The Best Travel Sandals: A Teva Hurricane Drift Review

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The Best Travel Sandals: A Teva Hurricane Drift Review

The Best Travel Sandals: A Teva Hurricane Drift Review

This summer I took family trip to Savannah, Georgia and Wilkes County, North Carolina. The weekend before this trip, I spent in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The month prior, I visited Salem, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and Long Island, New York. Over the summer, I went to the pool several times, spent a lot of time in my yard and garden, and did casual sightseeing in DC. And for all of these I wore what I believe to be the best travel sandals.

Needing Comfy, Supportive Sandals for my Fussy Feet

I have fussy feet. I have dealt on and off with plantar fasciitis for a decade. My feet are wide and high volume. I tore my Achilles' at the beginning of the year and still have stiffness and sensitivity on the back of my ankle/top of my heel. I have short toes, and my pinkies love to slip out from sandal straps. And being over 40 and going through perimenopause, my feet are more sensitive than ever before. In summary, I can't throw on any old shoes and get through a day on my feet.

Wardrobe Oxygen in a white paisley micropleat chiffon maxi dress from Chico's
Wearing my Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandals in 2021

My Experience with Teva Sandals

Two summers ago, I tried a pair of white Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandals and was surprised that they fit my feet. I never had luck with Teva sandals before, but the Hurricane sandals had a molded footbed and the straps were slightly different. I wore these sandals to death and they looked it. I every hack I could find online but the fabric straps just got too grimey to be used beyond the garden and backyard.

The following summer, on a Hurricane high, I bought the XLT2 Ampsole and chose a tan color that was very close to my skin tone and would be less likely to show dirt. While these fit, the flatform sole was heavy, and when the shoes got wet, they got even heavier. After a canoe trip that left me walking a half mile in sand with what felt like weights strapped to my feet, I never wore them again.

The Teva Hurricane Drift

This year, I decided to try the Teva Hurricane Drift, another Teva sandal with a molded footbed, but the entire shoe is from the same molded EVA. As it is one piece (with classic Teva Velcro to adjust the ankle strap), there is no way for water to get in and add weight. It also means these shoes are super easy to clean.

Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe Oxygen
Wearing a pair of Birkenstock EVA sandals

I have had EVA Birkenstock sandals and like them (especially for the arch support), but walking distances in them is terrible. They squeak, get slippery when wet or sweaty, and stretch out. They're best for the pool or any situation in which you may usually wear flip-flops.

I worried the Teva Hurricane Drift sandals would be the same but for some reason they're not. They're awesome. So awesome, I have walked multiple 25,000 step days in them without a single blister, hot spot, or plantar fasciitis flare-up.

The Best Travel Sandals: A Teva Hurricane Drift Review
The end of a long day in Salem, wearing Teva Hurricane Drift sandals

What Makes the Teva Hurricane Drift Unique

The Teva Hurricane Drift has strategic ribbing and texture inside the straps and on the sole to prevent the slippage I experience with EVA Birkenstock sandals. The adjustable ankle strap fits comfortably around my thicker ankle, but can easily fit a more narrow or thicker ankle.

The Velcro stays, even through hard wear, water, dust, and dirt. This ensures a more secure experience. The rubber sole has grip and traction, the midsole is cushioned to offer support but also comfort, but the shoe is still super lightweight and flexible.

Heading to the beach
Heading to the beach wearing my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals

These shoes don't take up a lot of space or weight in your travel luggage. You can bend the straps to fit into a smaller space, and they will spring back. These can be your shower shoes, your beach shoes, your pool shoes, as well as your casual sandals and day walking shoes.

These sandals can walk a half-mile to the beach, walk through the sand, and be rinsed in the waves. You can walk your sandy feet back to your beach house and hose them off and have them ready for your next adventure. They can go from the lake edge to push off a kayak to an hour in the craft, and then go several blocks from the lake to a restaurant for lunch.

And because they are all one color and free of logos and visible Velcro, they look nice enough to wear with a pair of trousers or a dress.

The Best Travel Sandals: A Teva Hurricane Drift Review
Wearing the Teva Hurricane Drift on a very hot and humid day of walking in Savannah, Georgia

Wearing the Teva Hurricane Drift in A Variety of Conditions

I went to Savannah, Georgia in August. My family and I walked all over that city in that brutal heat and humidity. One day I wore my HOKA sneakers, one day I wore my Birkenstock Bend sneakers, and every single day after that I wore my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals. They were more comfortable in the heat, more accommodating as my feet swelled, and just as good on cobblestone, hills, and sandy paths.

Because the Teva Hurricane Drift is so simple of a design, I wore them to a fancy lunch with my daughter in Savannah, styled with a maxi dress and straw hat. I also wore them with a linen sundress for a nice dinner in Rhode Island.

The Olde Pink House in Savannah
Wearing my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals for lunch at The Olde Pink House in Savannah

I am not afraid to ruin a cute look with comfortable shoes, especially when on travel. However, these sandals blend quite nicely with my wardrobe for casual and nicer situations.

I went to Providence, Rhode Island and ended up walking up College Hill in my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals. No discomfort, the shoes were sturdy and supportive as I walked a hill so steep I couldn't see the end of it.

In Salem, I thought we were walking a couple of blocks so I put on my red leather and cork Birkenstock Arizona sandals. It ended up being about a half mile and I ended up with blisters on the arches of both feet. The only shoe comfortable enough to do some serious walking the following day were my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals.

a woman in a striped dress and white sandals on a dock overlooking the water in Willemstad, Curacao
Visiting Willemstad, Curaçao in my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals

In November, I went on a long weekend getaway to Curaçao. I packed sneakers, gold dressy sandals, and my Teva Hurricane Drifts. I only wore the sneakers once and never wore the gold sandals; the same Tevas I wore all over the U.S. in the summer was the perfect choice for my Curaçao packing list.

As long as it's warm enough for sandals, you will see me wearing these shoes. And if I have any travel in the foreseeable future, my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals will be one of the first items I pack.

Best Travel Sandals for women
Wearing the Teva Hurricane Drift sandal with a sundress for Date Night with my husband

The Best Place to Buy The Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal

The Teva Hurricane Drift sandal is available at a range of retailers, but not all that carry the Teva brand. I got mine at Madewell, I've seen them at Free People, Zappos, REI, and ASOS. However, at this time of year, these retailers are sold out of a lot of sizes and colors.

I recommend shopping the Teva website directly, where you will find the most extensive selection of colors and sizes. Teva offers a 30-day return window. Purchases of $50+ have free shipping, and returns are free. All links above this section are to the Teva website to ensure the best selection.

Best Travel Sandals review
Wearing the Teva Hurricane Drift sandals to a concert at The Anthem in DC

How do the Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals Fit?

I am a size 8 in most shoes, and especially with sandals I need wide width. The only sandals I own that aren't wide width are Birkenstock and Teva. Teva Hurricane Drift sandals only come in whole sizes; Teva recommends sizing down if you are a half size. Considering how these fit me, I would agree it would be smartest to size down for the best results with your Teva sandals.

On the beach with my sister
On the beach with my sister and my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals

What Colors Do the Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals Come In?

The Teva Hurricane Drift sandal comes in an extensive array of colors and some two-color swirl options. It appears that while Teva carries the Hurricane Drift sandal each year, they switch up some of the color options. I found that from February to September, Tevas are the same price most anywhere. When winter arrives, you may find sale prices to be varied.

House of Seven Gables
Wearing the Teva Hurricane Drift sandals at the House of Seven Gables

In Summary…

While these sandals may not be perfect for all feet, I am so impressed by how well they perform for me and believe they are the best travel sandals. I am tempted to buy another pair in a color, but have decided to wait until next year. There's no need, my Teva Hurricane Drift sandals look almost new after a summer of hard work! Have you tried the Teva Hurricane Drift sandals? What has been your experience?

With spring break and summer right around the corner, this 2023 review of the Teva Hurricane Drift sandal has been updated for 2024 with additional places I've worn the shoes and updated links to where to buy them online.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Do you prefer the drift to the XLT2? Trying to decide which would be better for Europe trip with lots of walking!

    1. The drift is lighterweight which I prefer for travel. I think it also looks a bit more versatile. The XLT has the traditional velcro straps all over, while the drift only has it on the ankle. The XLT would be better if you have feet that need more customization.

  2. Check 6pm.com for clothing, accessories and shoes. That site is the outlet for Zappos. I saw the Teva Hurricane sandals there in size 11 for $31. Limited selections and sizes but if you see your size in an item buy it right away. Things sell quickly!

  3. Great review. Thanks for your thoroughness as always.

    Crazy question – could you see yourself wearing a sheet sock with these? I am starting to like that look with fisherman’s style sandals. Not sure I would wear that look at home, but if one is limiting the number of shoes to bring on a trip, having the option to add lightweight socks under sandals for cooler evenings would be helpful. Would love your thoughts.

    1. I wouldn’t personally wear socks with them. I have with my Birkenstocks and think it’s fun in a ’90s skater/stoner way but I don’t think I’d be comfortable with socks in an EVA sandal.

  4. Allie How are the sandals to drive with? I have never been able to drive with other than well fitting shoes. Wearing sandals to drive makes me feel insecure, like my feet are going to slide off the pedals. What is your experience?

  5. I love Savannah & hope you might do a little trip report post for us! Y’all must have been so hot there though, if Savannah has been like other Southern spots lately. But, like a lot of us, you have to travel based on the school year schedule. Glad your shoes were good for all that walking!

  6. I bought them on your recommendation and generally like them too! But everyone’s feet are different, so if I wear mine for too long I do eventually get blisters on my pinky toe. Still great for summer errands and outings, but I wouldn’t get a 25k day out of them, unfortunately.

  7. I just ordered from the REI site – in size 11 they have blue and birch available…so check your size folks 🙂

  8. These sound like great sandals! For sandals such as tevas and chacos, I run them through the washing machine! close the velcro, put in a laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent! They get nice and clean, they are designed to get wet, and can dry on a patio bench or chair on a nice afternoon.

    1. Same! When my Chacos get to the point of needing a thorough washing, I also toss them in the washer with whatever is being washed. Then sit them up to dry. I wear Chacos (I have several pair) the way Alison wears her Tevas.

  9. Love this review! You convinced me to get some, LOL. FYI, they are not on sale @ REI anymore, at least not using the links herein.

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