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Beach 007Beach 009Black cotton wrap shirt from Ann Taylor, white ribbed tank from Old Navy, tan stretch poplin trousers from Caslon, black leather thong heels from Mossimo, silver cuff.

Hair is second day, gently brushed out with wood-bristle padded brush.

Makeup is L'Oreal true Match concealer in W4-5, Cargo Matte Beach blush in Tenerife, same shadow combo as worn the past two days, Max Factor Lash Perfection in black, Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Afterglow.

Not sure why, but my husband and I both woke up today with terrible allergies – coughing, sneezing and feeling just a bit icky. It's rainy out and there's no point to even attempt to do my hair.

I am loving this Jonathan Dirt because unlike many other products, my hair isn't all greasy second-day. It seems to be absorbed into the hair, leaving the hair healthy and shiny, but not icky, sticky or greasy. The slimy bangs of last night are completely gone and my hair looks fresh (though not well brushed or styled) today. Good stuff!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thanks Allie,

    I am going to check out Toya — that must have been fun shopping for make-up with your own personal artist — hey…that is not a bad career idea. When my production busy is slow — I will have to think more about that idea!

  2. Yes, Toya is a makeup artist and a blogger, her blog is Life of a Ladybug and is on the sidebar. She’s also from my neck of the woods so we went makeup shopping together. πŸ™‚

    I wear almost only FOH bras – thier full figured lace embroidered and smooth/satiny ones are amazing – tons of lift, a natural shape, pretty and $30 or under. Don’t last forever, but they make me look perkier than Walcoal, Bali and all the rest. Still use the “fancy brands” for my tee shirt, strapless and other bras.

  3. I love the new make-up too — you always look very fresh — even though I know you are sweating it up where you live. Great skin too! Keep it up. Hey, is Toya a make-up artist like me? Just wondering — it is always fun to know of others in your same profession.

  4. I try to pull it up so I am not sleeping on it on the pillow… I do move though and usually my right side is squashed and frizzy… that’s where I use the curling iron, or the dryer and round brush to reset it. No elastics, no headbands because all that will cause major dents.

    The brush I use (from the Body Shop) has very large soft wood bristles so I can brush out tangles without making my hair a frizzball.

  5. So I am trying so hard to do the whole second day thing… and I think I am doing okay.

    But I am wondering, how do you sleep on your hair without it being all weird and messy when you wake up??

    I hate it… and although I can usually fix it up, it makes me wantto get in the shower again to wash it!


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