Monday Mar 10, 2008

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Black merino crewneck from Banana Republic with black knit cami from Banana underneath, denim trousers from Gap, black booties from Sudini, silver hoops and cuff.

Hair was washed and conditioned yesterday and dried while I slept. This morning I hit the bedhead with a curling iron and then a bit of Jonathan Silky Dirt to smooth.

Makeup is philosophy The Supernatural in Beige, Cargo Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife, Cover Girl LashBlast in black and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Glossy Rose.

I am sick again. It seems that this winter I am catching anything that anyone has. I called out on Friday and today I still feel pretty icky. This is why I am NOT the fashionista today.

I am also currently having MAJOR issues with Blogger and my domain peeps. For months I have been trying to domain map my blog with no success. Finally it seems to be working, but the original blogspot address is now not working. Now my feeds are messed up, everything needs to be done all over… ARGH! It also seems that images loaded to Blogger are larger than they used to be? Now my template is all out of whack. Firefox has been giving me problems but I hate IE becuase it doesn't have Spellcheck and other lovely sensible features within it. And super smart people out there know how to get me a template that works, deal with all this blog drama? My brain is to muddled with illness and medication and I am at the point of wanting to stop the blasted blogs all together. That's what I get for being fancy. Ugh.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. No worries, I ain’t going nowhere! Being sick, hives acting up, stressful day at work and all this blog drama makes Allie a cranky and pessimistic gal. Some sleep, a hot shower and I am feeling far better today. Also glad to know this redirect thing is happening to many Blogger blogs – it’s Blogger filtering out the spammers. Should be back to normal in a few days. Hope the IE readers will still be able to find me!

  2. Chin up Allie, Spring is just around the corner. No more talk of stopping the blogs. Johanna from ASJiNE stopped a couple of weeks ago, I can’t take another loss! Hope you feel better soon. And anyway…you look MAHVELOUS!

  3. Well I got the pictures working right again… not sure what the heck happened with the past couple of posts getting pics not quite Large but bigger than Medium… I ended up saving them to my computer from the blog and re-uploading as Medium. Somehow that got it to work.

    Problem is it used to… but then I went to Classic Blogger to be able to Domain Map and I lost all ability to do most anything – resize the photos, change font (well I still can with html but there aren’t the handly little buttons at top), etc.

    I can do them one on top of another, but it looks so darn goofy that way. 🙁

    I was the Mistress of Blogger when I first got it; even Beta was awesome. But ever since I went to Domain Map and had to go back to Classic Blogger (which is not the same as how Blogger was before Beta) I am having a devil of a time. Thinking I may screw domain mapping and go back to New Blogger and get rid of my headaches. Wah. 🙁

    Thanks so much for the help! I swear, you guys keep me sane! 🙂

  4. You can resize the photos in blogger while they are in still in draft or.. even after they are already published.
    Just click on the photos and a dotted line will come up. Use the pointer to bring to photo down to size from the lower right hand corner upwards to the upper left hand. This will keep it in proportion.
    Usually on a template like yours your photos can be 400 to 500 pixels wide if they are on a single line themselves.
    When you post 2 photos, put one below the other so they will fit more easily since you wil not want to resize your portrait.
    If they resist going in line, using line breaks in html on the post < br and with the end > this will give you a space . you can repeat the br as many times as necessary .

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