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Welcome to the New Wardrobe Oxygen!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Wardrobe Oxygen! While still providing tips and tricks on how to achieve great style regardless of age, figure, budget, or lifestyle; I will also be sharing my daily wardrobe with photographs, details, and links to where I purchase my clothing.

I have been chronicling my wardrobe for the past years at a separate blog, but have decided to merge the two as that they both have the same premise.

Dress to Impress

Why do you wear what you wear each day? 
Where did those items in your closet come from? 
Why did you choose them?

We all have choices on what we want to wear, how we wish to be perceived, how we want to look. The last thing I wish to do on Wardrobe Oxygen is force everyone into cookie cutouts of one another. Personal style is a very important thing – a way for you to express yourself,