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My name is Alison and since 2005, Wardrobe Oxygen has offered real-life style advice for grown-ass women. With years of experience as an apparel visual merchandiser and personal shopper, I provide advice on how to achieve real-life style for grown women.

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The C Word

It’s funny, we’ve been dealing with covid almost three years. There have been over a million cases of covid in my state of Maryland alone, yet if you tell someone you caught it, you might as well tell people you…

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Fall Trend Alert: Zip-Neck Sweaters

Gosh I love it when a classic fashion piece becomes trendy. Go up in the attic, head to the thrift store, and finally shop for the size, fabric, and color you always wanted! Well the zip-neck sweater is back, baby…

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Weekend Reads

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Newsha Tavakolian (@newshatavakolian) Weekend Reads How to speak about what’s happening in Iran. (Muslim Girl) New York Times has a lesson plan about what is going on in Iran. It’s great…

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What I’m Liking This Season

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Where Are the V-Neck Sweaters for Fall?

When I shared how I think fall fashion is better than the clickbait media is making us think, there was a discussion in the comments about v-neck sweaters for fall. Where are the v-neck sweaters? It does seem that crewnecks…

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