What I Wore: Old School

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wardrobe oxygen featuring bernardo outerwear packable down parka and ADORA bags tote in limited edition marsala color ADORA Bag in Limited Edition Marsala color only available at Wardrobe Oxygen wardrobe oxygen featuring bernardo outerwear packable down parka and ADORA bags totDress: Old Navy (old – similar, plus option) | Tights: Commando | Coat: Bernardo (plus option) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Scarf: Saint Laurent via MYHABIT (same, lower price option) | Bag: c/o ADORA Bags (email me to find out how to get one for yourself!)

I titled this post Old School because this outfit shoot was done in an “old school” manner for Wardrobe Oxygen – Karl took my picture before I hopped in my car and headed to the office!  Emerson is battling a cold and stayed home from school; she was bundled up on the couch watching Teen Titans Go! and we were able to get a couple shots in before I had to do my own battle of DC rush hour.  Work this time of year is slow, the office is quiet, and we have no client visits so the dress code relaxes.  I got this scarf from MYHABIT; I love trolling through there finding great bargains.  I would never be able to afford a Saint Laurent scarf if it wasn't on clearance (cheaper than the link above, but sadly out of stock on MYHABIT) and I had referral credits (every member gets a referral link – if you share it, your friend gets $20 to spend at MYHABIT and you get $20 store credit too!).  As I mentioned in this post, I'm all about knit dresses, tights, and boots when it's cold.  Today wasn't super chilly, but when it is I'd replace the cotton scarf for one of wool or cashmere, the tights with a fleece-lined pair, and add a slip under the dress.

ADORA bags tote in limited edition marsala colorI featured this bag before Thanksgiving but it deserves another show.  This is my second bag from ADORA and I can't stress how luxe and well-crafted it is.  The leather is fabulous – smells great, is really supple but also sturdy.  Those who handcraft these bags in Italy have also made bags for design houses like Gucci and Prada.  It is rare to get such quality for such an amazing price.  This specific color is only available through Wardrobe Oxygen and is only available through this week.  I find this to be the perfect statement color for the season, but would also look so rich this spring paired with one of Pantone's color of the year, Rose Quartz.  I love this color with denim, olive, navy, purple, and of course black and gray!

This bag is usually $280;  I asked ADORA if they would offer Wardrobe Oxygen readers a holiday gift and they agreed to give a 15% discount on this limited edition color.  This is never heard of, ADORA bags NEVER go on sale!  That brings the bag down to $238 and shipping is FREE!  You can NOT miss this opportunity!  This offer is only available through Friday, December 11, 2015.  If you wish to get this bag, please email me at [email protected] and I'll have ADORA get in touch with you.  Thank you so much ADORA for this wonderful holiday gift just for Wardrobe Oxygen readers!

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  1. Can you recommend anywhere for knit dresses? I love wearing them in winter but I find they’re often either skin tight or stretch out really badly!

    Also how do you find the slouchy style of the bag? Do you find your stuff gets smooshed all together or is it ok? I’ve always been a structured handbag kind of gal but this one does look great!

    1. It’s hard to say with knit dresses. This one is Old Navy but it’s much heavier of weight. I found it on clearance. Usually I look for the description – ponte knit, French terry, sweatshirt… usually means it’s thicker and less likely to cling or stretch out. Also what they call it – if it’s a shift, swing, a-line… those usually mean a looser fit. Also I block and line or flat dry knit dresses so they keep their shape (and also end up less clingy).

      I do a lot of pouches. I have a small pouch for makeup, one with things like rewetting drops and mints and a nail file, I have a larger wallet, my sunglasses case. I hang my keys from the inside hook and use the detachable pouch to hold bigger things like my phone.

  2. I’d never heard of MYHABIT, I’ll remember that for any post-Christmas gift money I want to spend!

    It’s become kind of hard to find high quality silk scarves that aren’t an arm and leg. I’ve seen a lot of blanket scarves around but I don’t want to be wearing a furry blanket all day and have been looking for something plaid in a lighter high quality fabric. Burberry has a nice one, but at around $500 it’s not something I’m going to buy.

    1. MYHABIT is where I got an Hermes for $99. It’s total chance when you can find great pieces at that price and their search functions kinda suck, but if you’re on hold (or a boring webinar) it’s nice to troll through and find some cool things at great prices. Also if an item is sold out, it’s worth it to sign up for the waitlist; they’ll email you when it comes back in stock and it always comes back the same lowest price. I’ve gotten some things super cheap in this manner!

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