Where to Shop for Truly Stylish Wide Width Shoes

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truly stylish wide width shoes: where to buy tips from wardrobe oxygen

When you have wide feet, it can feel impossible to find stylish footwear. As someone with wide feet, I feel your pain but over the years of shopping for myself and writing style advice, I have found the best places for truly stylish wide width shoes and want to share with you.

Why I Have Wide Width Feet

As a child, I walked on my toes, which caused me to build up the padding on the balls of my feet, making it harder to fit into medium-width shoes. This changed the structure of my feet as well, making them high volume as well as wide.

After having a baby, my feet not only grew a half size, they also ended up even wider. Then with Lockdown and spending so much time barefoot or in Birkenstocks, my feet became even more fussy, wide, as well as high volume.

Like many, I find my feet to be wider in summer than in winter. Even if you don't experience this, you may find that your rings are tighter in summer than in the colder months. This is totally normal, and I often chose WW sandals to accommodate this size change.

There are Wide Width Shoes, and Then There are Stylish Wide Width Shoes

Sure, there are plenty of shoe brands that carry wide widths, but if you love fashion and style like me, you know few of them carry truly stylish wide-width shoes. Just like retailers do with plus-size fashion, wide-width shoes often have additional details that make them look dated, frumpy, or cheap.

What's with having both leather AND suede in the shoe? Why are the soles always black? Who is asking for white stitching on non-white footwear? I know I am preaching to the choir; you're here to find out where to find truly stylish wide-width shoes and I am here to share my favorite places to find them.

a collage of 7 pairs of wide width dressy shoes

Shop the Collage: Torrid black heels | LifeStride bow heels | Margaux gold heels | Journee Collection black kitten heels | Naturalizer pink sparkle sandals | Aerosoles gold wedges | Journee Collection orange flats

Where to Shop for Truly Stylish Wide Width Shoes

These shoe brands continue to impress me with roomy yet also stylish footwear. While not every shoe is chic (sometimes you need more support and comfort that is possible with an on-trend option), this is where I go when I am on the hunt for truly stylish wide-width shoes.


Aerosoles has gotten a glow-up and in the past few seasons, I've been impressed by their great selection of chic footwear in wide widths. Comfortable, roomy, and on-trend, Aerosoles has become one of my go-to shops for stylish wide-width shoes.

You can find Aerosoles at retailers like Nordstrom, Macy's, and DSW. However, I find the best range of styles and colors in wide widths on the actual Aerosoles website. I've shopped the site with great success with free ground shipping and free returns on orders of $75+.

Ally NYC

When I worked in Corporate America I struggled to find sleek and sophisticated pumps that would accommodate my wide feet. I wanted shoes that were as stylish and elegant as my attire, but I kept finding round toes, rubbery soles, white stitching, and details that felt dated and casual. If I found stylish, my feet were screaming in pain within an hour.

Ally NYC is an AAPI-woman-founded company with a Latina designer and a Black podiatrist on board. Together, they design classic and elegant pumps in a range of heights and heel widths, as well as boots, flats, and even a bridal collection. Offering wide and extra-wide widths, as well as an extensive size range, Ally NYC makes comfortable and chic footwear for all widths of feet.

Ally NYC Promo Code

I've reviewed Ally NYC's flats and I've done an Ally NYC pumps review. In thanks to these reviews, Ally NYC has provided the Wardrobe Oxygen community with promo code WO2 for 10% off your purchase, or WO2HEELS for $40 off a pair of heels.


While I appreciated ASOS in my younger years for budget-friendly trendy fashion, these days the pieces feel too young and too fast fashion for my personal style aesthetic. However, I still peruse ASOS' Wide Fit selection of shoes and often find gems.

ASOS is a great destination for trendy wide-width shoes for less. But ASOS also has pretty classic shoes still at amazingly low prices. I've found colorful suede loafers, strappy heeled sandals, silver glitter boots, chic patent ankle booties and more. These shoes have remained in my closet for years because they are not styles that are worn everyday; I wouldn't trust the quality to hold up to hard wear but I do think it's still a great destination for truly stylish wide-width shoes.

Bella Vita

Bella Vita is a brand of shoes that is super hit or miss when it comes to style, but I had to include it because when they hit, they do it well with quality and with wide and extra-wide options. Bella Vita does not have a retail site (despite what fake stores you'll find online) but is available at Nordstrom, Macy's, DSW, Amazon, and more.

Bella Vita is a favorite of mine for summer sandals. I find they create classic styles like espadrilles, fisherman, and low-heel open toe styles really well. Flexible fabrics, roomy toeboxes, and styles that are classic enough that they can be worn for years and still look chic.

statement shoes in wide widths

Shop the Collage: Nina Shoes ombre pumps | ASOS tri-color heels | Ros Hommerson red platforms | Aerosoles chrome Mary Jane flats | Naturalizer straw and block heel sandals | Aerosoles black and white print platforms | WYDR Studios cowboy boots

Journee Collection

If you are looking for wide-width trendy shoes that are budget-friendly, check out Journee Collection. From work-friendly styles to formal occasion shoes, Journee Collection translates the current trends in wide and X-wide options and most styles are under $75 with many under $50.

While you can shop at the Journee Collection website, I find the best prices at DSW, where the Journee Collection is often on sale. Macy's is another retailer where you can find Journee Collection for less. Journee Collection also sells previous season styles of shoes at a drastic discount on Amazon.


LifeStride is another shoe brand that carries wide widths and has had a bit of a glow-up. This shoe brand started in 1940 and for much of its existence, has been a “comfort” shoe company that was high on comfort but low on being chic. But in recent years, LifeStride has found a way to marry style and comfort in some of its offerings and the price is pretty reasonable, too.

LifeStride is a brand I own and wear, but not every LifeStride shoe is created equal. Some are a bit frumpy or dated, some are roomy but not comfortable, and occasionally styles are of stiff textiles and need to be broken in for daily comfort. But it's a go-to brand for me, especially when looking for occasion and formal shoes that aren't high heels. LifeStride has an online boutique, but you can also find LifeStride at DSW, Macy's, Kohl's, Zappos, and Nordstrom.


I have raved about Margaux shoes many times and have a couple of pairs in my closet that get a lot of wear. Margaux shoes are high quality, stylish, elegant, and IMO worth the money (they're not cheap). Every style is available in wide widths.

That being said, not every style is as wide as others. For example, I have The Heel and The Platform Sandal and find both roomy, but The Original City Sandal and the Mary Jane a bit too narrow for comfort. In general, I find Margaux better for the slightly wide foot versus for those who are very wide or wide and high volume. But if they do fit, Margaux offers stellar quality shoes that will be enjoyed for years.


IMO, Naturalizer is the O.G. for truly stylish wide-width shoes. For over a decade, I have been shopping Naturalizer and having strangers stop to compliment me on my shoes, I have had shoes that fit current trends and also shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day on my feet or all night on the dancefloor.

Because Naturalizer is a known wide width shoe retailer, the brand is available at a variety of online retailers. I find a really good selection of Naturalizer in wide widths at Macy's where they often seem to have styles not available elsewhere. I also shop Naturalizer at Nordstrom and Zappos, and have also shopped the Naturalizer site. Also, if you know the style name, search Amazon, where you can often find previous season colors and styles at clearance prices.

a collage of truly stylish wide width shoes for work

Shop the Collage: Vionic loafers | Naturalizer ankle-strap heels | WYDR Studios boots | Margaux low-heel sandals | Ally NYC block-heel pumps | Lifestride boots | Aerosoles loafers | Naturalizer flats

Nina Shoes

Nina Shoes is another footwear brand with quite a history. Keen eyes may have seen Nina boxes and shoes in episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Making shoes and accessories in NYC since 1953, Nina is a great destination for occasion and dressy shoes in wide widths, especially for wide-width bridal party shoes. You can also usually find a matching bag from Nina.

Nina Shoes are sold at Zappos, Nordstrom, and other retailers, but I find the best selection of styles, colors, and widths at the Nina Shoes website, which has an entire section dedicated to wide-width styles. The Nina Shoes website also has bigger sales than the online department stores, meaning the shoes are usually the cheapest on their site.

Ros Hommerson

Almost twenty years ago, while searching for stylish wide-calf boots, I came across a style of black leather kitten-heel knee-high boots from Ros Hommerson. Not only did they fit my 20″ calves, but they were also high-quality, well-made, and comfortable. And those boots are still in my closet!

Ros Hommerson is still a destination where I find incredibly comfortable, truly wide width shoes with some style. Classic low-heel sandals for formal occasions, buttery-soft driving mocs, extra wide calf boots, and the occasional statement shoe like the red suede “Pammy” heels I styled on Instagram.

Ros Hommerson Promo Code

Ros Hommerson was kind enough to provide the Wardrobe Oxygen community with a promo code. Use code OXYGEN10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase at Ros Hommerson!


Another great destination for budget-friendly wide width shoes, Torrid carries a selection of footwear that is extra wide in the foot but also roomy in the calf and ankle.

Torrid shoes are not known for quality; I'd say they are on the same level as Lane Bryant and Comfortview (found at stores like Roamans and Jessica London). However, you can find some true gems at Torrid. I got these sparkly heeled boots from Torrid, and Torrid was the only place where I could find calf-high snow boots that were both waterproof and fit my legs and feet. Torrid is worth a check now and again for the unexpected stylish gem.


Vionic does a great job of creating truly supportive shoes that are also stylish. Like many “comfort” brands, they occasionally have style duds, but like Naturalizer, they usually have enough stylish and on-trend options to balance it out and make Vionic a wide-width shoe retailer I check each season.

Vionic is a popular brand of footwear found at retailers like Nordstrom, Dillard's, and Zappos. However, these store buyers don't always select wide width styles. On the Vionic site, you can filter by medium-wide and wide options and will find a far greater selection. Vionic specializes in everyday and work-friendly styles (I own these loafers and love them) but also carries the unexpected like slippers and insoles.


You may have seen WYDR Studios on social media; they have had a serious campaign with user-generated content extolling the style and fit of their shoes specifically designed for wide feet. And it's not just ads; I recently asked in the Wardrobe Oxygen community if members had tried WYDR and most folks shared rave reviews. I appreciate the fit as well as the price (most styles are under $125).

WYDR Studios Promo Code

Desire Western boots, Mary Jane flats, or stylish dress shoes with room for your feet? WYDR is a great place to shop. I have yet to try WYDR shoes, but the company reached out with a promo code just for Wardrobe Oxygen readers. Use code ALISON15 at checkout for 15% off your order! And if you've tried WYDR do share your thoughts in the comments.

Did I miss your favorite retailer that carries truly stylish wide-width shoes? Please share it below in the comments! Speaking of comments, I originally wrote this post in 2021, but at that time, I linked to individual shoes, which are now sold out. I felt it would be a better resource if I shared actual brands rather than individual shoes, so it would remain valuable beyond one season. And as the footwear retail scene changes, I will be sure to come back and update this post accordingly.

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  1. I’m 5′ 2″, 106 pounds and wear a size 8 wide shoe. Pointed-toe, high heels, strappy, platform and colored shoes are not my friends; strappy, baring sandals are no-nos, too. If I don’t choose my shoes carefully, my large wide feet on my slight frame give me a clownish appearance. Finding stylish, simple, non-orthopedic-looking shoes in a wide width is equivalent to hunting for zebras in the wilds of Missouri. My footwear directs my wardrobe. If my wardrobe had a name, it would be, “limited blah.” Surely, I’m not the only woman who faces this same predicament. I would appreciate any tips, suggestions, links or hacks other brilliant readers have found helpful.

  2. I’m a big fan of Clarks for booties, sandals, and loafers. I just got these cute cream loafers and can’t wait to wear them! https://www.clarks.com/en-us/mayhill-cove/26176434-p

    My socials must be listening, because the last post I saw in my feed from Clarks was exclusively for wide-fit shoes! Some of their styles can definitely lean rather matronly, but some are quite stylish and I keep going back.

  3. Thank you so much for this amazing resource. I am sure I will refer to it over and over again when shopping for shoes. I already ordered an Ally fit kit, as I may need new investment “work shoes” again.

    1. The link is a slow redirect, but it’s working for me on Safari and Chrome on my laptop and Safari incognito on my phone. It may be an adblocker? This is the redirect link to the pink sparkle, which is also the sale URL as the block heel with straw: https://www.naturalizer.com/product/womens-limited-edition-vera-dress-sandal-3029972/pink-ombre-fabric-ec0201596?partnerid=linkshare&medium=paid_affiliate&source=linkshare&name=amp&ranMID=38505&ranEAID=2575853&ranSiteID=QFGLnEolOWg-rCCTbQvMJzjua0ersa2ntA&PubName=LTK

  4. Thanks, Alison for the great information that you share here. Maybe I became your permanent reader because I read some of your articles here and found them very informative and helpful.

    Can you also share information like this regarding flat feet ?

  5. Allie I remember you used to like Duo Boots before they became Ted & Muffy & then went under, right? May I ask how did you find their range to be for wide width feet?

    Because I just saw some boots from them pop up the other day & it looks like they’re back, even during a global pandemic – with both their original name & wide range of calf measurements! I’ve not ordered from them before but was just wondering whether you’d recommend them for both wide feet & wide calves?

    1. When they came back as DUO, I didn’t find the fit to be the same or as extensive. And then they reached out asking for my old photos of boots they don’t even carry anymore to use on their social without any recognition or payment. I replied and said that was problematic and it was also problematic that they had only one Black person in their feed for over a year and it was a blogger’s photo, they didn’t use Black models. That was back in early summer. I didn’t hear from them again. They may have a new social person, they may have improved their size and fit range, but I haven’t checked it out recently. If you try them, do report back and let me know if they are worth featuring again.

  6. I used to swear by Stuart Weitzman for wide widths but since their acquisition by Coach a few years back their wides seem smaller (customer service even said they’ve had complaints)….

    Love to know how the Ferragamo wides fit??

  7. Thanks for the information here! I want to HIGHLY recommend WideWidths.com for tall boots for people with fuller calves. Gorgeous leathers and suede and almost like a custom boot. I’ve been super happy with them because sometimes the brands above say they are wide calf, but they are barely 16 inches. Just in case you want to check out another brand. Thanks!

  8. Hey Alison
    You might want to check out Walking Cradles too. They have not only W but also WW and up to size 13. I wouldn’t say all of their styles are stylish and my favorites, but I have a boatload of them in my closet.
    I can connect you with my contact if you’re interested. My readers have really appreciated the brand.

  9. Did I miss your explanation of feet spreading during this time? Do you mean due to weight gain, being shoeless, or something else?

    1. It’s from not wearing shoes or wearing Birkenstocks, slippers, and the sort which allows the foot to spread. I’ve been trying to get some good data to write about it, the sites I’ve found I don’t want to link to (spammy).

      1. Another grateful wide-width foot here! I’ve always experienced what I call “Summer Feet” – my feet are definitely wider in the late summer than other times of the year. I’ve attributed it to wearing sandals and less structured shoes in the summer as well as humidity.

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