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D 120306 081D 120306 087Though it may be snowing outside in the Nation's Capital, I know it will be toasty warm in my office. I never understand why bad weather forces women to look like shlumps. The majority of people going to work in this country walk less than a block from their cars through freshly plowed and salted parking lots to climate-controlled offices. What's up with the not-brushed hair, clunky boots and heavy sweatshirts? I today wore my parka, gloves and a scarf, but removed them all to be a normal office drone. A snow day does not mean a day where you can look like you rolled out of bed. That being said, I wore short sleeves. I am perfectly comfortable in my heated office in my little cubicle. No need for old sweaters and fleece.

Ivory lace top from Banana Republic Outlet, the ivory satin ribbon at the waist replaced with a black grosgrain one from the craft store. Nude cami form Limited underneath. Black wool blend trousers from Ann Taylor Loft, black city boots from Impo.

D 120306 082Hair is washed! Hooray! Too bad I was running late and couldn't get super creative with it. I added a small amount of Straight Sexy Hair's Shine On! mixed with Nexxus Texxtur. I then blew it out straight with a round brush with a ceramic core. A touch of BioSilk was added to the ends for shine and separation. Here's a picture showing the new color of highlights quite well. Very fun!

The picture at the top of this post has a bad face because I realized I hadn't applied any lipcolor before shooting. Whoops! Here I am on the parkway in my Lands End parka and trusty pashmina heading to work, NOW with lipcolor.

D 120306 090L'Oreal True Match foundation in C3, a bit of Chanel pressed powder in Natural applied with a fluffy brush, Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint on the apples of my cheeks, The Body Shop Slate shadow on the lid, Soft Black in the crease and along lash line, DiorShow Unlimited mascara in black, and finally before I drove out of my parking space, Revlon LipGlide Sheer in Sheer Burgundy on the lips!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. “The majority of people going to work in this country walk less than a block from their cars through freshly plowed and salted parking lots…”

    I thought that as well until we moved to Iowa. You aren’t even guarenteed that the roads will be scraped here in some towns. Parking lots are slick with ice that formed when the slush froze again. You won’t find anything like this where I’m from in NC, though.

  2. Layers layers layers! CP is so slow in getting with the times when it comes to weather, I remember going there and slipping and sliding to class. Invest in warm boots with grip, if they are tall and brown or black they will be perfect for years to come. With some jeans, the boots can be underneath or over the jeans adding a layer of warmth. Then a cami or top with sweater and parka and an utterly fabulous scarf in an amazing color and cute hat and gloves. It’s all about the color; a fun scarf can make the ickiest winter day bright. As that I went to college a decade ago, my fashion is different but I lived in a pair of boots that looked hip but were from Timberland and very grippy and insulated. Those with jeans, chunky sweaters with tees or tanks underneath, a black peacoat, a fun colored scarf with matching hat and black leather gloves. Stay away from the athletic wear; there is just as much warmth in sweaters with layers underneath and you look far more sassy!

  3. I have been trying really hard not to look like I just rolled out of bed but for some reason all of the sidewalks aren’t shoveled and they rarely put salt down in advance. Also some of my classes are in cold rooms. 🙁 Do you have any advice for ur loyal reader in College Park?

  4. I love your shirt! I have a very similiar one, and I am going to see if I can change out the ribbon for a black one. That looks great! I often lurk at your blog so i thought it was time i posted!

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