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Picture 0072Picture 0083Today is cold. Super cold. I live in an old house from the 40s and in the kitchen and bathroom ceilings is a Cromalox heater. They are run by temperature, so they kick on to achieve the temp you set it at. There is no “off,” you just turn it to 40 degrees. Come now, who has their house at 40 degrees?

Both heaters kicked in around midnight last night and ran all night long. Yeah, it was that cold in my house. I was bundled under my comforter and blanket and pulled the bedroom's velvet curtains shut, Ruckus next to me had taken his bed and blankets and made a bit of a nest so the blankets made walls around him and we both slept like logs. He didn't even wake me three minutes before his alarm like he usually does!

So today I wasn't about being sassy, I was about being warm. Teal scoop tee from Gap under teal merino bateau-neck sweater from Banana Republic. Old Navy “The Flirt” dark bootcut jeans, black city boots from Impo, sea-glass necklace from Ross, silver cuff and hoops.

Hair is day 3, again blown straight with round brush and dryer.

Makeup is L'Oreal True Match concealer in W1-3, philosophy THe Supernaturl in Beige, Benefit's That Gal on cheekbones, Nars blush in Orgasm, Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Strawberry Fizz, Urban Decay shadow primer, Body Shop eye color in Slate on lid, Soft Black in crease and along lash lines. Two coats of Cover Girl Lash Blast on curled lashes.

Wore the new quilted jacket from Lands End, thick socks and my turquoise pashmina and was toasty warm on the commute. I finished the book I was reading (received it as a gift many years ago yet never before opened – utterly fascinating topic and history, but not well constructed of a story – I do forgive her as that she is a first-time author and obviously did her homework in regard to the facts) so I will have to hit up Barnes and Noble with my parting gift from my last job to get something good to read for the rest of the year. Any suggestions?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Okay, my other recommendation is Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. If you like the TV show “The Office,” or have ever worked in an office (and all of us have!), I think you would like this one. Glad that you liked the Elizabeth Gilbert book…I figured you might have already read it!

  2. Thanks! I just read my first Jodi Piccoult a month or so ago and have no read Patricia Gaffney (though I think my mom reads her regularly). I’ll check those out.

  3. Allie,

    i’m currently working my way through the books of both Patricia Gaffney and Jodi Piccoult- you might give those a try!!

  4. I remember an article in Allure several years back where some fancy stylist like Brad Johns or Frederick Fekkai said he used hairspray on damp hair to help set rollers. You could try that. My Jonathan Silky Dirt is probably closest to being like a pomade – it’s not as thick, but it’s sticky. I use a VERY SMALL amount – less than a full pea. More like a smashed baby pea. Too much and I look greasy.

    And often I use my curling iron with nothing – no product before or after. I use the hottest setting and hold for like 20 and it usually works to give a more natural wave or curl. Let cool completely before finger-combing lightly to separate. Then try not to touch.

  5. Hi Allie…sort of random question! I got one of those three barrel ‘wave’ irons and was curious what product to use to keep the waves in. I can’t really afford to buy new product (since I promised my first born to Ann Taylor Loft ;D) so I’m hoping I have something that would work…I have the orange sticky got2be type stuff, bedhead small talk, anti-frizz stuff, and I think I have some hair spray somewhere…can you tell I don’t do much with my hair? Would any of those work like your Jonathon product?

    Any suggestions from anyone?

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. don’t you hate it when your house is cold? Except i might enjoy it more then when your house is way too hot.. (i’m typing this post while my house is freezing by the way)

    oohh i went and tried on the Lands End jacket today, and hell yeah for fitting into a Medium! (i’m hoping it goes on sale right after xmas- so i’m waiting on the big purchase)

  7. Excellent choice Divamommy – so excellent I just read that a month or so ago and now have my husband and mom reading it! I love that book and have recommended it to everyone. You know me well! 😀

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Allie: love your blog…this is my first time to comment, though! I couldn’t pass up the chance to recommend a fave book of mine: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Just gave copies to my mom and sis-in-law for Xmas…I think you would like it, too! Keep up the good work on your blog…you have inspired me to work on my personal style in 2008!

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