Talbots Tennis Skort and Bomber Jacket

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Alison in a white knit bomber jacket and matching skort from Talbots. She is leaning against a tennis net smiling at the camera

Throughout my childhood, my parents tried several sports with me to see which one I'd like. While swimming stuck with me from 2nd grade through high school, one of the other sports I tried during that time was tennis. I remember liking it, and don't recall why I stopped after what I believe was a very short time.

Alison in a white bomber jacket with a black stripe down the arm and a matching skort. Both are from Talbots.

My parents didn't have a lot of money, and got me a tennis racket at a yard sale in great condition. Thing was, it was a wooden racket and this was the '80s when everyone had the colorful carbon and fiberglass rackets. But I remember still having fun with it, and having lessons at two different courts in my neighborhood.

The Talbots On the Move skort in white as seen on Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen

Even though I stopped tennis, I have always loved the style. And if you follow me on Instagram Stories you know I am on a quest to find great skorts this summer. I am looking to review brands that have a good size range; when I saw Talbots had a few styles of skorts I asked if they would send me some for this skort review. One in the mix was this white Talbots tennis skort with a black racing stripe and they sent me the matching bomber jacket.

Alison in the Talbots On the Move skort and bomber holding a badminton racket and birdie
Badminton, anyone? While I stopped playing tennis, my family and I love badminton and play it using our yard's fence as a net!

I don't think you need to play tennis to rock this utterly adorable ensemble. While we shot this at a tennis court in my community, I think this look would be great for many summer situations.

Chico's microfiber tank on Wardrobe Oxygen

Skort: On the Move Skort c/o Talbots (Large) | Bomber: On the Move Bomber c/o Talbots (XL petite) | Tank: Microfiber Tank c/o Chico's (size 1) | Sneakers: Tree Blizzards c/o Allbirds | Necklace: Cuban Link Choker c/o Rellery

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in a white bomber jacket and skort with a black tank and white Allbirds sneakers

I ordered the skort in Large Regular. While I am 5'3″, I like a bit of length for my skort so it's streetwear instead of just court wear. The bomber I ordered in XL petite so it wouldn't be too long on me with the short skort. Under the bomber, I am wearing this tank from Chico's in size 1. My sneakers are from Allbirds; I have a detailed review of these Allbirds sneakers at this link.

Detail of the ball pocket on the Talbots on the Move skort

The skort is made from the same knit as the bomber jacket; while it won't wick moisture I found it comfortable for running around town. There is no zipper security pocket or hand pockets, but the shorts have a ball pocket that would hold a smaller smartphone (it held my iPhone Max vertically while walking but I wouldn't do much else) and did hold my keys and lip balm. The skirt is a flounce style so you will have a lot of swish and room to move (also nice for those of us who have a curvy lower half).

Showing the shorts that are under the Talbots On the Move Skort

I am glad I got the jacket in XL; I find this runs very snug in the arms and think a Large would stretch over my bust. I am sad that it doesn't come in plus sizes; if the skort does why not the jacket? All sizes love a matched set!

However, it is white and black, so it would be easy to create a matched set from another retailer; this mesh bomber from Vera Wang for Kohl's comes in black or white and I think gives the same effect while being more comfortable in the summer weather. I've always had success with this line at Kohl's (see me wear the line at this link).

Alison in a black tank and white Talbots skort

The tank is a favorite; I have a few in different colors. I like how it is so smooth like a bodysuit but not as clingy. The fabric has a subtle sheen and tight weave making it dressy enough to glam up with a maxi skirt and gold hoops for an evening outdoor event or wear under a work jacket.

I usually wear a 2 in Chico's but found this tank too blousy for my needs so went down to a 1. You can see a size 2 on me here in this outfit post from last year. I'd recommend going your usual size if you wish to wear this to work or have it a bit looser/like a shell and size down if you want it more like a cami/fitted tank.

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in white knit bomber and skort from Talbots

As I mentioned above, I am on a Skort Quest. I have stored my skorts reviews (each one is getting a workout before I grade it) as a Highlight on my Instagram profile. Click this link and there are circles in a row on my profile; click the one for skorts. This will play in the app but you can also watch them on your desktop. I'll have a full skort review here on Wardrobe Oxygen later this summer after I finish my reviews!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. JJill Fir has a fantastic line of athletic wear. I own several skorts and they are fantastic. I’m a fan of the entire line.

  2. Hi, I highly recommend Athleta and Chico’s for skorts! Chico’s has a lot of great skorts in prints and solids and they are much more lightweight then Talbots skorts which I find to be very hot, Athletas skorts are more casual but also very comfortable.

  3. Talbots has been dropping the ball lately on their plus size offerings. They used to offer more styles and colors. Now I mostly see all the colors in reg and petite but plus gets black, white and maybe one or two colors at most. I have also noticed they are not doing the “sets” in plus similar to what you found with the jacket not being in plus. What is going on with them, any ideas?

    1. I just had a call with a different clothing retailer and it opened my eyes to why some brands seem to have been dropping the ball lately with plus offerings (if they offer extended/inclusive sizing).
      – Plus models aren’t as easy to source, and with COVID and folks working from home, there are fewer around in NYC and LA to hop in on a lunch hour for a shoot. This is why some retailers who often had plus models may only have a product shot (or straight-sized model) for their plus offerings.
      – As for plus sizes, sometimes they are made in a different factory because they have a different pattern and it can speed up production to use two factories. But if one factory is down 50% due to COVID, the item may not be available. This is why you may see an item only in plus and navy, and then two months later it’s in six colors for all sizes, or an item is in stock in just misses but not plus or petite.
      – Another reason for plus not being there is because it was and sold out super fast. This past year has brought more people online and taught them how to shop online. Some international customers can’t find any plus in their country, regardless of style, price, or quality. They will buy in bulk for their family/friends/community so at 3am when the product dropped there were plus sizes but by 5am it’s sold out.
      – Brands are still dealing with delays from COVID, as well as the Suez Canal cargo ship, and other issues that have happened the past year. Also, COVID may not be a big factor right now in the US, but it is still running rampant in many countries, and many of those countries are the ones that have factories creating this clothing (or at least the fabric or notions for the clothing). Clothing launches are months long; sometimes years, and one speed bump a year ago can be affecting their availability through 2022.

      I found all of this really eye-opening and am not sure if I am allowed to write about this in a proper blog post, so you received this intel as a reply! 🙂 Can’t wait for brands to get back to normal; it’s incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to see brands embrace plus sizes and then not when 67% of the female population wears it!

  4. I love skorts. I can’t wait to come back to these next year when I’m not pregnant.

    Alison, complete threadjack. I have fine curly hair like yours, and I’m thinking of trying Hair Biology and LUS. I’m 32 so not quite dealing with thinning hair, but honestly it’s always been thin. Would you recommend I start with one or the other?

    1. Threadjacks always welcome!

      It depends on your goals. If you want to keep it curly, do LUS. Hair Biology isn’t made for curly hair, and I find my curls “clump” far better using LUS shampoo, conditioner, and styling product together. I will use Hair Biology styling products on my dry curls though, and love Hair Biology when I use hot tools to blow out my curls.

      I have found just by embracing a curly hair routine, my hair looks thicker. The curls create volume and bend around to hide my scalp, but I think not using brushes and combs and irons has also helped my hair just be healthier and look thicker so when I do blow it out and use Hair Biology, it looks worlds better than it did before I went curly.

      But if the curls aren’t your thing, I think Hair Biology does a great job of creating the appearance of thicker hair. It is not a treatment like Nioxin or Viviscal to increase hair growth, the products provide volume to make hair appear thicker. The Volumizing shampoo and conditioner are light so you get shine and softness but your hair isn’t weighed down. The Thickening Treatment is a root lifter, like a little hairspray just at the scalp. I find them very effective, but not a treatment.

      1. Thanks so much! I like the curls, so it sounds like it’s LUS to start at least for me. Thank you again!!

  5. I’ve followed you to Colleen Rothschild.
    I’ve followed you to Equilibria.
    I’ve followed you to Universal Standard.
    I’ve followed you to SOMA.
    And lots of other things I’m not remembering, I’m sure.
    But, I draw the line at skorts. Sorry! 🙂

    I did buy the Bomber Jacket and a pair of matching Indigo joggers. Hope they work!

    Thanks for everything Alison!

  6. So cute! Thank you for explaining how to watch your reviews on Instagram! I only got the app a few months ago & am not very proficient with it, so that was helpful.

  7. Fun! I bought my first skort this year, as a Costco impulse buy. I think it’s a nice athleisure alternative. I’m not comfortable in casual skirts/dresses that are above my knee due to exposure potential while chasing my kids, but the skort gives me the confidence of shorts.

  8. I think that’s a great sporty look.
    The flippy skirt is graceful and the shorts underneath mean you can bend over without exposing yourself.
    If you aren’t up for a tank, maybe too much sun exposure- you could substitute a t-shirt and drop the jacket.

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