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My name is Alison and since 2005, Wardrobe Oxygen has offered real-life style advice for grown-ass women. With years of experience as an apparel visual merchandiser and personal shopper, I provide advice on how to achieve real-life style for grown women.

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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads This is your periodic reminder that Rebecca Minkoff is an active Scientologist. Scientology’s Secret Immigrant Workforce Exposes Decades of Exploitation. (Documented) My mother wanted me to be happy. (Oldster) Human trafficking’s newest abuse: Forcing victims into cyberscamming. (ProPublica)…

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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads As a recent study shows, people consistently underestimate the impact of their kindness on others. (Lifehacker) Want to be happy? Don’t follow your gut. (Vox) The paradox of politeness. (Maybe Baby) It’s where Sean Combs got his start…

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