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Weight Watchers Update

It is getting progressively harder to find time for Thursday night Weight Watchers meetings. Work has really ramped up; I already have to leave by 5:15 on Mondays and Tuesdays to be on Emerson Detail since my husband teaches those evenings. I end up staying late on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and many Fridays to catch up. Also it seems every blogger event and concert I want to attend is on a Thursday night.

Weekend Weight Watchers Update

I think I need to start calling this my weekend Weight Watchers update, since I have been a Friday slacker. Fridays have been busier than expected lately.

So this week I gained weight. A hair over a pound. This is the first time I have gained during the Weight Watchers process. And I am not surprised.

1. I missed two meetings
2. I haven’t been tracking every day

Friday Weight Watchers Update (on Saturday)

I have been terrible with my Weight Watchers updates.

Last week I was flat – didn’t gain, didn’t lose. I wasn’t too surprised and actually expected a gain. I was terrible. I didn’t exercise at all, I didn’t track a couple days, I ate things like cupcakes and Cheetos and such. It was bad, a week where I didn’t even want to go to my meeting but I did. I did because the reason I stopped Weight Watchers in the past was because I would fall off the wagon one time and not go to the meeting because I didn’t want to see the number on the scale.

Instead of an Outfit…

Today I’m wearing a pretty cute outfit – a gorgeous jade green drapey jersey top courtesy of Gwynnie Bee (one of their new arrivals), with these jeans from Jag which are utterly brilliant, and my leopard flats. I didn’t take pictures because I decided to use that time to have breakfast with my family. I adore this blog, but am finding it’s taking more and more time and am trying to look for ways to better schedule my time without losing quality (either in life or in blog content).