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Lip Gloss Review – Bare Escentual Buxom Lips, L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip GlossBare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Dolly: I know that glosses are on their way out and the new (old?) thing is lipsticks and stains. Call me old fashioned or dated, but I feel my face was MADE for smoky eyes and a glossy lip. So though the world is purchasing sticks of products, I am still looking for Nirvana with a Wand.

My ultimate lip gloss is not MAC’s Lip Glass. I like enough tackiness to last more than 15 minutes but would rather have it wear off than be all in my hair and teeth. I like shine, but I don’t want to look as though I have patent leather lips. I don’t want sparkle – a touch of shimmer is fine but plain shine is best for an office environment. Finally I want that perfect nude/mauve/pink/taupe color that is me only better.

I think I have found the closest to Nirvana with a Wand with Bare Escentuals’s Buxom Lip Polish, in the shade of Dolly. Seriously, I am loving this stuff…

• It has a menthol tingly formula but smells like cake batter
• My lips don’t get dried out – in fact I think this product hydrates and protects!
• It is shiny in a sophisticated/classic way – no porn or teenager lips here!
• The wand is plump enough to give good coverage and shaped well enough for touch-ups sans mirror; the packaging is well made, study and attractive
• The color is natural yet enhanced, no sparkle, yet plenty of healthy cool-toned neutral shine
• It wears away gently, leaving lips soft and no ring-around-the-lips
• Color – a pinkish mauvey taupey shade – very similar to Nars Dolce Vita, but a twinge darker (one of those shades that looks good on 70% of the population)

• It lasts a max of two hours and that is without licking lips, eating, talking or moving
• Supposedly it plumps your lips – yeah have never experienced that (but never have seen it work with DuWop Lip Venom or any of the other plumping products on the market)

Yeah, pretty obvious from this pro/con list that I find it a worthwhile purchase even though it doesn’t last too long or turn me into Angelina Jolie. It’s just an elegant, comfortable and enjoyable lip product that does what I have been wanting for several months.

L'Oreal Infallible Lip GlossL’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss in Coral Sands: I am a sucker for L’Oreal – for years I have found their products to often be just as good as department store brands, and I usually have luck with colors even though there aren’t testers at my local Target or CVS. Their concealers have been a staple in my train case since high school, and I never have issues with breakouts or irritation with their formulas.

On top of that, I have been a sucker for long-wearing lip products since I got busted using my mom’s credit card in 9th grade to order Lasting Kiss from an infomercial. To have long wear, gloss AND L’Oreal in one product, I thought I very well may find that Nirvana with a Wand.


The color Coral Sands was very pretty for weekends or days when I want a lighter lip. The color is more pale than what it seems in the tube – on my lips it almost clear, with a slight tan/peach hue. There is a bit of shimmer, but nothing a 14-year old would get excited over. Very wearable for pale complexions and those who want a light nude lip.

The packaging is meh – the wand is large and triangular and floppy. If you press too hard the wand will bend and cause a bit of a mess. Not great for mirror-free touch-ups. Also I can tell that the slightly hourglass shape of the tube means I will have a hard time accessing the last bit when I beginning to run out (HATE that). And it claims to have a mirror, but the mirror is just a super shiny bottom of the package that doesn’t really show anything (remember the mirrors in Barbie furniture? Yeah, about as good as that).

As for the formula? Not very smooth going on – ends up applying very thin. It’s very sticky when first applied, but seems to dry in a strange manner. It does last longer than most glosses, but loses it’s shine and thickness. The product dries my lips out to no end, leaving them raw and chapped. It also doesn’t wear away well – it feels as though it is still on your lips but is gone except for some weird globules in the corners or at the bow.

• Lasts longer than traditional glosses
• Decent price tag
• Neutral color that can work for day/office

• Feels gross
• Doesn’t stay in place
• Dries out lips
• Bad packaging

All in all pretty worthless. I’d rather tuck my Buxom Lips in my pocket for discreet touch-ups after lunch than deal with grody lips all day.

Reviewing a Classic – L.L. Bean Summer Boatneck Pullover

The other week I was watching American Idol with my sister and mentioned I wanted Randy Jackson’s shirt. “Why is it so hard to find a crisp white cotton sweater with navy or black stripes? I want the classic French sailor look, stripes starting at the arms and chest.” She told me L.L. Bean carried what I wanted.

I know, I know, I have a lot of striped knit shirts already. The thing is, none of them were classics, and I wanted a classic. Something that would be stylish now, and a couple years from now.  I envisioned such a top with jeans on weekends, tucked into my yellow pencil skirt for work, or with hot pink ankle jeans come spring. Something heavier weight than my basic cotton tees, something with heft, that could stand on its own and not look like some run-of-the-mill tee shirt.

And this shirt from L.L. Bean seemed to be it. Boatneck, bright navy stripes on a crisp white ground, stripes starting at the right place, spaced just so. The price of $39.95 was also appealing, as I saw similar tops from trendier brands starting at $75.00 and going up to $150.00.

As always, L.L. Bean shipped quickly, and the item in the bag looked just like the item on the web. Nice heavy cotton knit – not a sweater, but not your typical tee. Well crafted, stripes lining up and the right length of sleeves. The only problem is that this shirt is cut like an L.L. Bean shirt.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with L.L. Bean, but their line isn’t known for being slim, trim, and trendy. This top has a very straight cut… and looks best untucked.

Thank you Talbots for the use of your fitting room for this picture

At first I considered returning it, it looked lumpy and dumpy tucked into my yellow pencil skirt, boxy with my red cropped pants.  The stripes start right at my largest part and make me look like a linebacker.  Then last weekend I threw it on in haste with a pair of jeans and my riding boots… and liked the effect. I wore it to the mall, the perfect experiment for the quality of a knit item.  At a mall a shirt is yanked off  in a fitting room, tossed into a pile on a bench, yanked back on in haste to head to the register or next shop.  This shirt held up beautifully, maintaining its shape.  I threw it in the wash with other knits, tumble dry medium and it came out looking exactly as it did from the shipping package.

Today I am wearing the Summer Boatneck Pullover again, and still loving it.  It’s not shaped for modern styles, it’s not really that sassy tucked in, but it’s a wardrobe classic at a reasonable price with famous L.L. Bean quality.  And I still think it will look pretty sweet with hot pink ankle jeans come spring!

Fit: I purchased a Medium Regular, knowing that L.L. Bean’s knits run large and don’t shrink in the wash.  If it came in Petite, I think that would have been a better choice for me and more versatile/tuckable.  This top is available in regular and women’s sizes, and along with this classic navy on white choice, it also comes in navy with white stripes, or light blue or pink with white stripes.

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Review: e.l.f Cosmetics

Who can resist makeup for a dollar? I have been trying for months since I heard of e.l.f Cosmetics ( I am the type who could drop some serious cash at Sephora (online or the shop), The Body Shop, a MAC counter or store or a fun cosmetics website without blinking. However lately I am trying to be good and frugal – I buy new cosmetics when what I have runs out (or gets snagged by the airport security checkpoint – ladies do not forget that Ziploc baggie with your next flight!). I research my choices so I don’t have to buy twice. I am trying to purchase quality, not quantity.

But Christmas is around the corner, and I love buying fun and frivolous mini gifts for my friends. Good excuse to try out e.l.f Cosmetics! And if I am purchasing for friends and the prices are at or near $1 each, well can’t I treat myself too? So here are my reviews of the two goodies I purchased for myself:

Hypershine Mini Lipgloss Cell Phone Charms
How darn patootin’ cute is this? For $5 you get eight different lipglosses and a cap with a string that loops around the slot on all cell phones that lets you loop a cord. What girl wouldn’t want this for a night out when real estate in an evening clutch (or your pocket) is at a minimum?

The cap holds onto the glosses quite well and doesn’t get loose after switching colors. It’s sorta awkward to apply gloss (the applicator stays attached to the phone), but the convenience outweighs this issue.

The gloss feels more like a balm – not very sticky and seems moisturizing. A more natural gloss look. It holds decently for a non-sticky balm. The fragrance varies from Tinkerbell cosmetics sweet to almost smelling a bit like Play-Doh, though all scents are quite mild. The problem I find is that none of the colors are similar to what I usually wear. They are all pretty sheer, the red leaves a flushed pink look to the lips, the bronze is pretty over a brownish pink liner or lipstick. I found the purple and silver shades to be a bit too extreme for my natural lip look, but could be very fun for a night out or over a dark colored lipliner or lipstick.

In general, a fun purchase for $5 and a convenience for a night out, but nothing that will replace my current favorite glosses for every day wear.

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
For years I have been using the Body Shop Clear Mascara to tame my wild brows and keep my brown brow powder in check. I have gotten to the point where I am wiggling the brush like mad trying to get enough gel to get the job done. Time for a replacement! Even with my discount with The Body Shop (I am a consultant), I can’t beat $1. Already purchasing from e.l.f., might as well add this to my shopping cart!

Do note the description and title states “wet.” I had the fear that I would apply this mascara to my brows and look false and weird. No worry. It does show a bit more than the equivalent from The Body Shop, but does not look shiny or wet on the brows. It does a better job at holding brow hairs in place, without being stiff or sticky to the touch.

When applied to the lashes, it does add some gloss and a darker shade. Nothing extreme, but more definition than going au naturel. I am the type who wears heavy mascara when washing the car; I don’t believe I will be using this for my lashes any time soon.

There is a special brush on one side for lashes, and one for brows. I like this, so when I do choose to use it on lashes, the brush won’t be full of brow powder (my Body Shop brow gel soon looks beige from brushing over brow powder).

I find this to be an EXCELLENT buy.

Customer Service:
I found the site to be slow and a bit awkward. You can sign up and make your own account, yet my account wasn’t recognized for over a week.

I received a acknowledgment email soon after placing my order. In the email, it said due to high volume it could take up to 3-5 weeks to receive my order. And five weeks it was. I was so concerned, I placed an Outlook reminder on my computer for exactly five weeks from my order placement so I could call to complain. My order arrived the day before my Outlook reminder blinked.

The order arrived via US Post in a white padded envelope. A white glossy flyer encouraging you to order again, and your packing slip.

After placing my order, I receive almost weekly emails from e.l.f. offering free shipping and percentage discounts. I considered taking advantage for a few more last-minute gifts, but due to the slow delivery, I chose not to. I do plan on checking back in when my next makeup necessity is out of stock – for their prices and decent quality I can afford to replace a basic and invest in a splurge!

Best of 2014: Beauty Edition

I tried a lot of different beauty products this year. Working a good portion of 2014 with one hand (and it being my non-dominant one), it forced me to switch up my beauty routine. I also had a decision to stop trying to look young. While I still baby my skin and use products to prevent wrinkles and discoloration, I allowed myself to enjoy makeup trends that may not be the most youthful. I’m not ashamed of my age, and don’t want to miss out on fun trends and techniques that better fit my personal style because I’m trying to look younger than my driver’s license. Speaking of age, maybe it’s being 39 or maybe it’s the toll 2014 has taken on me but I feel my skin and hair has aged dramatically this year and that too affected the products I’ve chosen and ended up loving. So without further ado, the best beauty purchases I made this year:

best beauty buys 2014

Garnier Fructis Texture Tease Spray

I don’t like polished hair. More than once I have gone to my stylist with a picture of Fearne Cotton in my hands. I like that slightly rocker/just had sex tousled look but my hair is too fine, too slippery, too curly in places and too smooth in others to really make it work. I’ve tried all sorts of products to make hair look dirty and it just makes my hair look… dirty. I saw this video on Tammy’s blog A Loyal Love and decided to give Garnier’s Texture Tease a try. The pricepoint is low enough that if it’s a fail I won’t have too much buyer’s remorse. Well no remorse, I LOVE this stuff. It makes my hair look messy and dirty but in a sexy way, not an unshowered way. I can still manipulate my hair and it doesn’t look ashy on my dark tresses. I can’t make it work Day 2, it gets really gummy, but it’s still a favorite when I want to make next-day hair look purposeful or have a bedhead look.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

I raved about the whipped version last year, well this summer I got the combo/oily skin version and it’s my jam, even more so than the hydrating version. I wrote about it here, but it deserves more rave.  It’s a touch thinner in consistency which I think gives a more natural feel. I also find the colors to be slightly warmer in the oil free version, better matching my skintone. This stuff stays put all day, through crying and sweat and allergies and rain.

TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream

This product is great for smoothing the ends of my hair. When I curl my hair it can look a bit Shirley Temple; if I gently brush it out with a wood-bristle brush (love this one), it makes it natural eaves but the ends (especially when I’m in need of a trim) can get fuzzy. I put a tiny amount, smaller than a pea on my finger and rub it on my finger tips and grab each curl and smooth it. This will separate the curls without making them look greasy and helps them keep their shape. I also like it on the ends of my hair when I style it straight; it keeps humidity and frizz at bay and adds a touch of weight to keep the look polished.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads

I wrote about these here, but I don’t think I properly explained the awesomeness of these little pads. I was reading Man Repeller this early fall and she made a comment about how her dark circles were more prominent which meant her summer tan was fading. It was an aha moment and I realized I looked so exhausted because my tan had faded, making my lifelong undereye circles stand out. So I used one of these pads that night and the next morning I looked well rested for the first time in weeks. Not only that, when I use these pads, my skin is happy and it seems to clear up the little bumps I get on my chin. I don’t use these more than twice a week or else I look like a Real Housewife; I usually use them on a Friday night so the change in skintone isn’t as obvious to coworkers, and then another used on Monday night will keep the glow going with a subtle fade through the days. I use one pad, I do my face, being sure to swipe up into my hairline and over my ears, then get my neck, and do the whole décolleté using my bra straps and cups as a template. I then take the pretty-much dry pad at this point and do quick swipes over my hands and forearms. Then I wash my hands very well, apply my regular eye and night cream and go to bed. I don’t look fake, I don’t get streaks, and my skin is happier for it. Heads up, you can get 50-packs of these pads on Amazon for much cheaper than other sites; if you shop at (which I love because great GWPs and free shipping and cash back on future orders and combo your order with you can often get one of these pads as a free sample at checkout if you’d like to try before you buy.

OGX Coconut Water Conditioner

Another item I have already raved about. This was the only product I used to cleanse my hair until about mid-October when the weather finally went cold and my hair went from full and wavy to limp and straight. Still, I use this as an actual conditioner on my ends and Karl uses it as the sole cleanser on his hair. Great price, great smell, look forward to using it again as my main hair cleanser this coming summer!

e.l.f. Studio Mist and Set

I raved about this before but it really is a phenomenal setting spray for your makeup and the price can’t be beat. I received a similar spray from MaryKay during a partnership with them and while their setting spray works, smells better and has a finer mist and better quality bottle, it doesn’t compare to e.l.f.’s in regard to holding makeup in place through EVERYTHING. I keep the MaryKay for the work week and e.l.f for long days, nights out, and the summer heat and humidity.

Revlon LacquerBalm in Enticing

Revlon’s Just Bitten BalmStain in Romantic has been my go-to for quite a while, and I regularly use many other colors and consistencies of these chubby lip crayons from Revlon. But none held my heart like Romantic did… until Enticing. Enticing is a more intense, higher pigment red with a glossy finish. I like it alone for a more polished version of bitten lips – red, glossy, but not too perfect. However it is an awesome product layered over a matte lipstick or stain. I love the Revlon matte lipsticks and will wear Enticing over them to increase the pigment and add shine without losing longevity; Enticing will wear away gently and naturally leaving the lipstick below and preventing a ring around the lips or completely bare lips come the end of lunch.  You can see this combo when I was featured at Style IT.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse

I wrote about this product here, and it is still my favorite brow product. I no longer use the brush that came with it, feeling that it gave too harsh and obvious a line; I now use my Trish McEvoy 32 Eyebrow Brush because it has shorter, stiffer bristles letting me get in color without a harsh obvious line. This color stays put until I wash it off with soap and it looks very natural.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Yep, I tried the contouring trend that was hot this year. I didn’t want to look like Kim Kardashian or someone from the ‘80s, but wanted to try a more subtle version. Everyone had been raving about this powder and I found it new on eBay and decided to try it (you can also find it on Amazon). I watched a couple YouTube videos and did contouring… and looked ridiculous. Completely lovely for a photo, but insane IRL. However, I really came to like the Banana powder. On a normal day, I apply foundation and then use this over the foundation under the eyes and it diminishes puffiness and darkness without looking cakey or false, and I think it does a better job than concealer. I apply it with the MaryKay Liquid Foundation brush because I had it and it was clean when the powder arrived in the mail. And I continue to apply it in that manner because the brush is soft and fits under my lower lashes nicely while blending the powder beautifully.

So I’d like to hear from you, what were your best beauty buys of the year?

Giveaway – L’eggs Profiles (CONTEST CLOSED)

I believe any woman can benefit from control garments. From hard-core cinchers to a bit of control on top of those tights, control garments can help women of all ages and sizes look more pulled together and polished in certain clothes and for certain events. However no one wants to spend an arm and a leg on something that isn’t a visible part of their ensemble!


Black stretch v-neck from Banana Republic, white twill cuffed cropped pants from Casual Corner, black leather thong heeled sandals from Mossimo, multiple skinny silver bangles from Ann Taylor Loft, black leather and silver necklace from Chico’s.

Hair is weird. In the shower I was considering loose messy waves and the front feathered out. Yeah, I watched Jessica Simpson’s stupid new video and was slightly inspired. So I added Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Spray, blew hair straight letting it do as it pleased, twisting some pieces. It ended up looking damaged and gross. I continued blowing, using a paddle brush, that made some difference. I then blew the front with a round boar bristle brush and then applied bioSilk so it didn’t look as much like straw…. not my best hair day.

Makeup is L’Oreal True match foundation in C3, MAC Studio Stick concealer, Physician’s Formula Magical Mosaics bronzer for color and powder, a bit of Nars Orgasm blush. Eyes is the ivory shadow from Revlon’s ColorStay Neutral shadow quad, then The Body Shop’s 08 (Granite) in the lids and along the lash line. lashes curled via Shu Eumura and two coats of L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black applied. On lips is Sally Hansen’s diamond lipgloss in a hot pink (the label with the name fell off).

Little Bits of Luxury: The Series

With age comes wisdom. It’s taken a while, but I have learned to truly buy quality instead of quantity. I unsubscribed from most retail emails so I am not wooed by 50% off (if I didn’t need it at full price, I don’t need it now), I rarely enter a mall because I know myself and I will leave at least $100 poorer with bags full of things I don’t need and will likely collect dust. When I visit a store like Target or TJ Maxx I have a written shopping list that will be a visible reminder to stay on track. And in the past year, when I have added to my closet I have looked for what I can remove – to store for the future, to donate, to sell, to admit defeat and cut up into rags.

And the things I purchase are better quality too. Now I am no Martha Stewart, so for me quality is likely Nine West, Etsy, L’Oreal. But I have learned it’s not about the name on the label, but how the piece works with my life and performs in the long run. Be it bras, BB cream, baking dishes, or boots I research, save, and buy the best within my budget. This also goes for luxury items (and items that are luxurious just to me). I have never admitted being a minimalist, and with age I have learned that some luxury items just make life better (and are far kinder to the body than cupcakes and nachos). I’ve also learned that luxury can come at all pricepoints, and some of the best indulgences are quite kind to my wallet.

I’ve found that series on this blog are some of my most popular posts on Wardrobe Oxygen. And so my newest series will feature little luxuries I indulge in, and how I budget for them, and why they are worth it. I hope you enjoy!

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Black cashmere tank from Banana Republic, black ponte jacket from Banana Republic Outlet, Chinese red shantung skirt from Banana Republic (definite theme here!), leopard peeptoe heels from BCBGirls, gold necklace from Express, gold bangles from Ralph Lauren.

Hair was washed and conditioned, dried with my Croc wet-to-dry iron. No products.’

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match concealer in W1-3, Benefit’s That Gal, philosophy The Supernatural in Beige, Nars blush in Orgasm, Revlon ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis – ivory over whole lid. Lashes curled, two coats Cover Girl Lash Blast and one of Imju Fiberwig. Maybelline Ultraliner in black on top lash line and on lips is some Revlon Shiny Sheers in a sheer red that I left at home by accident so do not have to read the label.

I am not really sure what is going on with the layout of my posts; I have not done anything different so it must be that Blogger is being stupid again.

This outfit is inspired by Catie’s contest at Cuffington. This outfit makes me fabulous inside… though notsomuch when I walk past my reflection in a window. I adore this skirt, it is so much fun and the color is awesome. The cashmere tank is really thick and I have had it for years and got it for like $10 on the clearance rack. Jacket has given me many miles and I love its versatility and the shoes… oh I love these shoes so much I have two pairs of them! All that is missing is my silver cuff, this great green ring I bought at a Ren Fest and my wedding tiara and I would be wearing almost all my favorite things! :) Too bad this skirt isn’t the most flattering (the one my husband says makes me look like Mimi from Drew Carey) or I would wear it every week! :)


Black ribbed crewneck sweater from Chico’s, black Tahari suiting trousers, long gray necklace from Target looped three times, black Enzo boots.

Hair is on it’s third day, blown straight where bedhead was.

Makeup was done in a jiffy as that I lolled in bed too long reading for my Book Club. L’Oreal True Match foundation, Nars Orgasm blush, a bit of khaki shadow, a thin line of Maybelline Ultra Liner in black on top lash line, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and Body Shop Lip Tint.


Candy pink merino v-neck from J. Crew, white ribbed tank from J. Crew, black suiting trousers from Ann Taylor Loft, black city boots from Aldo, silver cuff and dangle earrings.

Hair is not done – alarm accidently set for PM instead of AM. Brushed out the curls, hit a straightening iron to the top to remove bumps and accepted it.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation and concealer, Nars Orgasm blush, Revlon Lipglide in Sheer Raspberry, Revlon ColorStay shadow quad in neutral – ivory on the lid, khaki on the crease. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black. Pretty basic and quick.


Black scoop tee from American Apparel. Black and white sequined skirt from Marshall’s. Black peep toe heels from Steve Madden. Silver hoops and silver cuff bracelet.

Hair curly thanks to Suave/Redken wanna be products for curls and a curling iron for the unruly pieces.

Makeup is L’oreal True Match foundation, The Body Shop concealer, Chanel pressed powder, Physician’s Formula Magical mosaics bronzer. The Body Shop shadows in Granite and Soft Black to have a subtle smokey eye. Two coats of L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black. On lips is Sally Hansen lipgloss in Lilac over The Body Shop’s lipliner (on whole lip) in Beech.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Raspberry merino v-neck from Ann Taylor Loft. Denim trousers from Ann Taylor (just came in the mail yesterday!), two anthracite and bead necklaces from Express. Black Enzo boots.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation, Chanel concealer and powder. Nars Orgasm on the cheeks. On the lids is Champagne Pink shadow from the Body Shop on the lids, Crown Jewels shadow from L’Oreal in the crease and along the lash line. On the lips is Maybelline lipstick in Ripe Plum.

Hair is straightened with the iron, touch of spray wax on the tips.


Black stretch v-neck sweater from Banana Republic, white denim skirt from Ann Taylor Loft, red stone necklace from a boutique at the beach, black leather strappy thong heels from Mossimo.

Hair is Suave Professionals Healthy curls shampoo, conditioner and mousse. Unruly pieces curled with iron.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation, MAC Studio Stick concealer, Physican’s Formula Magical Mosiacs bronzer in light, Revlon ColorStay shadow quad in neutral – ivory in the inner corners and along brow bone, khaki on lid and along lower lash line. lashes curled thanks to Shu Eumura, two coats of L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and thin line of black Ultra Liner from Maybelline on the top lash line. On lips is L’Oreal’s Endless Kissable Shinewear (without the extra gloss) in color 530.


Indigo silk knit v-neck sleeveless shell from Ann Taylor, white bootcut stretch jeans from Caslon/Nordstrom. Turquoise necklace from Target, beaded thong sandals with short wood wedge heel from Seychelles. Silver hoops and cuff bracelet.

Hair is second-day dirty, the front blown while dry with a round brush.

Makeup is L’oreal true Match foundation , MAC Studio Stick concealer, Physician’s Formula Magical Mosaics bronzer in light. A touch of Nars Orgasm on the cheeks. on lips is L’Oreal’s Glam Shine gloss in… gee I do not have the color in front of me but it is a red with a pinky-orange cast. Like a reddish coral. Eyes is Revlon’s ColorStay quad in Neutral – the ivory in the inner corners and on the brow bone, then lashes curled and covered with L’oreal Voluminous mascara in black and a line of Maybelline’s Ultra Liner in black on the top lash line.


Tibetan Buddhist Meditation seminar at the Smithsonian with my mom and husband. Wanted to be comfortable, would be sitting and meditating for six hours.

Black heavy knit wide-leg yoga pants from Champion; more like ponte than a regular knit. Black scoopneck shortsleeved tee from American Apparel, charcoal v-neck shetland sweater from L.L. Bean, gray New Balance trainers. Over it an orange crinkle silk scarf from Banana Republic and a red suede car coat from Target.

Same with previous day, washed hair night before, air dried, curled some pieces in the AM and applied Jonathan Dirt.

Makeup minimal; L’Oreal True Match foundation, Chanel pressed powder, Nars Orgasm blush, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black, Body Shop Born Lippy balm in Passionfruit.


Turtlenecks are nice and safe and work-appropriate, especially when they are a size XL and in Ann Taylor you are only an L.

So I wore my salmon merino turtleneck from Ann Taylor, my curvy fit bootcut jeans from Gap (jeans are the norm on Fridays at my office), black boots from Enzo and that’s about it.

Hair was washed and conditioned with L’Oreal Professional Kiwi Coloreflector, then a bit of Sexy Straight Hair Shine On! and Nexxus Texxtur combined and dried with a round brush. Another day where I switched the part for the heck of it.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation in C3 and concealer in W4-5, Chanel pressed powder applied with a big brush (color Natural), Smashbox Soft Light in Tint applied with the same big brush. Eyes is the Revlon ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral – ivory on inner corners and brow bone, khaki on the lid, and chocolate on the crease and along both lash lines. Lashes curled and L’Oreal Defining Voluminous mascara in black applied. Revlon ColorGlide Sheer lipgloss in Sheer Burgundy on the lips.

As you see, I forgot to take my picture at home, so you can see me in my 1999 Saturn and see my makeup in natural light.


Purple silky jersey wrap top with kimono sleeves – Mossimo for Target (2005). Black spandex camisole from Victoria’s Secret. Denim trousers from Gap. Purple bead necklace from Express.

Hair is on it’s second day, blown while dry to get the kinks out.

Makeup is L’Oreal true Match foundation in C3, concealer in W 1,2,3; Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint, Physician’s Formula bronzer in light and then a touch of Nars Orgasm blush on the apples. Eyes is The Body Shop shadow in Lilac on the lid, Trish McEvoy shadow in a dark dark purple in crease and along lash line. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black, e.l.f. lipgloss in a shimmery purple.


Ivory and black chiffon cheetah-print sleeveless top with tuxedo ruffles – Banana Republic. Beige spandex camisole from Limited, ivory wool trousers from Ann Taylor, long pearl necklace from Limited, short one from Monet.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation and concealer, Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint, Physician’s Formula bronzer in light, The Body Shop eye shadows in Slate (lid) and Soft Black (crease and lash line). L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in Black. On lips is The Body Shop lip liner in Beech on entire lip, then e.l.f. gloss in a bright pink over that.

Hair is weird and in desperate need of a cut. Washed, conditioned, then Sexy Straight Hair’s Shine On and a bit of SAMY Mucho Volume applied when damp. Dried with round brush.


Ivory and black cheetah-print sheer top with tuxedo ruffles and drawstring collar, from Banana Republic. Under it is a nude spandex camisole from The Limited. Black triacetate suiting trousers from Ann Taylor, black city boots from Enzo, black strand of jet beads from Limited, black chandelier earrings from Limited.

Hair is washed and conditioned with L’Oreal Professional Kiwi, then a bit of Sexy Straight Hair Shine On! and Nexxus Texxtur mixed together and applied to the hair. hair dried with round brush with ceramic core. Today decided to part it on the other side.

makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation in C3, concealer in W4-5, Chanel pressed powder in Light, a bit of Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint, Body Shop Slate shadow on lid, Soft Black in crease and along lash line, Defining Voluminous mascara from L’Oreal in black. On lips is Body Shop’s Sheer lipcolor in Sheer Caramel.


Charcoal and black striped fuzzy stretchy v-necked sweater tunic from Banana Republic, black camisole underneath from Victoria’s Secret, black nubby texture suiting trousers from Ann Taylor Loft, black round toe high heel pumps from Jessica Simpson, large silver hoops.

Hair washed but somehow I forgot to condition – L’Oreal Professional Kiwi Colorreflector. Added together Sexy Straight Hair’s Shine On! and Nexxus Texxtur together (tiny amounts) and added to damp hair with a few spritzes of SAMY’s Mucho Volume on the scalp. Blown straight with a round brush with ceramic base. then a bit of Jonathan Dirt added for a piecey look.

Makeup is L’Oreal True Match foundation in C3, concealer in W4-5. Chanel pressed powder in Light applied with large brush, then Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint as my blush. On eyes is Body Shop’s Slate on the lid and Soft Black int he crease and along both lash lines. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in black. On lips is Revlon LipGlide Sheer in Sheer Burgundy.