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I guess I am setting myself up for blogging failure. Yes, I have great readership, but my blogs are not considered “successful” in many people’s eyes because I hardly make a cent off of them. I don’t get weekly freebies from retailers, I don’t bring in the big bucks from my minimal ads, I blog for… you, and not for me.

Well I guess in all honesty it is for me. I do love to write, I love to shop, and I love to tell people my opinion. I love to make fellow women feel good about themselves, and I love it when I get a comment or email that tells me I made a difference in a person’s life.

But unlike many blogs that have been around less time than I, I am not profitable. I know fellow bloggers who have been able to go to part-time or quit their job all together from the success of their blogs. Ads alone bring in a huge portion of their income, and affiliates help even more. Retailers contact them, offering free goods and money in return for praise on their blog. They promote products they have never used, $1,200 purses they can never afford, fashions that fit a very small minority of the population. They have fancy banners and avatars and glossy ads for Sephora and Nieman Marcus and Strawberry Net all over their page, receiving profits per click. They offer links for that designer bag, receiving a percentage from each bag sold to that online boutique.

Now I would love nothing more than to be able to quit my job and write. I would love to write a book based on this blog, and have always dreamed of being a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant. However I am an adult with a mortgage, a car payment, student loans and yes… a conscience. I cannot and will not ever promote something I do not believe in.

Retailers, feel free to send me samples of your stuff, and if I like it, I will be more than happy to review it on here. I will offer links to your website, may show myself wearing your product. But if your product is sub par or inappropriate for my audience, I will not write about it. Or, I may warn you readers to stay away from these vendors. I have no fear.

I also can’t advertise that which I think is just wrong, like a $1,200 purse. A lipgloss that costs $40 and is nothing better than Revlon’s Super Lustrous line. Clothing that does not go over a size 10.

If I can’t afford or fit it, I’m betting the majority of you can’t either.

Reports have shown that there is an influx in purchasing of designer goods and experts believe it is linked to the influx of bloggers writing about said products. I know when I was in middle school I just HAD to have a Liz Claiborne purse and a Forenza roll-neck sweater because everyone else had it. Gosh, Betsy and Heather had both and look at how pretty and popular and blonde they were? Maybe if my stubby, brunette self had both I would be just as popular and glamorous.

I saved up for both because my parents couldn’t afford those sorts of things. I sported my white Forenza roll-neck sweater with my navy Liz Claiborne purse with the navy trim, and that day at lunch, my friend tripped and spilled chocolate milk all over me, permanently staining that beloved sweater. Soon, I realized people liked me whether or not I wore designer duds. Instead of worrying about the label, I worried about the fit and how it expressed my personality. To the 8th grade school dance when the rest of the girls wore ruffled dresses, I wore a black mock turtleneck, black harem pants, black suede booties and my brightly-printed bedroom curtain pinned around my waist like a cummerbund. That was the first time a “cool boy” asked me to dance. And that was when I realized money does not equal style, labels do not equal fashion, and I will never be a slave to them. And I hope none of you ever will either.

Decades later I am the author of this blog. I am still stubby, I am still a brunette, and I am still lacking designer duds in my closet. Yes, it feels amazing to own a designer garment or a coveted beauty item – I’m not going to say I don’t enjoy my DiorShow mascara, my Joe’s jeans, or would love nothing more than to strut around town in a pair of Jimmy Choos. But you know what? I am happy in my skin, happy in my heart and still getting looks from the “cool boys.” I may not be a financially successful blogger, but when I get an email from you guys that says you’re happier as a woman because of some of my advice… I feel like the richest blogger in the world!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. You know what? Who cares? It’s very nice to be a popular blogger who makes money from their blog… It’s very nice to have 300 comments daily… Of course, I wouldn’t know because I’m not one of those bloggers. But I have a few readers, most of whom comment from time to time.

    You write well, and I think you make some wonderful and valid points that speak to many of us. Keep on writing and posting, and I hope the pay off comes to you.

  2. Allie,

    Stay true to yourself. I have long been known to walk to the beat of my own drummer, who may not be adorned in the bells and whistles associated with the “top” fashion blogs. As I stated to a critic who felt I should follow in the direction/tone of more “popular” blogs, my answer was simple-

    I don’t follow, I lead.

  3. Girl you are one of the bloggers who does it right!

    I mean, I get freebies (and have some good stuff coming my way and can’t wait to share with you guys!) and they know, I will be brutally honest. 😀

  4. Go you! You are awesome at what you do and I respect you.

    I *do* get freebies from companies and one of the first things I do when I get e-mails from them is to tell them that, if I don’t like the product, I’m gonna say so. If they’re the type of company that expect you to say you like it even if you don’t, then I’m not the blog for them. Nor am I the blog for companies that want to buy posts (yes, I’ve had to turn those offers down numerous times).

    I believe we have a duty to our readers, to provide them with the best, unbiased reviews.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. you may not get fabulous flash from blogging but you have a strong following of readers that really -trust- you. you’re awesome, girl.

  6. Allie, I love your honest advice and effort to blog daily in the other blog!!

    I hope that we(readers) wouldn’t make you feel obligated and the increasingly amount of hits wouldnt pressurise you into blogging even though you’re tired after an entire day of work.

  7. I love how quickly your page loads (since I sneak peeks at work). Another blog I visit takes FOREVER because of all the ads (and superfluous graphics). Argh!

    I’ve also become disgusted with other bloggers when they create posts that are just thinly disguised advertisements. I’m glad to hear that you won’t be following suit.

  8. I love reading your blog and have gotten so much useful information from it. Slowly but surely my wardrobe is improving and I’ve started getting compliments on my clothing choices. I usually skip right through the blogs that come off as too trendy because I know I can never pull that stuff off. Thanks so much for writing this blog!

  9. You’re so right, I’ve noticed that lately a lot of blogs i used to read have gone very commercial. I like, you prefer to be honest and don’t make any money either!! I have the added complication of trying to make my blog relevant for the ladies in a very small city!!!

    Keep up the good work, there is a place for honest bloggers!!!

  10. One of the many reasons I enjoy your blogs is that they AREN’T full of advertisements. You come across as a real person, not a commercial.

  11. Your blog is great. If one day you can continue being so honest and making big bucks off this, I say good for you, you deserve it. But if the only choice is selling out giving good reviews to every freebie you get… then no, of course.

  12. Thanks for being here. A friend introduced me a few months ago, and I’ve received lots of inspritation and encouragement from you. Also short, curvy and brunette I’m a mom of 3, just turned 30 and like the reminder not to let myself go and live in yoga pants 24/7 (although at times, it’s tempting). I love your taste and your humor. Thanks for writing!!

  13. Allie –

    One of the many reasons I read your blog is that it IS honest, is NOT filled with 900 advertisements and is written by someone just like me. I too would love to be a writer and do all the things you mentioned that you would. But, I’m short, married, with kids and a mortgage. I can’t afford designer items. But, I love blogs like yours that tell me how to look fabulous in things I CAN afford.

    Carry on, Sister.

  14. You are wonderful and like already said I check your blog every day, well both of them actually and am bummed when i have nothing to read. you are an inspiration and i love the info. Thanks for being you

  15. I love your blogs, too! I’ve discovered you are my “cyber-twin” – very similar coloring so when things look great on you, I know they would look good on me. Keep up the good work!

  16. I too love your blogs! I think that you could write a book with what you have here. You blog rocks and you are awesome!

  17. Whether or not I agree with your fashion advice, I do read your blog every single day because I am interested to see and read what a real life human being wears and not some robotic plastic surgeried bimbo from tinseltown. In fact, I’m annoyed when you don’t post an outfit of the day! LOLLL

    Keep it comin’

  18. Your blog is far better than those filled with advertisements. You give helpful, budget friendly advice. Those other blogs have turned into nothing but sales pitches in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  19. I DO love your advice. In fact, I prefer the blogs that focus on what looks good and fits well, rather than the name brand or the latest trend. I tend to distrust those who get perks from recommending certain products. Your philosophy fits well with my own and that’s why I check your blog daily!

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