What I Wore: Lady in Red

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chicos petite fit

Oh gosh, I am on a red kick this week aren't I? It's always been a color I loved, but I only like certain shades in my wardrobe. I'll be drawn to a bright fire engine red or a cherry but hardly ever wear it. But when the red has some warmth I find myself wearing it more often, and liking better how it pairs with neutrals and denim. So when I saw these pieces in Chico's New Arrivals I was excited. This color is called Rich Paprika.

chicos rich paprika eloquii bags review chicos review

Shirt: No-Iron Cotton Blend Pocket Tunic c/o Chico's (Size 2) | Pants: Brigitte Ankle Pants c/o Chico's (Size 2P) | Shoes: Nine West | Necklace: Old (similar concept) | Bracelets: A mix from over the years, these bangles are similar and I am wearing one of these bracelets in the mix | Bag: c/o ELOQUII (sold out; similar concept and it's only $28) | Lipstick: L'Oreal in Matte-Traction Red (FKA Eva's Red)

chicos no iron tunic

So this shirt is not only in this gorgeous shade of red, it's a no-iron cotton blend AND it has pockets! I don't know how I missed the pocket part of the description, it's in the title of the product. But I ordered it thinking I'd tie it at the waist with these pants, a funky pair of shoes and fun earrings. But when it arrived, I saw it isn't made to handle being tucked in or tied and I liked the look of it untucked and worn as a tunic.  As for the no-iron, this does need to be ironed or steamed when you receive it, but it stays wrinkle free all day and launders quite nicely. You could go without re-steaming or ironing it after laundering, but I think giving it a quick once-over will make it look more polished.  I have this steamer, it took maybe five minutes from filling the steamer with water to finishing the shirt. It's worth the time.

chicos petite brigitte ankle pants

The pants are pretty awesome. They pull up, so no zippers or buttons to deal with. They're super comfy, if you want them more like trousers buy your regular size but if you want them more like skinny pants to wear under tunics you may want to go down a half size. These are the petite, and for reference I am 5'3″. No pockets, and a small panel at the top of the pants to subtly smooth the belly. These pants come in seven different colors and three lengths.

chicos cotton blend pocket tunic chicos red tunic

Red is a strong color, and wearing red with red is pretty intense. This may not be a look for all, but each piece is also great on its own. This color would look amazing with white, with denim, with khaki, with olive, with black, and much more. But if you want to rock the red, you can do it with a nude-to-you shoe, or a neutral (I was thinking this would also be cute with my black pointed Rothy's flats). If you're feeling extra bold, this is a color that would look amazing with a leopard print shoe!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love this column of color. And thank you for the shout out about steaming/pressing no-iron shirts for a crisper look. I love the crisp, pristine look of ironed clothing but boy do my friends skewer me for doing so. I feel like a pressed look takes the focus off me and focuses the eye on the clothing, which is what I strive for.

  2. This is a fantastic look on you and the red on red makes it special. I was imagining it with a leopard print kitten heel… I love your blog, the DC point of view and especially the throwback pictures. I think I had those bangs once upon a time, back when my blazers had shoulder pads and I wore scrunched socks with those same Reeboks! From a fellow suburban Mom on the VA side of the city, thanks for what you do. One question on the tunic, is it true to size? I usually go with a 12 in a blouse to avoid pulling across my chest, but can do a 10 in a loose fitting or boxier top.

  3. This looks sensational on you–it feels like there are some orangey tones to this red and it’s very flattering. Speaking of flattering, those pants look like they were made to be worn by you. Such a cute look!

  4. Yes!
    Hell yes, this is such a marvellous outfit – the no iron shirt with the side pockets is one I’d go for. I like the all red, it’s very dressy.

  5. I like this bright shirt and pants combo on you. I don’t think just anyone could carry this off. But you have such strong coloring and demanding presence that you look fabulous.

    I think it’s fun and fitting that the color is named Rich Paprika. It goes along with the week’s Gypsy theme. Yeah, I know my stories based on your clothes may not make any sense to others. But I appreciate that you indulge my flights of fantasy.

  6. I was in love with the Universal Standard poplin red dress you wore earlier this week, for the length and shade of red. But, this tops that one! It’s a pretty bright red ideal for spring or summer, and paired with the pants make a versatile and chic outfit for day or evening wear. I like how you paired it with the nude pumps. I’d definitely wear this one.

  7. Brilliant! More tunics should come with pockets. The red looks great on you and I’m really liking the red on red. I’d wear the look too.

  8. I rarely comment but regularly read.

    Those pants look amazing on you!! The pocket tunic look good too, but I definitely don’t like them together. I think broken up and each pair with neutrals would be better. But you are rocking it.

    Do you have any recommendation for “nude” flats? My skin-tone is very fair perhaps with a more cool undertone. I find most “nude” show aren’t nude on me – they veer more tan against my pale skin.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot! As for nude to you flats, sometimes a pale pink is more natural looking than a beige or tan. I always have luck with Nine West with their light natural but I am a bit yellow toned. They have a pretty pale pink flat that may be a perfect neutral for you… http://bit.ly/2MdfkX2

  9. Hmmm, a tunic with pockets sounds as good as a dress with pockets! I like the red on top and bottom, i think it would actually lean to overpowering if contrasted with white or black…

  10. Are these the same shade of red? They look slightly different in the photos (maybe it’s the fabric) and it’s throwing me off a bit…

    I don’t love this as a look but I love the colour and you look happy and confident which is the main thing!

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