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Ask Allie: Questions About Wardrobe Oxygen

Hi Allie, I love your blog! Have you ever thought of doing a link-up post every week? I’d love to know what you read online through the week I bet it’s very inspiring!

I love your website! I am however, having a little difficulty doing searches in finding recommended clothing and accessories links. Have you ever thought about doing a monthly “Great online finds” link?

Have you ever considered doing videos? I think it’s the part missing from your blog – we love you Alison, and it would be great to see you moving in your clothes and talking about them and seeing you in 3D. You should consider it.

My friend suggested I contact you. I am looking for help with my wardrobe and I heard you do virtual wardrobe consultations but I don’t see anything on your website. How much do you charge?

Have you thought about having a schedule for your blog posts? Say, Ask Allie Wednesday, Home Design Thursday, Link Friday? While I love your blog, I don’t always relate to all of the content and having a schedule would help me know when to visit and when not to. Don’t take this the wrong way, I really do love your blog and think you are doing a great job I think this could improve your blog even more.

I wish you posted more weekend outfit looks. I don’t work in an office and can’t relate to pencil skirts and blazers. Your weekend outfits seem more my speed.

I think all of these ideas sound amazing, and I wish I could do them all. In fact, I have considered all of these ideas over the past few years, and have even done some of these (used to have a Tuesday Tip, did virtual wardrobe consultations, had more weekend outfit posts). The problem is I just don’t have enough time.

My family is top priority, and with all my responsibilities I still feel that I don’t get enough quality time with them. Second priority is my full-time job. While I love blogging and do make a small bit of money from it, my full-time job is what keeps my family afloat – it pays the mortgage and car payment, gives my family health insurance, and is reliable income (and is something I really enjoy doing). Along with this, I have a house to maintain, two dogs, a community I care about, friends I adore, and a desire for a social life and the occasional event away from the computer.

Two years ago, I almost shuttered Wardrobe Oxygen because I felt I didn’t have the time to properly maintain and update it. That is when I merged my outfit blog with my fashion advice blog – this was a way to simplify things and save time without sacrificing quality for you. However, there’s still only 24 hours in the day and there are some things I just can’t accomplish while still having a good relationship with my family and remaining a productive employee at my job.

Each day, even if I don’t write a post, I do something to improve this blog for you. Maybe I will try to improve tagging and searching, possibly I will go back to old posts and clean out the typos and replace broken links and images, maybe I am doing research for an upcoming post. When I have insomnia, I don’t lie in bed staring at the ceiling – I get up and write. I LOVE blogging, I love connecting with all of you, and it makes my day when you contact me and let me know what you think of Wardrobe Oxygen.

As I find better ways to manage my time and simplify processes, I will add more features to this blog. You all have such wonderful suggestions, and I do read them and take them to heart. You never know, I may implement one of your suggestions in the near future!

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