Weekend Reads #281

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Helen Frankenthaler, Riverhead, 1963
Helen Frankenthaler, Riverhead, 1963

Weekend Reads

Does having bad morals really make you ugly? (Dazed Beauty)

Abortion influences everything. (Vox)

Latest sneakers I bought: The New Balance 327. Roomy enough for my wide feet, the sole going up the back reminds me of Loewe sneakers, so many cool colors.

America’s happiness score drops amid a youth ‘midlife crisis’. (Washington Post – gift article)

Stacy London slays with wisdom. (Womancake Magazine)

I’m a trans substitute teacher in Florida. It’s worse than you think. (Assigned)

This week I have been going relatively makeup free, and this illuminating eye cream helps me not look like I'm on death's door. I use it on the eyes, down the sides of the nose and under the nostrils. A little goes a long way; use code OXYGEN20 for 20% off.

The return of 2010s feminism. (The New Statesman)

When do girls give up their dreams? (Men Yell At Me)

Even Oprah doesn’t know how to talk about weight loss now. (The Atlantic – gift article)

Did you set your alarm to score anything from the DVF for Target collection? I'd love to know what you got (or wish you got before folks bought absolutely everything to resell at a markup).

Designer Dries Van Noten’s graceful, extraordinary exit. (Washington Post – gift article)

I am partial to my lip balms and I am obsessed with this one. One in my desk, one in my car, one in my purse, one next to my bed, one on the Peloton bike in the water bottle holder. Use code OXYGEN20 for 20% off!

Young people don’t want to farm anymore. Can Pennsylvania change their minds? (Politico)

Uber-style pricing is coming for everything. (Vox)

Universal Standard is having a Warehouse Sale with up to 70% off. If you're looking at their denim collection and are a new customer to Universal Standard, I have some codes for you that will work through 3/31/24:

Madewell is having their Insiders Event through 3/26 where you can get 25% off sitewide. I recently got this belt as a way to be practical but also incorporate 2024's fashion trend of Western style. I bought a white pair of these linen pants last year and this year bought another in black. I got this sweater in black and it's a breezy and dressy option that IMO looks great with the linen pants or even jeans. I like it so much I am thinking of also getting this one.


marketing poster for the TV series The Gentlemen on Netflix

The Gentlemen is a new series on Netflix by Guy Ritchie. When Army Captain Edward (played by Theo James) inherits the family estate and his father's title, he finds an underground weed empire on the premises. Wait, wasn't Matthew McConaughey in a Guy Ritchie movie also called The Gentlemen that had a weed farm under an English estate? Yes, that is true, but these pieces are not connected in any manner beyond that concept. Yeah, I also found that weird. But it didn't stop me from watching.

Eddie's family at a funeral in The Gentlemen

Theo James is familiar from the Divergent series as well as The White Lotus. He is handsome, deadpan, and just as the concept is familiar, so is his role. Guy Ritchie makes movies with quick, witty dialogue, folks who are calm in the midst of chaos, well dressed, conventionally attractive, and just the hint of foolish, awkward, or out of their league to add a bit of humanity to what is otherwise utterly unrealistic yet fun to watch.

susie glass visiting her father in prison in the gentlemen on netflix 2024

There's the fuckup of a brother who just when you think he's heading in the right direction makes things even worse. The beautiful, powerful, and dangerous woman who has instant chemistry with the handsome protagonist. Colorful characters playing the bad guys (and gals). Expensive cars, expensive watches, and always a ball or gala so the beautiful powerful women can get glammed up and someone can get blood on a tuxedo.

chicken costume the gentlemen

A lot of this series makes no sense (it's modern day, where the heck are the security cameras, GPS tracking devices, or even an AirTag?), but the women are gorgeously dressed, the men are handsome, the dialogue is quick and smart, and while there is a lot of violence it is also really enjoyable to watch. Just like every Guy Ritchie movie.

joley richardson the gentlemen

And for those who are loving the fashion of The Gentlemen, you are not alone. I was in awe of Susie Glass' red velvet belted pantsuit with the red velvet jacket over the shoulders. The character of Susie Glass (played by Kaya Scodelario) is one utterly badass pantsuit after another, styled with the coolest belts, scarves, and sunglasses. Edward's mother Lady Sabrina (played by Joely Richardson) is also a badass woman with a badass wardrobe.

susie glass fashion the gentlemen

Costume designer LouLou Bontemps has worked on previous Guy Ritchie films as well as several other series and films since the early 2010's. If you want to know more about her and her work on this show, here is an interview with her (Tattler) and a Q&A with her (Stuarts).

For Your Entertainment

olivia rodrigo Michael Blackshire : Los Angeles Times
Photo by Michael Blackshire for the Los Angeles Times

I love me some Olivia Rodrigo. If she was around when I was in high school I would rock out to her in my bedroom but claim she was too mainstream when hanging with my friends in the school courtyard but then my friends and I would play it in the car “ironically” but know every lyric. And oh, if this song was out then… it would have been an instant favorite.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Randomly woke up at 5am CT and decided to shop. Two hours in, the knit wrap dress I wanted was gone, as was the geo green top in my size. Grabbed the notebooks and the “face” graphic tee. Would have loved to see a full on line of bath towels and accessories – could have been a fun update.

  2. I bought a few things when I woke up at 6:30 am eastern, but was disappointed that the midi arrow geo green wrap dress wasn’t available, as that was the one thing I really wanted. I had to go to Target this afternoon for a random return, and shockingly, they had the dress in store, in my size! I was actually surprised how much they had left at 12:30 pm. Haven’t tried it on yet … fingers crossed!

  3. I bought the black and white Sea Spots wrap dress, green Sea Twig throw blanket and Vintage Weave/Ginko/Poppy 3-pack travel pouches from the DVF collection.

  4. I did set an alarm and get up at 3am for the Target DVF drop, which is totally out of character for me. But I am glad I did. I really wanted the green geo wrap dress and the Ginko Cherry Tomato maxi dress and was able to snag both. If I had waited, I would have been out of luck, as both sold out in my size before I woke up this morning. Both pieces should work for me and I am excited to receive them. And thrilled I didn’t have to pay an inflated price or stalk re-sale sights.

  5. I did not get up at 3am to buy DVF for Target. But I did score a few items. I should get them on Thursday/Friday. I ordered the Smoked Poppy Tie Strap dress, the pink Modern Geo Sleeveless jumpsuit, the Red Lips Graphic t shirt, Pink Poppy Travel pouches and a reusable shopping bag.

    I fully expect the jumpsuit to be a miss for me. But I’m curious. I hope the dress will work. The tie straps should allow me to be able to adjust for my short torso. The bags and pouches are cute and a nice way to update my beat up stash. I’ll update once received.

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