Do Allbirds Fit Wide Feet? An Honest Review of 2 Different Styles

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Do Allbirds Fit Wide Feet?

I have received so many requests to review Allbirds! Wardrobe Oxygen commenters and Community members have shared they're intrigued by Allbirds' ads on social media, the brand's focus on sustainability, and them being worn by influencers. Thing is, it was hard to find reviews by those who had wide feet. Do Allbirds fit wide feet or does it run narrow like so many other ethical shoe brands?

I regularly write about shoes for wide feet and provide honest reviews, and truthfully, Allbirds' marketing and ethics also appealed to me. I wanted to find out for myself if Allbirds fit wide feet.

Allbirds offered to send me a pair of shoes and a t-shirt of my choice in exchange for an honest review, whether positive or negative. I am not paid by Allbirds for this review, but there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase I may make a small commission. To understand more about paid reviews and affiliate links, please read this post on how blogs and influencers make money.

Do Allbirds Fit Wide Feet? An Honest Review of 2 Different Styles

What is Allbirds?

New Zealander and professional footballer Tim Brown knew the benefits of merino wool and wondered why it wasn't used for footwear. He partnered with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert and they crafted a comfortable wool sneaker. Thanks to a Kickstarter and some additional funding, in 2016 they started Allbirds, offering comfortable, simple, and sustainable footwear.

Allbirds was instantly a success and continues to gain popularity for fit, comfortable, sustainable, and hard-working materials. Along with New Zealand wool, Allbirds uses recycled water bottles, recycled nylon, TENCEL™ Lyocell, sugarcane, eucalyptus tree fiber, and castor bean oil to produce their shoes.

Allbirds Sizing

Allbirds offers footwear for women in sizes 5-11 and men sizes 8-14. Allbirds is a Certified B Corp and a carbon-neutral company. Allbirds has both minimal and recycled packaging; it uses 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard that serves as a shoebox, shopping bag, and mailer all in one.

allbirds sneaker review

Do Allbirds Fit Wide Feet?

Below I share the two styles of Allbirds shoes I have tried, whether they fit my wide feet, and my thoughts on construction, comfort, fit, and style. At the bottom of the post, I also share my experience with Allbirds apparel.

Do Allbirds Stretch?

After trying a few styles I can tell you – some Allbirds stretch and some don't. Although they will all stretch at least a little over time, the wool shoes are known to stretch out about an inch over time and the tree shoes are more likely to retain their original shape. It really depends on the one you choose to purchase. Below, I will share my opinion of the stretch of the Wool Loungers and Tree Dashers.

How To Stretch Allbirds

Although wool fabric Allbirds claim to stretch within 30 days of wear, the same cannot be said for the tree versions. If, like me, you have wider feet and you love the look of Allbirds, here are some tips for stretching tennis shoes.

Allbirds Wool Lounger Review

Intrigued by Allbirds marketing, I ordered a pair of Allbirds Wool Loungers. I thought the wool would stretch with wear to work for my wide feet. I was mistaken. I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe.

This isn't surprising; because my feet are not just wide but high volume and I often have issues with slip-on sneakers like Vans and high-vamp loafers, even if they supposedly accommodate a wider foot.

For comparison; I can fit the Rothy's styles of loafers and slip-on sneaker, but they are so tight on the top of my foot they're incredibly uncomfortable. So it's no surprise that the Allbirds Wool Loungers didn't fit my feet.

This experience made me write off Allbirds. While I liked the ethics of the company and the clean lines of their shoes, I assumed like many sustainable shoe brands, they just weren't designed to accommodate wide feet.

However, in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook and on Reddit, I saw individuals with wide feet share they owned and loved Allbirds shoes. When the brand reached out recently inviting me to join their affiliate program, I decided to try Allbirds again, with a different style of shoe.

I asked the Wardrobe Oxygen Community their opinion on which shoe would be best for my wide feet. The most popular Allbirds style for wide feet mentioned was by far the Tree Runners, with the Wool Runners in second, and then Dashers in third.

Allbirds Tree Dashers Review

Desiring a lightweight white sneaker for spring looks, as well as a shoe I could wear for at-home workouts and walks around the neighborhood, I chose the Allbirds Tree Dashers. I liked that they were lightweight, free of adornment, but also made for performance.

Allbirds review wide feet of the Tree Dasher sneaker
Me wearing the Allbirds Tree Dashers with cuffed skinny jeans and a Breton striped sweater

The Tree Dashers is a running shoe that can double as a fashion sneaker. It can be worn with leggings for your morning run, and then a midi dress for an afternoon coffee date. It is a style of shoe I love but have a hard time wearing because my feet are so high volume.

While others may look adorable with trainers and a t-shirt dress, I look as though I have concrete blocks on my ankles. I hoped the Tree Dashers would be slimline enough to be great with joggers and activewear, but also maybe a pair of ankle jeans or a midi skirt.

The Allbirds Tree Dashers are crafted with a one-piece upper made from FSC® Certified eucalyptus trees, a dual-density SweetFoam™ midsole made with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA, and Allbirds' signature ZQ Merino wool along the heel counter. The sole of the Allbirds Tree Dashers is made from SweetFoam™ with natural rubber traction pads. The removable castor bean contoured sockliner emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam.

I went with my usual shoe size of 8; I know a lot of people size up for wide feet but I always find the curve of the foot and the arch support then is in the wrong place. I wanted to see if my usual shoe size would work for Allbirds, even with wide feet.

Allbirds review wide feet of the Tree Dasher sneaker
Relaxing in the Allbirds Tree Dashers

I am glad I ordered my usual shoe size with Allbirds. The Allbirds Tree Dashers have a contoured insole/sockliner that offers a bit of arch support and shape of the foot. If I went larger, the contour would have hit in the wrong places.

That being said, the contoured interior of the Allbirds Tree Dashers isn't too narrow for me. Those with wide feet have likely experienced shoes that cut into their soles because the insole is too narrow. I also appreciated the contour of the interior kept my foot from spilling over the sole of the shoe; another issue I find with stretchy shoes that claim to work for wide feet.

The Tree Dashers upper is one piece which means there isn't a separate tongue. The laces just cinch the shoe together. For my wide feet, the laces do very little cinching and I think that emphasizes the width and volume of my feet. Luckily with a white on white style, the laces aren't that prominent and I think I am the one noticing this detail more than anyone else.

allbirds review plus size
This photo shows the sole of the Tree Dashers from Allbirds

This shoe is comfortable right out of the box. I tried it barefoot, with my Bombas ankle socks, and my Smartwool no-show socks and the shoe's shape kept my socks in place and there were no hotspots and it didn't make the shoe too tight for comfort. Since these shoes are machine washing machine safe (cold water with a gentle detergent and air dry), you can choose to go without wearing socks.

These are very comfortable, with a lot of cushioning. I have worn these for long walks and for at-home workouts and find them supportive. As someone who has wide and high-volume feet, I love how these shoes are really streamlined and don't add bulk to my feet.

allbirds sneaker review wide feet
The Allbirds Tree Dashers are a lightweight shoe for everyday and for fitness

Members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community mentioned that the soles of Allbirds sneakers are smooth and you can slip on slick surfaces. I have experienced this; after a rain there was some water on our foyer floor and when heading to the door to let in the dog, my foot slid and I almost did the splits. These will not be the sneakers I will grab when heading out on a rainy day, but they have been fine on dry concrete, asphalt, and a variety of flooring.

I have other sneakers that I love for running and fitness, and these are good for that, but the Allbirds Tree Dashers are so thin and trim that my feet don't look like concrete blocks when I wear them with a dress or pair of ankle jeans.

do allbirds fit wide feet
Wearing the Allbirds t-shirt with Girlfriend Collective leggings and the Allbirds Tree Dashers

These are sneakers that would be great for the gym, the track, the next trip to Target, or brunch with friends. They are comfortable, supportive, and stylish. I am so glad I picked the Tree Dashers. Now my husband wants a pair!

allbirds wardrobe oxygen
My dog Oscar says, Allbirds Tree Dashers are wide-width foot approved!

So… Do Allbirds Fit Wide Feet?

I am so glad Allbirds reached out so I could give this sustainable shoe and apparel brand a second try. While the slip-on style of Allbirds shoes may not work for wide and high-volume feet, I think the lace-up styles can while looking great at the same time.

Have you tried Allbirds? I'd love to read your thoughts!

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  1. I currently wear New Balance US11.5 Wide (Mens), Hoka Bondi 8 (US11 Wide). For Tree runner, should I go for US11 or 12?

  2. Allie,

    The Allbirds link you provided doesn’t show an all white shoe like you have. Are they out of them?

  3. I own the Wool Pipers, and I have wide feet. It’s a true lace up with a tongue. Mine too do not lace super tight across the foot, but as a sleek, navy sneaker with navy laces, it looks fine. I get lots of compliments, because the styling is so sleek. The bottom has some ridges, so I don’t find they are as slippery as the original wool ones, which I too cannot get on my feet. I think this company is better at marketing (I see them everywhere) than at making shoes. No excuse for only whole sizes in most styles, only one width, and those slippery soles!

    1. I am with you on the only whole sizes! I am a 10.5 and it’s so frustrating how many companies don’t do half sizes- OR only do half sizes up to 9.5.

  4. Thanks for your very thorough and honest review. I like that shirt on you and may try one myself. As for the shoes, I love the suggestions one of your readers made about trying the men’s size. I may do that! Now that Dick’s sells Allbirds, I can go try some on without the painful order/return/order/return cycle that I routinely go through trying to find shoes that fit.

    I bought Allbirds for my husband and son for Christmas and both thought the laces were really short. Neither has wide or voluminous feet, but barely had enough lace to tie the shoe. That was their only complaint, and is easily solved with longer laces. Just thought it was weird as I’ve never seen anyone mention that before.

  5. Any feelings about perhaps trying the men’s sizes? I generally find men’s shoes to be wider (C or D width) than women’s, which are usually a B. If you size correctly, that whole arch placement thing shouldn’t be an issue.

    1. I have heard that the mens Allbirds are wider. Unfortunately, my foot is too small to have an equivalent in men’s sizes at Allbirds but this is a great option for those with larger sizes!

  6. I’m confused. The review says that lace ups might fit better than slip ins. Isn’t the reviewed tree runner a slip on? It looks like a slip on with decorative laces. I also have wide feet with high arches so the top of my foot is also very high. I need arch support (which I can add in) and a good wide width. This always seems impossible to find.

  7. The one other thing you might want to try from Allbirds is the sweaters. I have been on the hunt for sustainable, stylish, and truly warm cardigans (for my chilly home office). I just got their navy cardigan and I am in love. It is the softest and warmest wool I have ever tried. Every time I put it on, it feels like I’m getting a hug. And the detailing on it gives it a little something extra. As a 12/14P, I found that sizing down to a medium gave me the right sleeve length. I also tried their new long cardigan, but it was a bag on me even in the medium, so that went back. If they did a shorter, trimmer version of it, I’d be over the moon.

  8. Kia Ora from NZ! I’m absolutely fascinated by your review of the Trino shirt. First, I think it looks much better on you than on the official Allbirds models. I’ll buy one soon based on how it looks on you. And second, it’s fascinating to see a piece of NZ fitness style analyzed by somebody overseas.

    In NZ, the Trino’s highish neck and longer sleeve attract my attention because they’ll help keep me from getting sunburned in our intense sunlight. The wool in the blend will keep me from freezing if the weather changes abruptly. Stylewise, we are just starting to get changes in silhouette. Slim-on-top-full-below is only starting to arrive here. So we’re swanning around in bigger shirts, even quirkily oversized from brands like Kowtow and Gorman. For me it’ll be a great piece of polished weekend wear that I can also enjoy working out. Thank you!

  9. I wish Allbirds fit my feet (and Rothys too!) but I bought the wool runners and they pinch like nobody’s business on my wide feet. I think it depends where on your foot is wide if that makes sense. I have a narrow/normal width heel but my forefoot is wide and my toes are the same width as my forefoot so many shoes shove my toes together and on top of one another. This is apparently not a common foot shape though because I have found only a very limited selection of shoes that will fit me- sadly nothing in the sustainable realm yet.

    1. My daughters have the same foot shape and I am completely unable to find shoes/boots/sneakers for them. Would you mind sharing what brands/styles work for you? Thanks!

      1. I wish I could wear Allbirds, but found that Brooks makes a wide and is extremely comfortable. I don’t run, but can walk miles in my Brooks Addictions.

        1. I have this foot shape, too! And I love Brooks Addiction and Adrenaline. The toe box is wide enough for me to put in my special insole.

    2. I have this problem too. For a wide forefoot, I think you can’t beat Altra sneakers, which are specifically designed to leave room to splay your toes. They’re also a zero drop, “barefoot” style shoe, and I find their built-in insert doesn’t dig into my low arches. Where I do run into trouble sometimes is my high instep – the most recent pair I purchased, the Viho, required me to remove the insert in order to wear them comfortably. They also change up their model lines pretty regularly – depending on how picky you are, if you find one you like try to get extra pairs becauase they will probably change the design on you, or discontinue the model entirely).

  10. I have a pair of the Wool Loungers, and I love them! My feet are wide, although primarily because of bunions, and I don’t think they’re terribly high volume (though they have got a bit bigger as I’ve gained weight over the last year), and I didn’t have any problems with fit – the fabric is stretchy enough, and while my feet might be bigger than the soles in spots, the edges aren’t sharp/uncomfortable. The Loungers are extremely comfortable and great to wear around the house, to keep my feet warm and provide some support. They are very casual and I don’t wear them out of the house much – I tend to pick slightly more structured sneakers if I’m actually going out – but I’ve been very very glad to have them while WFH.

  11. Depending on the brand, I wear 11W or 12W and AllBirds stops at 11, so I didn’t even try women’s but got the original wool shoe in men’s and it fits my wide feet very well. The wool is not itchy at all. While the shoes are very comfortable, they also seem to lose their shape somewhat. Definitely a casual show.

    1. The wool shoes seem to lose their shape more than the non-wool versions – with are more of a sturdy knit!

  12. What a timely post! I just recently discovered Allbirds, and now I am a fan. I bought a pair of Tree Runners in a bright yellow-green shade off of Poshmark and they were so comfortable from the moment I tried them on. I love them so much. I have wide feet too, and had no issue with the Tree Runners width. I feel that Euro sizes fir me better than US sizes, so I am glad that they list their sizes in a Euro way as well. A couple of weeks later, I scored some like new wool runners in a red shade called “orchard.” Again, it was love at first wear. I’m wearing them now as I type this comment. I have my eye on a pair of Tree Loungers on Poshmark, and it’s taking all of my willpower not to get those too! I think they would be perfect for bombing around in short and a t-shirt this summer.

  13. We are Allbirds stans, though we may be swayed because my sweetie is from New Zealand and and we fall hard for anything Merino. My sweetie owns at least 4 pairs (he may be hiding a few others) and just bought a pair for his son. On my 2nd pair of Allbirds. I have had my slippers for years and just bought the replacment inserts that I love. They are so soft and cozy and I sigh with relief everytime I slip them on. I just purchased and received the Wool Waterproof runners (and pack of extra colorful laces). Though not as soft as expected, I like the shape and feel of them. They are much more pleasant to wear then my beloved, but very stiff Merrills. Here in the PNW we really need comfortable waterproof options. Now I may “need” a pair of Tree Dashers for the summer. Thanks for your post on one of my favorite brands.

  14. The Allbirds Mizzles are treated to be water repellent and work for dashing around in rain (not a two hour hike in the rain, though). They have great traction, too.

    1. The Mizzles were useless in keeping my feet dry during a one block dash to the mail box 2 days post snow. City sidewalk, a little slush and my feet got wet and cold. Thumbs down.

    2. I’m another mizzles fan. They are great for rainy, misty days, which unfortunately in my city is quite often. They won’t replace boots but they aren’t meant to

  15. I would love to try them but feel like the wool would make my feet itch.

    That pic of you on the stairs shot from straight ahead? Stunning.

    1. I cannot wear wool anywhere but on my feet, and I no problem with either merino socks or Allbirds

      1. Thank you! My feet are so often cold but I’ve been reluctant to try merino socks. I will give them a go!

          1. I have literally thousands of miles on three pairs that are like new. Never a blister!

          2. I also can’t wear wool anywhere else, but do okay with Darn Toughs. They’re great socks! However, I just saw today that one of my pairs has a hole! About to test that lifetime guarantee…

  16. Alison, try the Allbirds low cut socks! My sister turned me onto them and they are amazing! They never slip down and have a low profile (and cool colors)!

  17. I found Allbirds disappointing.

    Like you, I normally wear an 8 W in shoes. When the brand first came out several years ago, I bought a pair. They did not have a large selection then; just slippers and for lack of a better word, street shoes. I got dark grey pair with laces. I found them comfortable but really ugly-boxy and nerd-ish- but fine for doing a lot of city walking. They were not my favorite shoes but they were serviceable.

    With all the snow the Northeast had in February, I learned that Allbirds had a new shoe-All Runner Mizzles that were made to be worn in wet weather. I ordered a pair in black. What a difference from the first shoe I ordered 5-6 years ago. First, they are NOT water resistant at all. The first day I got them, I walked a block to the mail box on shoveled pavement that was a little slushy. My toes were soaked through the shoes by the time I got back home. ONE BLOCK. I also found the shoes very stiff and confining and with or without socks, they made my feet sweat dreadfully. I had to buy longer laces to feel a bit more comfortable because I could hardly tie them properly with the exisiting laces. They’re also really unatractive and unflattering on my wide feet. I think I will returne them because for $115, they seem like a real waste of money.

  18. Alison, this is off-topic, but I just wanted to let you know that I started dry brushing and it is amazing. Thank you for the recommendation! It’s the new best part of my day.

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