Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Review: The 1 Stylish Comfort Sneaker You Need in Your Closet

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Birkenstock Bend sneaker review by Wardrobe Oxygen

I have meant to write this Birkenstock Bend sneaker review for a while. I have been a fan of Birkenstock sandals for decades for comfort, support, and how happy they make my feet. However, it took me until this year to try a pair of closed-shoe Birkenstock shoes. I now wonder why I waited so long; spoiler alert this review is a RAVE!

I am republishing this Birkenstock Bend sneaker review because, since my original publish date, I have worn these on travel, walking several miles. I also saw they are available for sale at different retailers and Birkenstock has also changed their sizing concept for their sneakers. I have updated with the latest information.

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Review

Why I Desire Comfort Sneakers

As a child, I walked on my toes. This caused the balls of my feet to be extra padded, making my feet wider than normal. As a young adult, I found my years of toe-walking a benefit as I could rock a pair of high heels for hours without discomfort. But after having my child, I began experiencing many foot issues that had me reaching for low-heeled or flat shoes for relief.

While still on maternity leave, I went to a podiatrist for extreme pain in the top of my feet. Thinking I had broken something, I was surprised to find that the pain was from plantar fasciitis and relief could be found from wearing shoes with arch support. Shuffling around the house half-awake dealing with an infant, Birkenstocks made the most sense and I bought my first pair since my grunge/boho days in the '90s. Almost immediately I experienced relief.

In 2020, spending so much time at home, I again wore Birkenstocks around the house in place of slippers or stockinged feet. My feet were happy, so happy that when I tried to put them back into heels and pointed-toe shoes they protested. While I can still wear a low heel, I now seek out comfort brands and wider styles that look stylish but also keep my feet comfortable.

What Made Me Buy the Birkenstock Bend Sneaker

I felt the Birkenstock Bend sneakers looked dorky. Photos of them online made them appear very bulbous at the toe, and the visible strip of cork was distracting. I was used to such issues with comfort sneakers; they always have some extra unnecessary detail to ruin any style. But then one day at a coffee shop, I saw a woman in a pair of these sneakers and she changed my mind.

How to style the Birkenstock Bend sneakers in a stylish manner
A recreation of the outfit that inspired me to purchase a pair of Birkenstock Bend sneakers

Shop this look: cardigan (sizes XXS-3X) | t-shirt (sizes XS-XL) | jeans (sizes 23-35 w/ 3 inseam lengths) | bag | earrings | reading glasses | sneakers

The woman was standing in line, wearing the Birkenstock sneakers with no-show socks, cropped wide-leg jeans, a black Chanel-inspired cardigan with gold buttons, and a tucked-in white Isabel Marant graphic t-shirt. She had a brown woven leather bag over one shoulder, small but sculptural gold hoops in her ears, and aviator-style glasses. She looked to be around my age, Gen X. She looked effortlessly cool as she placed her coffee order.

Popular white sneaker brands
A few popular stylish brands carrying white leather sneakers this season; the Birkenstock Bend has a similar style and only stands out due to the cork stripe in the sole.

Shop the Collage: Common Projects | Adidas | Vince | Tory Burch | Veja | Anine Bing | Golden Goose | Birkenstock | Rag & Bone | Ganni

I recognized the sneakers by the cork footbed, otherwise, I would have thought the sneakers were by a brand like Vince or Tory Burch. They didn't look bulbous or dorky, they looked expensive and refined. Knowing they were comfort sneakers made the whole look even cooler. That evening I went to my computer and ordered a pair of them in white leather. The influencer was influenced!

Where to Buy the Birkenstock Bend Sneaker

The Birkenstock Bend sneaker is sold at a range of retailers, including the Birkenstock website. I found them to be the same price at Birkenstock, Nordstrom, Zappos, Bloomingdale's, and Dillard's. DSW had them for one penny less than these retailers. They are all authorized sellers of Birkenstock; please know that Amazon is not an authorized Birkenstock retailer (link to Footwear News) and the Birks you buy on there very well may be counterfeit.

I usually purchase my shoes through Zappos or Nordstrom because both offer free shipping at any dollar amount and easy free returns with an extensive return window. I bought my Birkenstock sneakers from Zappos, knowing they would arrive quickly and I would have time to try them on and style them at home before deciding whether I would keep them. However, I find Nordstrom replenishes sizes more quickly.

How Are The Birkenstock Bend Sneakers Sized?

The Birkenstock Bend sneaker is a unisex shoe. Some retailers like Zappos have the men's and women's sizing at the same link; other retailers like Nordstrom have different links for men's versus women's. In general, a man's shoe size is 1.5 smaller than a woman's. If you are a size 8 in women's shoes, you would wear a 6.5 in men's shoes.

shoe size conversion chart showing women's sizes of shoes in comparison to men's sizes, children's shoes, and European shoe sizing.
This shoe size conversion chart is a handy guide to shopping for shoes beyond the women's department

I am a woman's size 8; I usually buy 8 Medium sneakers and boots and 8 wide sandals and dress shoes. I purchased size EU 39 (US Men's 6-6.5, Women's 8-8.5) in these sneakers. I ordered my shoes from Nordstrom, and the only width option they had was “B.”. Read below for more information on how the Birkenstock fits in regard to width.

Does the Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Fit Wide Feet?

As someone with wide feet, I was concerned that a closed shoe wouldn't be as roomy as a Birkenstock sandal. I need not worry, I found this shoe comfortable right out of the box. In fact, it is so roomy that those with narrow feet may wish to choose a different leather sneaker with arch support (check out the Vionic “Winny” or the ECCO Soft 7).

Reader Kristin was looking for the regular/wide version and reached out to Birkenstock. She notified me that Birkenstock is no longer offering the two different widths and that the Bend will only be available in one width, which is the Narrow/Medium version. I have seen these shoes sold online at different stores as narrow, narrow/medium, and medium.

Some shops like Zappos offer two options: Narrow and Medium, but Medium in limited sizes and colors. The Birkenstock website has Regular/Wide and Medium/Narrow but you will see that the Regular/Wide is in limited sizes and fits the intel that Kristin provided regarding Birkenstock widths.

I went to two different shoe stores this summer to try the Birkenstock Bend, neither store offered sizes and these shoes fit exactly like the pair in my closet. To ensure what I had was not a medium/wide or wide version I ordered a second pair from Zappos in the only size available in white: Narrow. Dear readers, this shoe was NOT narrow. It fits exactly like the pair I already owned.

I know this is terribly confusing, which is why I updated this post. I believe we are in the middle of Birkenstock changing their sizing terminology and some sites have caught up and others have not. I have a feeling in a few months I will have to yet again redo this review with the latest sizing terminology. But in summary, Birkenstock Bend sneakers only come in one width these days and it is plenty roomy for wide feet.

What Does The Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Look Like?

The white Birkenstock Bend sneaker has a smooth leather upper, with a microfiber interior lining. The sneaker has a removable, anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed that supports the arches of the feet and cradles the heel. The sneaker has a midsole made of PU and cork; you can see this in that strip of visible cork. The cork helps with shock absorption. With a rubber outsole, the bottom of these sneakers has the same iconic pattern as the Birkenstock sandals.

The shoe is free of hardware, embellishment, or visible logos. Beyond the cork stripe in the sole, the top holes for the laces have silver grommets, there is tonal stitching to separate the padded area around the ankle, and “BIRKENSTOCK” is embossed on the top of the tongue and the side of the heel.

Birkenstock Bend Sneakers in different lighting and angles

If you are looking to buy these leather Birkenstock sneakers in white, you may be confused by the different ways they appear on different sites. Depending on the retailer's photography, these shoes may look blindingly white, white with beige soles, beige with beige soles, beige with tan soles, off-white with beige soles, or off-white with matching soles.

They are all the same shoe, and as an owner, I can tell you they are winter white (not bright white but not cream or ivory) with matching soles and laces. I find this off-white color to look more luxe while being just as versatile. However, do know with wear and sun exposure, the soles may yellow slightly. In my opinion, this does not affect the style of the shoe.

My Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Review: Three Months Later

I am not one to buy an item and immediately write a review. I need to LIVE with a product, give it weeks or months to see how it truly performs. And after three months of wearing these sneakers walking miles on gravel, concrete, asphalt, and cobblestone, and standing on hard surfaces for long periods, I believe I can provide an honest and valuable Birkenstock Bend sneaker review.

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker after 3 months of wear
My Birkenstock Bend sneakers after over three months of wear, at least three times a week, walk all through cities, gravel paths, and more.

I'm including pictures of my well-worn and well-loved Birkenstock Bend sneakers. I haven't polished them and besides cleaning off the soles after a muddy or dirty day, I haven't cleaned them. However, doing this sneaker review has inspired me to take a Magic Eraser to the soles, condition the leather, and wash the laces to keep them looking and performing great for a long time.

The Birkenstock Bend is a high-quality shoe. Well crafted, has quality materials, and has a classic design. This is the kind of shoe that if you care for it, you can still be rocking the same lovely shoe for many years. I am all about quality over quantity, and when you find quality AND comfort, it's worth putting in some effort to keep such items in good condition.

In my list of the 6 best white sneakers for grown women, I share tips on how to keep white shoes looking great; those tips would work great for Birkenstock Bends. And since these shoes are smooth and flexible leather, an occasional treatment with leather conditioner will keep the leather soft and protect it from the elements.

yellow dress and white sneaker outfit
A similar look I've worn with my Birkenstock Bend sneakers; I own this same dress in this color and in black

Shop this look: hat | sunglasses | tinted SPF | lip gloss | crossbody bag | dress (sizes XXS-5XL) | sneakers

I highly recommend the Birkenstock Bend sneaker for travel and sightseeing. Like the brand's iconic sandals, the Bend sneaker provides arch support and cradles the foot to prevent pronation. The shoe is flexible where you want it and sturdy where it should be to be comfortable yet keep your foot in its best position.

The cork midsole really does seem to prevent shock absorption, as I find these shoes a great choice when you are spending a lot of time on your feet. In fact, I find these sneakers more comfortable than my Birkenstock Arizona sandals for days when I will be standing for lengths of time.

Birkenstock Bend insole
Details of the Birkenstock Bend sneakers: the removable insole, the look inside the shoe without the insole, and details of the insole inside the shoe

Is the Birkenstock Bend Insole Removable?

The insole of the Birkenstock Bend sneaker is removable, so if you require custom orthotics, you will have room to accommodate them. While this is a low-top shoe that isn't too chunky, there is still room in the toes, so your heel will have proper placement without slippage.

I tried removing the Birkenstock insoles and adding a pair of Walk Hero insoles and the shoe was still comfortable and secure. This also means that if you properly care for your sneaker, if your insoles wear out before the outsole, you can replace them and keep having years of stylish wear.

Blue suit outfit with sneakers
The Birkenstock Bend sneakers look great with suiting

Shop this look: blazer | pants | sweater tank | bag | sunglasses | earrings | sneakers

While not super sleek and low profile, the Birkenstock Bend is no more chunky or bulbous than leather sneakers from popular designers like Cole Haan, Tory Burch, Vince, or Rag & Bone. The smooth leather finish and minimal decoration make the Birkenstock Bend look expensive and elevated. These are sneakers you can wear with leggings or jeans, but also with nice trousers and skirts for office environments that accept more casual footwear.

Birkenstock Bend sneakers outfit ideas
A few looks I captured where I'm wearing Birkenstock Bend sneakers

I have worn my Birkenstock Bend sneakers with cropped wide-leg trousers and jeans, full-length wide-leg trousers and jeans, straight-leg jeans, midi-length dresses and skirts, casual jumpsuits and overalls, Bermuda shorts, and t-shirt style dresses that hit around knee-length.

Issues with the Birkenstock Bend Sneaker

No shoe is perfect, though this one is pretty close to it. I do find some issues with the Birkenstock Bend and wanted to share in case you have experienced similar or these factors matter a lot to you:

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker Review

Smooth Leather Shows Scuffs and Creases

If you're like me and love the look and durability of sneakers, but don't mind a bit of character in your shoes, the Birkenstock Bend could be a great option for you. The soft leather means they're incredibly comfortable right out of the box, and the natural creases add a touch of uniqueness. Plus, the scuffs on the toe boxes remind me that my shoes have been on adventures with me – and isn't that what life is all about? However, if you're a stickler for keeping your shoes looking brand new, these may not be the shoes for you.

Birkenstock Bend creases

The Soles Yellow with Wear

This photo shows my Birkenstock Bend sneakers, the top shoe was never cleaned, the bottom with the soles cleaned with Magic Eraser. While Magic Eraser does clean and brightens the soles, you can see they have yellowed a bit more than the weather with exposure and wear. I've read you can use a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten soles; I haven't tried that because I personally don't find the contrast to be a problem.

It's Hard to Wear Other Shoes

If you're a regular Birkenstocks wearer, especially the sandals, you know this issue. Your feet spread and get all relaxed and happy in Birkenstocks and it is a struggle to wear any other kind of shoe. I find that with the Birkenstock Bend sneakers, I don't even want to wear my cushy athletic sneakers because the comfort and support don't compare.

This past week I worked on a community service project where I was on my feet on concrete for long periods, and I didn't want to wear any kind of shoes that would get damaged by paint or dirt. I wore a pair of Danner boots I've owned for many years and find extremely comfortable… that is until I spent the past three months primarily in my Birkenstock Bend sneakers. These Birkenstock sneakers made me realize you don't have to come home with hot and sore feet at the end of the day.

I have been a fan of HOKA sneakers for years; I wore them for a 12-day road trip a couple of summers ago. But now, my HOKA sneakers pale in comparison to the Birkenstock Bends. I've found Birkenstock sandals to be a poor choice for a lot of walking but these Birkenstock sneakers provide the best of both worlds while having a more polished exterior!

I Want to Hear from You!

I had the Birkenstock Bend sneakers on my mind for a long while because you, the members of the Wardrobe Oxygen community have recommended them. I regret not listening to you sooner! Do share in the comments your thoughts on this sneaker, as well as any other shoes you recommend for great support with great style!

UPDATED: 08/06/2023

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  1. Loving the reviews. I am a birky lover and in the past 12 months my feey have changed dramatically! Hence reading this entire thread, thank you all for your honesty and understanding.
    I have always worn the mayari style birkenstock in a euro 40.
    I live in a place where it would be impossible to go anywhere to try these on 🙁 and would have to chance it buying online (in Australia so they cost $300, which I have no queries of spending on good shoes)
    Any advice would be appreciated, do mayari differ from the arizona fit?

  2. I recently bought a pair of Birkenstock Bends from Birkenstock. I first ordered a pair from REI and wore them at home, but they were too narrow and I saw that Birkenstock carries the wide, and the difference to my feet was noticeable. Both are size 39 and my Birkenstock order confirmation clearly said wide, but the inside of the shoes say 39N, but fit different than the size 39 I got from REI. I called Birkenstock and he said to ignore the N and asked me whether the foot outline inside the shoe was an outline only or filled in. Mine is an outline and he said that is how I know they are wide. This seems way too confusing and I hope Birkenstock changes this, but wanted people to know there is a wide available, it doesn’t look huge, and my feet feel great in it! (I often can wear a regular width in other shoe brands, depending on the style.)

  3. Thanks for the detailed review and for updating it. Do you know if there is a mark or symbol on the insole of the Bend that identifies it as either the Regular (wider) or Narrow (med/narrow)? I bought my first pair of Birkenstock’s today at a Happy Feet Plus store. I got the Arizona sandal in the oiled leather in the Regular (wider) width with the soft footbed/insole. There was an insert showing two symbols, one for the Narrow width and one for the Regular. The insole says soft and has the symbol on it for the Regular(wider) width. I have an injured toe and while it is healing, I was advised by my orthopedic surgeon to wear only open-toed footwear and he specifically recommended I get Birkenstocks. At first, my feet weren’t sure how to react to these, but after awhile, they started to settle in. I have been wearing only New Balance or Brooks motion control athletic shoes–which my foot with the sore toe now hates, so switching to the Arizona is a dramatic change. Will you please see if the insoles in your Bends has the R symbol? (the Narrow symbol looks like a black, filled-in curvy pic of a high-arch foot; the Regular looks like an open outline of a high-arch foot.
    When my toe is better, I hope to be able to wear the Bend sneaker. Thanks.

    1. There is just the foot outline next to the Birkenstock name on the insole. Under the 39 (my size) on the insole it has the number 250. On the upper inside, next to the 39 is the letter L. No other markings in or on the bottom of the shoe.

  4. Thanks much for posting an update! I’ve been thinking about these since your first post in April. Some years ago I battled plantar fasciitis and a key to healing was Birks. Decades later I have branched out to other footwear but always wear birks around the house to prevent it reoccurring. I have been a fan of Hoka and recently Nike AirForce 1. I did want to update my more casual travel sneaker (usually either Puma Carina or Adidas) and the Bend seems perfect for that and more.

    Being unsure of sizing (given the closed toe I wandered if I should get my typical birk size or go up) and found that my usual size worked well when I tried them at Dillards last weekend. For others trying to determine their size – I wear 10 in both Hoka & Nike but 10.5 in Puma and Adidas. It has been a while since I got new birks and I am having to break them in a little – I have flatter feet and the arch is slowly adapting as I wear them around the house.

    Your thorough review was the push I needed to give these a try and I’m happy I have!
    THANKS 🙂

  5. Alison, thank you for your very thorough and honest review, as always. I’m in Australia and have been trying to track these down since you first wrote about them – I really wanted to try on in a shop. Finally, this week, I managed to find them, but only black in my size, but I went for them anyway. $300! I find it so hard to find wide fit sneakers here, but the roomy toe box here together with the Birks footbed seems perfect!
    Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to try these.

    I love you very honest, well researched, well written, and very useful posts – I’m 64, live in Australia, and am quite tall, but still find your information incredibly interesting and useful.

    1. I didn’t find them stretch in length, they’re pretty structured in the toebox. However they do stretch in width; my laces feel longer because I’m cinching more over time.

    2. My size too!
      Almost impossible to find 38.5 anywhere now (I’m in Australia) – not sure where all the half sizes have disappeared to!
      I, just this week, found these in a shop in Sydney, so I could try them and 38 seems perfect, 39 was definitely too large. I bought them in black as no white in my size!

  6. Thanks for the thorough review. Do you wear socks with these sneakers especially in cooler months? Do your feet get sweaty in the summer without socks?

  7. Living in Birkenstock land I love your review.
    Had a look at the german site and fell in love with the Bend Sneaker in “Antique White”.

    I still wear a pair of Arizonas Softbedding which are about 20 years old and still ok.

  8. I’m glad you updated & shared this again. Even though I’d read it before, I caught something this time that I’d wondered about and missed before—you don’t find the Birkenstock’s sandals comfortable for long periods of walking but the sneakers are much better. This is what I needed to know! As much as I love my Birkenstock sandals, they rub the soles of my feet so badly if I do a lot of long term walking in them. It’s been somewhat painful at times. Part of it has to be related to not having a strap on the back of the foot, but I also think it’s the suede too. Anyway, all that to say, it’s good to know the sneakers don’t do that. Thanks for the review!

    1. I wore my Arizonas one night on the trip just walking to dinner and back and ended up with blisters on the soles of my feet. Never with the Bend sneakers!

  9. On sizing, just to be clear, you took your usual Birk size? I’m an 8, normally an EU 39 but have always taken a 38 in Birks. Like my other ten pairs are all 38. 🙂 I know most folks size down one in Birks. Thanks and love the review! Stan Smiths are my most worn white sneaker but I wouldn’t walk miles in them. These are a similar style.

    1. Thank you for such a thorough review of these sneakers! I have been wearing Hokas for a couple of years but I am going to check these out.

      1. Hi Alison, thanks for clarifying! I have the exact same shoe sizing situation as Shari: 38 in Birks sandals/clogs, and 39 everywhere else. I tried the 39 bend low sneaker a couple of years ago and remember it feeling a bit snug on the sides… but I don’t remember if they were marked narrow/medium or regular (and I’d say I have an average width foot). I’m curious to see if the newer uni-width sizing fit more comfortably. Thank you for the detailed review!

    2. I have a pair of Low Bend in the tan suede. I wear a size 8 and I purchased a 39. Perfect fit. I can wear socks or peds and still a perfect fit.

  10. Birkenstock is one of the only shoes I can buy that I don’t have to add my own arch support inserts. 5+ years ago I bought some Birkenstock sneakers (they looked different than these) and they didn’t have the same arch support as the sandals I wear all the time, so they didn’t work. That’s when I found out that not all of their shoes have the same arch support. None of their rubber shoes work for me, for example. Wondering if you can tell whether these have the standard Birkenstock high arch support?

  11. Great review! I used to be in pain *all* the time because I work on my feet up to 13h a day. I went to physical therapy twice a week and my PT recommended the Birkenstock sandals. I went a step further and ordered a pair of the bend mid sneakers. Now I own three pairs of the bend mid in different colors and they are the only sneakers I wear.
    I was also a huge fan of Doc Martens and was devastated I could no longer wear them. Fret not, I bought the Birkenstock Birmingham oiled leather and it gives me the same look without killing my feet with plantar fasciitis!
    All my shoes nowadays are Birkenstock and I have never looked back

  12. Thank you for this wonderful and thorough review! I bought a pair based on your recommendations, secondhand since they don’t have an affiliate program. They are the best ever for my finicky feet. And they’re super-cute 🙂

  13. I am loving mine! A friend has the same pair and the soul separated from the shoe where the cork part is… has anyone else had this issue?

  14. I just purchased this White Leather Bend Low sneaker. Love everything about it except my left big toe at the joint hurts when I am walking and the shoe bends and hits my toe. Do you know if this will get less irritating the more I wear it and the leather loosens? Or will this be a problem? I really just want to be done shopping for a white sneaker. I’ve tried other brands already. My right toe isn’t as bothered. Any thoughts?

    1. Ugh, I hate this has happened to you with these shoes! I haven’t experienced that, I don’t know if it’s a bum pair or if another will do the same. The leather does loosen but I don’t want to steer you the wrong way and say this will stop. I’m not sure what to suggest.

      1. I took them back to the store I purchased them from as I had only worn them a little in the house and could tell it was going to be painful. And they are ordering me the Ecco 7 soft. So I am going to try that now. Fingers crossed!

  15. Thank you so much for this review! My family is going to Disneyland for vacation. Do you think these will still be comfortable after walking in them for multiple 12+ hour days in the parks? I’m desperate to find something that’s cute & comfortable!

  16. What a great review!
    I ordered the 37 (narrow) but my right foot (bunion) was touching the end of the shoe. Do you suggest trying 37 regular width or 38 narrow. I wear both the 37 narrow and regular in Arizonas.

      1. Thank you. I will try that. I wasn’t sure, since although I have an issue with a bunion on just one foot, I do have narrow heels which isn’t an issue with the Arizona sandals.

  17. Thank you for sharing this review! Years of walking barefoot around the house has pretty much destroyed my feet – and Birkenstock sandals are the shoes that provide the most relief. I’d love something more durable like this, and I see a visit to the Birkenstock store in my future!

  18. Please try the Altra brand of athletic shoes. They have a very wide toe box, allowing your foot to spread naturally. I find them at my local running shoe store. They are a zero drop shoe, so very good for your gait and overall foot health. Anyone with bunions or wide feet will love them!

    1. I disagree: I loved my Altras until I got plantar fasciitis from them. They are made for running, not walking, and have little heel support and no arch support. After walking in them everyday for a week I basically couldn’t walk without pain in my heels and need custom orthotics now as I still have the problem 3 months later. That’s why I’m looking at Birkenstocks now, because I need shoes with a wide toe box.

  19. Allison, I want to order these shoes through a link of yours. Dillards is the only retailer you have listed that has my size, but it’s a women’s 8, whereas I have the 39 in Arizonas (slightly big on me). I assume I have the universal sizing and the Dillards would be the narrow? The Birkenstock website has them in 39, but I don’t see a link to them from you. Do you have a link?p to Birkenstock?

    1. Birkenstock doesn’t have an affiliate program, you can shop directly their site. https://www.birkenstock.com/us/bend-natural-leather/bendlow-smoothleather-naturalleather-0-rubber-u_2.html

      It’s hella confusing. I ordered the “B” version from Nordstrom, but previously I ordered the “regular” option from Zappos and they fit the same. And Dillard’s doesn’t even mention width, just saying M, which is what, the narrow? (for those reading and not Linda, the Birkenstock site has Medium/Narrow and Regular/Wide options and Zappos has Regular and Narrow and everywhere else has only one width).

      I am wearing a 39 in the Bends, and my Arizonas are also 39, B to be specific for my latest big-buckle red Arizonas. And on the Birk site the Arizonas only come in Medium/Narrow which must be B on Nordstrom. I have worn 38 Arizonas in wider options but found them juuuust too short and the arch hitting in the wrong place. My SuperBirki clogs I ordered directly from Birkenstock and they are 39 regular/wide aznd TBH I can’t tell any difference between them and my Arizonas.

      Why can’t sizing me more consistent? I hope this info helps and doesn’t confuse further!

  20. Hi – thanks for the great review! My question is do the shoes actually bend when you walk? I can’t wear any thick-soles or lug sole shoes that don’t bend at least a little due to a knee issue.
    I’ve never been a huge Birk sandal fan, but do like the appearance of this and getting ready for a trip to Italy!

    1. Yes, they do bend. I just took them off and was able to bend the sole at the ball of the foot area. They aren’t as flexible as an athletic sneaker but compare to other similar fashion/casual sneakers I’ve tried for flexibility.

  21. I patiently wait for Birkenstock to come out with a leather-free version, which I will buy INSTANTLY!

    1. I’m surprised they haven’t, even the canvas has suede trim! What a missed opportunity as the leather doesn’t offer any practical purpose on the canvas version!

  22. I so wanted to love these, but I must be the only person in the world for whom Birkenstocks don’t work. I had the same issue with these sneakers that I’ve had with all the sandals. My foot just doesn’t like the shaping of the sole. Now I’m wondering whether it would be different it I took out the insole. Thoughts, anyone?

    1. Alison, Do the soles bend? I read some reviews saying they do not (despite the name). I’m interested but they have to bend for me to wear them. Thanks!

  23. I totally know the problem about your feet only wanting Birks! They make my feet so happy. I think you have me sold on the sneakers! I was wondering if you find this shoes hot- I find with leather sneakers that sometimes they make my feet too hot even if it isn’t super hot outside.

    Also, do any of the links provided offer you, Alison, better affiliated rates/compensation?

    1. Aww thanks for asking, I say use whatever link is best for you! And I don’t find them hot, I just wore them today for about 6 hours straight and my feet got a bit sweaty but not overheated.

  24. I have a low arch and the Birk sandals arch is too high. Is the arch in the sneakers as high? I would really like to wear these shoes. Thanks for the review.

  25. Another narrow foot option I would recommend is the Naturalizer Morrison. I have had several pairs of the black leather but recently bought a pair of white leather and love the change.

  26. Thanks for the review! I love my classic Adidas but they don’t have enough arch support. I’ll have to check these out.

  27. The problem I have with these shoes is the bulky seam over the big toe joint. It hurts when I walk. A lot of shoes have this — it’s a deal breaker for me. Anyone else struggling with this issue might like the Ecco Soft 7 line — the slip-on and zip versions are completely smooth over all the toe joints. Like this one:


    1. I would also recommend the Ecco Soft 7 lace up sneaker – a similar look to these Birkenstocks, and my finicky feet love them. Thank you for the thorough review, Alison – going to give these a try too.

  28. I have slightly wide feet and since developing arthritis in one big toe joint after an injury I can’t wear anything that puts pressure on that joint without being in pain. I was a lifelong flip flop wearer until I tried Birk sandals 5-6 years ago and now wear them daily. I tried for several years to find a stylish sneaker that looked current, cute and didn’t hurt and was ready to give up when I found this sneaker! I second your review and say this sneaker is close to perfect! I am going into my third year on my pair and they still look great despite wearing them several times a week. Highly recommend! My other go to shoes are Merrel hiking shoes that rate high in comfort and looks. I rarely wear my athletic shoes for walking anymore because these two choices are much more supportive, comfortable and durable.

    1. I do! With pants I have no problem wearing a white quarter-crew or crew sock and cover my ankle. I also will wear ankle socks with the little piece that sticks out and let it show. I have pretty much given up on no-show socks and learned a hack from a friend: take out the insole and cover it with your no-show socks that always slide down. Then you get the protection and absorption without dealing with the sock slipping down!

      1. Thanks for the hack idea. I want to be able to wear no-show socks, but every single brand I’ve tried slips down. I ordered the Bend; I can’t wait to get them. Great review!

      2. just bought these shoes and need to order socks, so I guess ankle socks it is, wonder if there are any upsides of choosing wool vs cotton with the inside being letather

  29. Birkenstocks don’t work for me, but this review did….this line alone, The influencer was influenced, totally made me love this review.

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