights) and wanted to be comfortable so I went to my go-to sweater.  I think it looks better in person than it does in photos.  It’s slouchy and has a great knit and really big armholes, so I wore my black synthetic cami from H&M underneath.  I wore this purse because my new Smartphone does NOT fit in jean pockets.  What a good excuse to rock all the little purses in my collection!

This is me with my friend T, who also was a Birthday Girl that night.  I seem to gravitate towards fellow fabulous women who were born in the month of January.  Many of my friends were born in January, my mom and sister were born in January, and even Emerson’s birthday is in January!  Crazy!

My husband and I had a great time – always fun to have the occasional Date Night with my mom as an overnight babysitter, and it was so great to see so many of our dear friends at the party!