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Wardrobe Oxygen's curated collection at Universal Standard and a discount code for 30% off
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Save 30% at Universal Standard on my Curated Collection

Folks, I have such exciting news to share! Universal Standard invited me for a second year in a row curate a collection of my favorite pieces from this quality size-inclusive brand and they created a page just for me on the Universal Standard Site! AND they are offering Wardrobe Oxygen readers 30% off their entire… Continue Reading Save 30% at Universal Standard on my Curated Collection

stylish black flats for women over 40
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Where Have All The Black Flats Gone? 20+ Stylish Black Flats for Spring

I hope you read the title, “Where have all the black flats gone?” to the tune of the iconic song by Peter, Paul, and Mary. That is what I sang in my head when I received an email from a member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community asking where to find black flats in 2024. But… Continue Reading Where Have All The Black Flats Gone? 20+ Stylish Black Flats for Spring

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Since 2005, Wardrobe Oxygen has offered real-life personal style advice for grown women. Capsule wardrobes, travel guides, inclusive fashion, and the personal style and outfits of Alison Gary, a 40-something working mom and style consultant.

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Welcome to Wardrobe Oxygen!

This is a safe space for grown-ass women who still give a sh*t but have fewer f*cks to give. Wardrobe Oxygen is here to translate the trends and help you know which ones to care about and which to ignore. Regular capsule wardrobes to assist you in having big style with a small closet. Honest reviews of fashion and labels to know which ones are deserving of your hard-earned money. And how to be stylish on your terms within your available time and lifestyle. I'm so glad to have you here!

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