Friday: Rainy Friday Blues

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knit striped blazer jeans
karen kane blazer
gold bangle bracelets1
leopard flats
karen kane striped jacket

Tee – Ann Taylor
Blazer – c/o Karen Kane
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Halogen (similar)
Bracelets – Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Lauren Ralph Lauren, c/o Soft Surroundings
Umbrella – Gap

I put this outfit together this past weekend, excited for Casual Friday when I could wear my jeans. When Karen Kane sent me this blazer, I immediately fell in love. I put it on right away, while wearing denim cutoffs and this tee and I loved the whole combination of textures and colors. This jacket is near perfection for me – stripes, stretch, and pockets? The perfect combo! I also love the cool details – the piping around the collar and hem, the ruched sleeves, the bold buttons. While I dressed it down today, it would look fantastic as a suit with black trousers, or mixed with another pattern (I see it with a leopard-print ruffled or bow-collar blouse!). Knit blazers free of lining are a curvy girl's best friend because they fit and flatter without adding bulk. Expect to see this jacket quite often on the blog!

rainy day
How I felt before I composed myself – don't cry Alison, no use in crying over spilled coffee!

So anyway, when I woke up to rain, rain, and more rain I got the blues. How can I wear my haircalf flats? My hair is going to be a bird's nest! Pictures with an umbrella always end up tinted strangely!  Not only raining, but hot and humid – I am going to be a shiny, sweaty mess. I decided to drive today, because for some reason the DC Metro is even more of a mess on a rainy day. Got my car from street parking, drove into the court and there was a cup of coffee from yesterday not completely in the cupholder which fell out and spilled all over the passenger seat. So I'm trying to clean up quickly with paper napkins from the glove box, they're shredding everywhere, I'm outside the car getting rained on, sweating from the humidity, and I just wish I saved this outfit for a cool, sunny day. Oh well, I just will have to repeat it!

Any fun weekend plans? We have NONE and I am SO excited! I can do laundry, clean the house, organize a bit of my life, snuggle on the couch with Emerson and my husband, cook complicated dinners and go for walks. It seems that the past month has been so jam-packed, it's exciting to have a responsibility-free weekend!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Awesome outfit! I am a plus sized woman, and I was able to duplicate this!!! You should post a spot for plus siZe girls to show you how they work it out and not look silly!

  2. Great look – I’ll have to wait until that jacket is on sale, though! (Maybe I’ll luck out like I did with the Maggy London dress!) On another topic, I want to share my story on bra-fitting and thank you for your posts! I am way older than your young self, but never had a professional fitting until today. (I am so modest I will hardly even look at MYSELF naked!) Anyway, I swallowed my pride and allowed the salesperson in the dressing room with me,with the measuring tape, poking around on my chest, etc! (Really, she was quite professional and respectful.) Turns out I am one of the many women who has worn the wrong bra size forever. (I will say I have somewhat of an excuse, since they don’t make my size. I am a “perfect 35 almost double D”. ) Anyway, she worked her magic and found some 36Ds that are amazing.. She had me try them on with a tight t-shirt, since the back view is a big concern. I can’t believe the difference they make in my clothes! I am throwing all those old rags away and investing in some more. Thanks, Allie! Hugs, “Georgia” from Facebook.

  3. Hi Allie – in your last post you mentioned wanting to find a way to minimize your legs and I thought I’d share a resource. I love the book The Science of Sexy Bradley Bayou. It has transformed how I dress and how I look. It is an old book but the advice is timeless. I discovered it at my public library. Check it out if you can.


  4. Oh, if only that jacket were in my size, I would snap up the copper one in a heartbeat. I already have a striped blazer, which I will soon be wearing with hot pink underneath. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. LOVE the striped jacket, and the pink shirt is fabulous on what was probably a murky day. I’m sure your coworkers also appreciated the pop of bright color!

    As soon as I saw these jeans, I knew they were Gap Long & Leans. They are so flattering on curvy girls! Unfortunately, they are discontinued in Japan – which is why I buy a few pairs every time I’m in the US!

  6. I’m going to go look for the blazer too. I have a “uniform” that I wear to work. Last year I went out of my comfort zone and mixed it up with those short sleeved cardigans. This year I want blazers !

  7. Oh dear, I have had days like that….well you look fabulous!!! I would never have thought of pairing leopard shoes with stripes….I like it it a lot!!!! Well done!!!

  8. In honor of your last post, just wanted to de-lurk and say I love, love, love this outfit. It looks great on you. Not that I haven’t liked other outfits, just felt that I needed to share today!

  9. Loving the jacket. A little jealous that I don’t have one myself. I have a surprise birthday party for a friend tomorrow, and on Sunday, we are going to church and then off to my best friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday party. It’s been raining here off and on all day as well (Ohio), let’s hope we see some sunshine over the weekend!

  10. Oh my gosh, Allie, I love this outfit SO MUCH! I’ve never been a fan of the striped blazer until seeing this outfit on you. I love how you paired it with the hot pink top and leopard shoes. Also, I ADORE your jeans! They look amazing on you. I may need to pick up a pair for myself 🙂

  11. I love this look! I almost bought a very similar blazer (on clearance at Talbots) yesterday – I may have to go back and pick it up.

  12. LOVE the blazer! Classic, yet modern. I wish it came in plus size, though. Would be great, too, if they had other colors.

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