My Wardrobe Today – Monday

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Cardigan – Ann Taylor (no longer online – similar)
Striped tee – J. Crew (no longer available – similar)
Pencil skirt Halogen
ShoesSofft “Pavia”
Necklace – J. Crew (no longer available)

I mentioned last week I hit up the 50% off sale items at Ann Taylor. This is all I kept. Everything else was… meh. And honestly this cardigan isn't anything to write home about, but it's the sort of piece I need when working in frigid office buildings and then stepping out into sweltering city streets. It's very lightweight, a unique color that can complement colors like navy and gray, but be a fun contrast with coral and yellow, and it was cheap (think it ended up being right under $30). The only other cardigans I have is a black jeweneck and my yellow merino boyfriend style, so it's a useful wardrobe addition. It's also a color that will easily transition into fall.

I'm not even going to review the other tops I bought but am returning because none of them sucked, they just didn't seem worthy of my money for my wardrobe. Basic tees and simple tops… just not needed.

Yesterday I attended a bra fitting party and boy was it an eye opener! I hadn't been fitted since before I got pregnant and yep, I was totally wearing the wrong size bra. Don't want to ruin the story of the post I am writing about this, but let me just say if you are properly fitted, if a larger cup size is needed it can actually make you look SMALLER than a smaller cup size. I bought two bras yesterday, a pretty useful smooth molded-cup style for every day, and a much needed strapless. I bought the everyday bra in black, the strapless in nude. I really wanted to also get a day bra in nude but they were out of stock in my size. After trying these new bras I just COULDN'T wear my old ones… so today I am wearing my new strapless bra (with the detachable straps added)! I also wore it yesterday after coming home… I can't believe it, a strapless bra that lifts, separates, flatters AND is COMFORTABLE! Details soon!

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  1. Love the purplish with the navy. A combo you don’t normally think of, but it looks great. I have three pieces very similar to this….may have to copy this outfit!

  2. I was searching Etsy when I did this post hoping I could find a seller who
    makes a similar necklace. I got this many years ago at J. Crew and know
    after there were similar necklaces at other retailers. Bet it would be an
    easy DIY too!

  3. I have nearly the same similar necklace, but mine is from Old Navy clearance rack a year or two ago and in a great orangey-coral color that I love… The navy is great- I might need to attempt to make one of my own
    I really like this look on you

  4. That cardigan may seem blah to you, but it is one of my favorites of yours! (Maybe because I have a similar one from AT too. LOL) I love how you paired it with the navy. And the necklace is great; I was bummed to see that you had linked that it was no longer available.

  5. This day it’s second day. On Sunday I added a bit of Jonathan Product Shine
    & Define Creme, scrunched. I dried the bangs but let the rest air dry.
    When I went to bed I pulled my hair into a very high loose topknot close to
    my brow. When I woke, I re-dried the bangs which usually works but this day
    did not so I pinned them. The rest I did a bit of finger-combing, a bit of
    taking sections and brushing gently at the bottom and around my hand to form
    waves, and for the really raggedy parts I hit with a curling iron. Then
    left it. It falls a bit in the humidity and can get fizzy a bit on the top
    but I just let it go. If I do any more to it, it will fall, frizz, so
    something crazy in this weather. πŸ™‚

    I will be doing post in the next month about my hair, you’re not the first
    to ask! πŸ™‚

  6. That cardi & whole outfit is lovely.

    And you are looking so gorgeous lately. Apart from being slimmer, you look all fresh and glowy and alive. It’s a pleasure to see your smiley face!

  7. So interested to hear about your bra fitting experience! My breasts can’t decide what size they want to be right now (pregnant, nursing, etc), but I’m hoping to get a professional bra fitting sometime after my next child is born.

    I love this outfit…so classic. You have a great silhouette and the colors work very nicely.

  8. It was life-changing! We have so many places in the area… what I figured
    was get one bra (got 2 because I desperately needed strapless) and then
    armed with my new size and brands/styles that fit, scour the Internet for
    cheaper prices. And after this fitting I will never go back to Victoria’s
    Secret – this place, their staff KNEW their stuff and some brands just
    didn’t fit my shape as well as others. It was helpful to have so many
    brands to choose from!

  9. im in desperate need of new bras, but i refuse to dish out the dough until i get myself properly fitted. i honestly dont even remember the last time i had a bra-fitting. and frankly, i dont really trust the people at vickis to do it, so i want to go somewhere that specializes…

  10. I love this combo and ironically enough just tried the colour combination myself this week.  I’m basically a neutrals girl and wanted to add a bit of oomph to my wardrobe and used these colours.  Love this outfit a lot – I’m pinning it right now.  πŸ™‚

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