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Ask Allie: Music Festival Fashion with Boots

I can’t imagine wearing boots to a music festival! I saw your post on Inforoo saying you wear them but it seems so hot I plan to wear some TOMS what’s the benefit of boots?

I know you’ve been to music festivals before, what do you recommend for shoes?

I’ve been to Bonnaroo several times, attended the Virgin FreeFest and Forecastle and have worn a variety of shoes. Sandals, flip flops, Chucks, even Crocs (I know, I know!). However for the past couple of years my go-to shoes for music festivals are boots. Yes, even in the dreadful heat of summer in Tennessee, I wear boots.

Why Boots Rock for Music Festivals:

  • They are Sun Protection. You can’t imagine how many people get the tops of their feet burned at fests. It’s the part you forget, the part that gets dirty and the sunscreen rubs off, the part (other than the top of your head) that gets the most sun as you walk from stage to stage.
  • They are Injury Prevention. I know someone who had the scary spiky grass of Bonnaroo pierce her flip flop and spike the bottom of her foot. I’ve had many a person step on my feet as they are wiggling to get closer to a stage, and my sister hobbled through one Bonnaroo because an unfolded E-Z Up tent fell on her foot. Mosh pits, hot cups of coffee, setting up camp accidents… boots keep your feet protected so you can enjoy the festival.
  • They are Cooler Than You Think. I wear a pair of DUO Boots I bought eons ago, they’re calf-height, very low heel, leather but have a shearling lining. They keep my legs warm in winter and surprisingly cool in summer. I wear with cotton or wool socks to add cushioning and breathability.
  • They Support Your Feet. TOMS are cute and may be comfy when walking around town, but they don’t have arch support or cushioning that can be quite nice after 12 hours of standing and walking on hard ground, rocky terrain, and concrete. Trust me. A boot can also be made even more comfy with insoles; I buy a new pair of insoles made for work boots prior to each music festival.
  • They Can Take a Beating. I spray my boots with waterproofing spray before I go and don’t even blink when I have to tromp through mud, dust, or worse. Most boots look better with some wear; when I get home I clean them, give them a good polishing, take out the insoles and have them ready for weekends and casual affairs.

Be they a pair of tall boots with a babydoll dress, lace-up granny boots with a peasant skirt, some Docs with denim cutoffs, or Western-inspired booties with a boho-inspired dress, a low-heeled boot can offer comfort, protection, and miles of style at a music festival. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for fashion when there’s alternatives that can give you the best of both worlds!

Do note that the sample ensembles feature some important things for festivals – sunhats with decent sized brims (no fedoras or beanies), large sunglasses, and bags that can be worn while you dance and rock out.  Your accessories are just as important as your shoes to ensure you have a fabulous time this summer at the music festival/s of your choice.

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All the Newness!

Hi everyone, quick update. Saw the ortho this week, the arm is healing nicely. They x-rayed and he sees fuzziness which means bone is growing, fusing my radius back together. I go back to the doctor in two weeks and if all goes well, I may graduate to a short cast! While I’m getting better with my left hand, it’s exciting to see my right fingers move and work again without pain. This Wednesday I realized I can touch my index finger to my thumb and even play the world’s smallest violin!

With the strength comes style and some more comfort. My sister told me about CastCoverZ! and I ordered myself two. They’re so much fun and especially nice now that my cast is at the dingy grody stage. They’re stretchy bathing suit material and come in a ton of different prints and fabrics, sizes for all ages and types of arm, hand, and leg casts. CastCoverZ! also sells items to make your healing process more comfortable, crutch accessories, mitts and boots for snow and cold weather, waterproof covers, and this genius item called a CastCooler. Wrap the CastCooler around your cast and connect it to your vacuum cleaner; it cools and dries your cast and feels aaaahhhh-mazing! Best thing about CastCoverz! is the service – quick shipping and each order comes with a sweet personalized handwritten note (I know they’re different because my mom bought the CastCooler for me as a belated birthday present).

As for fashion, there isn’t much excitement going on. Every day I am in NYDJ’s ponte pants or jeans (love how their pieces are stretchy enough for me to button one-handed and comfy yet polished and stylish and available in petites) with a tee shirt. Shocker, the tee is often an Old Navy Vintage V-neck, though I have some elbow-length boatneck tees from Ann Taylor that I prefer because they’re pretty colors, more structured, and don’t ride up above the cast into my armpit. I’m using scarves to add variety and like how they don’t make the sling the focal point. Since my life is at home or going somewhere thrilling like the doctor, drugstore, or maybe a restaurant when Karl’s sick of doing dishes, I’ve been wearing casual flat shoes that stay securely on my feet and don’t have to be laced up. My DUO riding boots are my regular go-to, but I just bought the above shoes by bernie mev. so I’d have something lighter weight. These shoes are not something I’d typically buy, but they’re fun, funky, and insanely comfortable. Flexible sole, decent cushioning, and the shoe is elastic straps woven together so the shoe moves with you and is breathable. These are the “Cuddly” but there’s a bunch of styles of these shoes – open toe, wedge, pump, ballet flat, and in neutral solids as well as this crazy silver and rainbow mix. I got them from Nordstrom since they have free shipping and returns and tons of customer reviews; also with Ebates I get cash back!

Sleeping is still hard, staying in a sling is annoying, and I miss my job and coworkers, but each day gets better and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks everyone for your support!


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