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Ask Allie: Music Festival Fashion with Boots

I can’t imagine wearing boots to a music festival! I saw your post on Inforoo saying you wear them but it seems so hot I plan to wear some TOMS what’s the benefit of boots?

I know you’ve been to music festivals before, what do you recommend for shoes?

I’ve been to Bonnaroo several times, attended the Virgin FreeFest and Forecastle and have worn a variety of shoes.

All the Newness!

Hi everyone, quick update. Saw the ortho this week, the arm is healing nicely. They x-rayed and he sees fuzziness which means bone is growing, fusing my radius back together. I go back to the doctor in two weeks and if all goes well, I may graduate to a short cast! While I’m getting better with my left hand, it’s exciting to see my right fingers move and work again without pain.