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This is an unprecedented time we are living in right now, and every day I am rethinking how to address it here on Wardrobe Oxygen.  It makes the most sense to ask you.  How are you doing?  What is your life looking like right now?  And what do you want to see here on the blog?  

I plan to continue Weekend Reads, but this past Saturday I extended it to include charities and more forms of entertainment (music, podcasts, books, movies, TV).  Do you like that?  Do you want to see more?

I also included sale alerts but didn't want to go overboard.  Would you like a separate Sale Alert post so those who wish to shop will have more curated picks from me and those who don't want it can move on?  If you do want it, what day would you like that to be on?

For outfit posts, do you still want them?  What do you think of my Monday recaps?  Do you want to see a mix of “fun” fashion along with everyday self-isolation and work from home style?

For advice posts, what would you like to see?  Do you want capsule wardrobes, and if so what kinds?  Are you looking for fitness gear?  Summer fashion, and if so casual or for when we no longer are staying home?  I know many weddings are being postponed; I usually offer wedding guest and parent fashion at this time, do you still want to see it, and if so do you want it more fluid so it can work for late summer or fall weddings?  

Do you want more lifestyle content?  For example, working out at home, ways I keep calm when things are stressful, book lists or playlists from Spotify, home tours, reviews of bedding or home products?

As for beauty, do you want that right now?  I know a lot of bloggers are focusing on skincare, do you want that from me or are you OH-VAH it?  Do you want content on other aspects of beauty like body care, hand care, hair maintenance between salon visits, and such?

I want you to feel you can be completely honest and downright blunt with me, so feel free to leave anonymous comments.  While my comment field asks for a name and email, you can put in anything there, even a fake email address.  Wardrobe Oxygen is nothing without you, and I want to be a benefit, not a frustration or annoyance at this time.  I am expecting a mix of responses, and I know what you may want now will change in a few weeks so I'll be checking in again then to see how you all are doing.  Always, even if it's not on this post, let me know how you are doing, how you're feeling, and what you'd like to see here.  I really appreciate you, your support, and want to give back to you and support you as well.


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  1. Wow, Alison, in the time I have been dithering about what to say, so many people have commented! I can’t even read all those, but am glad you have asked and I hope you are reading all the ideas and feedback.

    I am sure people have said all or most of the following, but here is my 2 cents. . . I have been thinking about what it means to be a creative person almost all my life*, but most consciously in the past 9 years when I started working with “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. One of the things that helped me to understand is that the “art of dressing” can be truly an artistic act, especially if one is conscious about it. You too really have that consciousness more often than not!. . . So I love the posts in which you are really grooving on the design of your clothing–yes, it has to be functional, but sharing how color and line and shape and pattern work together and how they make you feel, is something I really love to hear about. I suppose that is what you normally do, but it seems more important now, when we are so tempted to just stay in our pajamas at least half the day! I may be **cough** doing that a bit myself, but in the past half week or so I have tried to shake myself out of my at home dressing and do something with my creative side fully engaged, but still comfy. I see you also doing some of that! Keep those posts coming!

    Obviously, your blog and your outfits are acts of creativity you share with us, but what other acts of creativity are you engaging in with your family, your house, your yard? What new artistic endeavors or crafts might you highlight?

    *I have a very distinct memory of the moment I decided as a 7 year old (55 years ago!) to be an artist when I grew up. . . My original college degree was focused on art and literature. . .I began creating some of my own clothes in high school, and have continued ever since, using different textile media and techniques (currently working on creating a line of upcycled/embroidered clothing). . .Most of my working life was spent as a Waldorf teacher (a very arts based kind of schooling.)

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since around 2006/2007 and love it. I read just about anything you post. I remember some years back you did some posts on your home post-renovation. Since I love seeing how people with actual decorative skills decorate, I’d be interested in a virtual house tour. And tv/book recs are always welcome!

  3. Thanks for asking, and thanks for continuing to provide content!
    I would love a post on how you are doing your ‘yard visits’ with your sister and neighbours while keeping a 2-metre distance. Where I live it is still actively snowing, but once things warm up I’d love to be able to have ‘tea at a distance’ with folks and humanize social visits away from a screen while still being safe.
    I’d love to hear how you:
    Schedule/notify without ringing a doorbell
    How ‘hosts’ set things up for guests
    What you bring and do as a guest
    Any challenges you have encountered, or things that make it easier.
    Any ideas for apartment dwellers?

    A report on the advantages and benefits you’ve seen form this (for you and others) would be great too!

  4. A big yes to me on outfit posts and sale alerts. It’s entertainment, and it’s ideas for later. And at least as importantly, it’s a reminder that there will be a “later”, when I am once again wearing real pants and wanting to look and feel nice. I know that doesn’t pay your bills, but it’s content I’d welcome (and I, and presumably some like me, might still be buying at least a few pieces for brighter days down the road). I also like the idea of songs, TV shows, movies, and books we can use to pass the time, as well as things like board games or similar, if your family is using those. For beauty, I like the idea of more one-time treatments, if you are doing that. I know you’ve said you don’t typically use masks or similar treatments but if you are now, I’d love to hear about them. Foot care, temp hair color, anything like that!

  5. First of all, thank you for even asking what we are interested in. I think some at home grooming tips would be helpful–I haven’t done my own nails in decades!! Maybe suggestions on closet organization, or just how you do it. I’m not currently spending while we wait to see how this will play out, but posts of things to consider down the road would be great. Mostly, I think we all appreciate an acknowledgement of how unreal this situation is and whatever you can share about your experience.

  6. HI, I’d love it if you could bring back the profiles of real women’s beauty routines? Loved that and miss it. Thanks!

  7. I have not read the comments yet, so someone may have mentioned this one but the hair-growing-out situation is gonna be pretty interesting for me. I’m fairly low maintenance but if there’s one area where even I would classify myself as a Princess, it’s the hair. I started to gray at the temples when I was 25. I’m now 56 and have been coloring my hair since about the age of 28. I personally love gray hair on women but I’m no Emmylou Harris. I’m all white at the temples and a splotchy salt and pepper mixture just about everywhere else. It looks like my gray pattern follows Grandpa Munster. This will not be pretty. I’ve tried coloring at home but after some time my hair felt (and looked tbh) like straw. I’ve been getting it colored with highlights for at least 16 years now. Any advice, or any experts you know of in this area with advice, would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Have you considered doing a fun, semi-permanent color? I don’t any any specific one to recommend, but I had a friend who did that as she was growing out her gray and having green highlights on a base of darker green black (she had dark brown hair) looked amazing. And since many of these are only semi-permanent, you aren’t committing. They are also better for your hair since there is no lightening. (It’s my understanding that some penetrate gray better that others, so obviously that would be key.)

      1. Thank you for that suggestion, Nihongo. That is something I may play with when the root really start to come in. So far I’m only about 1/2″. Sephora and Ulta are both still delivering and if I do a hideous job at least I can’t go out! Off to do my research.

  8. Hi! I am coming to you from the Seattle area. I have been working from home all month long now. I typically work in my office in the mornings and at home in the afternoon. Reading this blog is one of my favorite ways to take a quick break during the day. With all of the coronavirus news, it’s nice to have something else to focus on. I hope you post more spring and summer outfits and capsules. They can be casual and comfortable but colorful and fun maybe? I loved the colors in the Cabi capsule. I like the posts where you focus all on one color. How about a shade of blue? Best shoes for summer (I may love shoes a little too much). Hits and Misses and Lists of your favorites are the best. I find a lot of the brands that I love this way. Reading this blog is like going to a girlfriend’s house and getting to look in her closet and bathroom where she shares what she loves and what works for her. Your instagram stories go even farther and have been so fun. I think it would be fun to see more of Karl’s garden – are you guys about to start planting (just saw the tomato seedlings)? Love everything about skin care, hair care, your exercise routine – you are so strong! Keep doing what inspires you each day. Stay healthy and Social Distance. We can all get through this together!

  9. I’d like to see an update or refresh (or just a repost) of your thoughts on working from home after working in an office. I just finished my first official day working from home–an entire, purposeful, employer-approved day of telecommuting, not just a couple hours fixing an emergency from my kitchen counter–and so far, it’s amazing.

    Coffee and fresh-baked banana bread while looking out my own windows in between emails! No dress code to worry about! My kids joined me at the table with their school work for a while! What’s not to love?

    Well, I’m sure there’s something. I’ve been at it for literally one day. A more level-headed and long-term look at it would be helpful…….before I quit my job in favor of the first WFH position I can find.

  10. It’s nice to have something to read that isn’t (exclusively) about coronavirus-related disruption. I think there’s pressure on all kinds of content creators right now to pivot to talking more about the current crisis, but spaces to get a break are also important.

    Looking forward on the coming weeks and months, a lot of people will be working from home, looking for work, and/or will have less money to spend, so posts about how to remix older pieces and, as always, the perennially popular capsule wardrobes will be helpful for readers.

  11. I know I’ve brought this up before, but I would love to do a weekly wardrobe challenges–such a, use your belts and provide some tips and examples, or a color block challenge, or try going a whole week without wearing black, or where the least worn things in your closet –anything that could help us stretch our comfort zone and try new things. And we could report back. Or you could share an example of something you do to stretch out of your wardrobe ruts and challenge us to do something similar that week.
    Also def looking for a “clean out your closet and best tips for putting away winter items and getting ready for spring/summer”
    Keep doing what you are doing! Always love your blog

  12. I am interested in the data you received from the questionnaire you posted for your readers to fill out a while ago. I realize this was most probably for your own marketing information, but I am curious about what else you found out about your readership. Where are we? What is our demographic? What do we do? Where do we shop? What about the outlyers? You bring so many of us together daily; I would love to know more about our / your blog community. It makes me feel more connected in this time of social distancing. Thank you.

    1. I need to do another one. The last one I did was focused on plus size readers, and I do need to do more with that (it was way more time consuming than I imagined, took about 20 hours to do that one post just on bras but it was so worth it). But I think I’ll set up another one of my annual polls like I had in the past. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. Anything you post is entertaining. I would really like some advanced tips on great Zoom meetings, both the visual and if there are more advanced capabilities your readers know about.

  14. I LOVE everything you post. I am really liking how transparent you have been as to what your daily quarantine life is like. In general, I like your lifestyle posts the best. Maybe do a blog post about what Karl cooks?

    And thanks for asking us for feedback, but as always, you are my favorite blogger, so just keep being you!

    1. Thank you so much Allison! I like to keep cooking, etc. to social media because I don’t want to muddy this content too much (and I personally am not a good cook LOL) but I’ll share more of it there and bits in the Weekend Reads.

  15. Can sure tell lots of folks are at home! I agree with most all of the above comments in the positive-keep doing what you do as you do it so well. Is Cabi running a sale? I love that red sweater from your last post but am retired and watching the pennies (as is everyone else). I like the way you switch things up. Your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air (yes, pun intended).

    1. cabi doesn’t do sales until the very end of the year and that is per the stylist not across the whole company. If anything changes, I will be sure to report on it! Thank you so much Nancy!

  16. Podcasts please! I would love to hear more about podcasts that you and others like, anything from wellness to true crime

  17. For me, less focus on shopping. There will be plenty of time for that later. I’d enjoy hearing about WFH, it is more of a challenge than I thought it would be. And it is very different from the occasional WFH day.
    I enjoy lifestyle posts. Recommendations for books, tv, movies, music. Yes on the skincare and other at home beauty/self-care. I always enjoy your product reviews , the hits and misses, and the best of .
    Shopping your closet, closet organization and clean out. How do you know what to hold onto and what to let go? (I’m thinking of a handbag I’m still kicking myself over).
    Hearing how you are handling and coping and making it through this time is helpful. It make me feel less alone, and I am alone. I live by myself and don’t have a pet. It’s been weird being home. I’m thankful that I have a job I can work from home.
    Be well.

    1. Thank you for these suggestions, Dee. You and I are on a similar wavelength so I will be having this content. I will have shopping content, but it will be dedicated to posts so you can scroll by. My closet it a disaster so I think it would be a good challenge for an upcoming post, likely with a video too! Thinking of you during this time <3

  18. I look forward to reading whatever you choose to post. I think not knowing what you will post is part of the enjoyment. You are an extremely talented writer, and you have introduced me to such enjoyable products, from the bath oil I now use to Universal Standard! I do love seeing how you style clothes…

    I would like a bit of direction about your affiliate links. Do you have the same link all the time with certain brands or are they directly linked to a specific article? I’m a bit baffled regarding the logistics…

    1. I agree. Any subject is fine with me.Thank you for your positive and sunny personality. We in the South have had nothing but rain most days’ every week in March. Reading your blog is a highlight of my day.

  19. How about some reviews of favorite apps and ways to stay in touch? I have recently discovered HouseParty, MarcoPolo, but I am sure there are many others.

  20. As others said, I trust your instincts. Weekend Reads is my favorite thing you do, so please keep that going! I rarely buy clothes and we don’t have the same taste, but I always enjoy your posts on skincare, home stuff like bedding/beds (avidly read the bidet post LOL), fitness.

    I like the idea of book and music recommendations, or board games, puzzles, things like that.

    Sale stuff is still useful…right now I’m not buying anything out of concern about our finances, but that might change. I’d love to see how you guys are staying sane with your daughter home, and what you’re wearing around the house even if it’s just sweats!

    You always have creative posts and a lot of variety, so basically…keep doin’ what you’re doing!

    1. Thank you so much Karin! And yep, Weekend Reads is my favorite to put together, though I must say it’s hard to find interesting articles not related to what is going on right now! But I am up for the challenge! <3

  21. Like so many others, I enjoy the escape and like that you provide it in an intelligent way. I would like to see more self care that I can do during the day while I am working on my laptop. I would also like some work from home outfit advice. I try to get dressed every day but want to be comfortable as well. I really need help with this. Lounge wear is a major hole in my wardrobe currently and I will be looking to pick up a small lounge wear capsule at the first of the month to get me through the next few weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  22. You are so kind and sensitive to ask. I love who you are and I always feel like your content is relative. I would love to see you stay the course and help us through this. I look forward o your posts and blogs and will ALWAYS be a big fan. Thank you!!

  23. Just be you and stay true to your instincts, rather than reactive. I enjoy the distraction of fashion and like thinking about the other side when I get to return to the office. But I also appreciate acknowledging the conflicting feelings and challenging times we are having. It’s okay to go through existentialist moments and it’s up to you whether you wish to share that inner life. IMO it’s fine to promote pieces you stand behind. We can choose as individuals if/when we’re in the mood to shop and which pieces we simply want to skip on by (I skip most beauty pieces as I have reactive skin and stick with tried and true items for me).

  24. I really enjoy your writing and you are very good at pivoting to be sensitive to whatever is going on in the world. Other influencers could learn from you. So for me, as long as you keep in mind what we are all actually dealing with, then I say post the content that you normally would! Thank you for taking this step to even ask us all. You are amazing!

  25. Hi Alison,

    I have been reading your blog since 2016 and what I really appreciate about it is that it is relatable, articulated and has evolved with your life and new challenges.
    I am sure that other readers will have specific themes that they would like covered but I would just like to thank you for continuing to post and to make us believe that although this ‘new normal’ might be scary at times it doesn’t take away from us all the joy of dressing, exercising and finding new things everyday that bring beauty and growth to our lives.

    1. I’ve decided to not do food on here because it’s a pretty polarizing topic for many reasons and I am not an expert. However, I’ll share more on Instagram. Thank you!

  26. Like a lot of others here, I find I enjoy most anything you write about. Even if you’ve got sponsored posts, that’s ok by me. I’m definitely concerned about all that’s happening in our world right now but it’s nice to think about other things too. I like your Monday posts on the blog showing what you actually wore during the week. Since I’m not on Instagram, it’s great to see that here. I love hearing about/talking about good books, good movies & TV shows to watch. I could use a little help with at-home pedicures. Personally, I’m dreading dealing with haircuts, both for myself and my son & husband. I can trim my bangs, if I have to, but guy-hair—ahhhhh!! And, I should add, I do not expect you to teach me how to cut hair—ha, ha.

    Here’s a thought too: you are excellent at taking reader requests & giving styling ideas. Could we send you pics of some of our recent purchases & let you give us ideas? You’ve helped me in the past (& I still wear my navy/rose blush New Balance sneakers!). All the sales are SO good right now, so, yes, I’d still like to keep up with those. I am being a little more cautious about what I’m ordering since I’m not sure when I’ll need work wear again, but I’ve definitely purchased a few casual items.

    I also love a good question/answer post. Maybe we start emailing questions & you can see if there are enough to get a post out of? (For example, I’d love to know if Coleen Rothschild is a company that was started for bloggers, if that makes sense? I’ve never seen or heard of it, apart from bloggers writing about it. Is it like Rodan & Fields, where people sell it, kind of like Tupperware?) I’m already a bit “over” bloggers telling us how to work from home or set up a home office. I think that’s been done a lot in the past 2 weeks.

    Thanks for reaching out to us. It’s nice to feel a sense of community here!

    1. I love all these ideas, thank you!! And about Colleen Rothschild, I can see how it looks like that! I think it’s because Colleen is from Dallas, the home of rewardStyle and sort of a blogger hub. Now that I’ve said this you’ll notice how a lot of bloggers are from the Dallas area, and there are a lot of brands that bloggers promote that are from the Dallas area. I found out about the brand because they reached out to me and offered some free product, a lot of brands do this (I’m on the mailing list for Pixi, REN, Paula’s Choice, Urban Decay, PRAI, and in the past have been on lists for Aveda, L’Occitane, ELF, Origins, etc.). Before I said yes I googled and found a few beauty/lifestyle bloggers I trust use it so I said okay to the product. And I fell in love with some of the products. And we’ve built a relationship, they are really good with blogger partnerships and you feel like you’re working with a mom and pop even though the brand is sold in Texas Neiman Marcus stores. I’ve met Colleen and her husband Stan and they are amazing people, so it’s good products and good personal business relationships. Bloggers are often treated like crap by brands, where we feel we should grovel and be grateful for a free sweater so when a brand has good product and treats us well, we’re more likely to promote it. But I promote it outside of sponsored posts because I truly use and like it! So there’s the tea, LOL!

      1. Thank you for taking the time to explain about CR. That makes so much sense now. I figured her stuff was actually good because you like her products and so does JoLynne Shane (I trust y’all & I’m glad to know that company treats bloggers well). Some of those Dallas-based bloggers shill HARD so I’ve gotten to where I automatically question anything they recommend. Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing what you’re doing. Your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  27. I’ve been enjoying your posts as they are, as a sort of escapism – but escapism that is intelligent and still aware of the craziness going on right now. Maybe some posts on stylish comfy clothes would be helpful – my leggings are all looking really threadbare and I have no idea what to wear with joggers. It would be nice to figure out how to wear comfy clothes that still look okay.
    I’m a nurse working in the hospital and also a single mother with my son now at home with me on my days off, and I am also in grad school. In the process of most likely dropping grad school. I don’t have time to binge watch or read fluff right now – so easy fashion posts are a nice escape.

    1. Riara, you are a hero–thank you for being there for sick folks who need you!

      Alison, I would welcome either more escapist stuff or more timely stuff. Book, media, app recommendations are welcome. I feel like there’s only so much to be said about WFH fashion but maybe that’s just me? I trust your instincts. Kate

      1. Thanks Kate! Yeah, I want to do WFH in a different way. We don’t need more, we just need to not hate what we have to wear every day, just like when we did leave the house. I’m going to work on that, but also I like the escapist too. We need balance and distractions and some fun to get through all this!

    2. Riara, thank you so much for all you do, as Kate stated you are a hero. Wishing you health and serenity and strength through this time. I like your idea on comfy clothes, now is a good time to reassess our at-home and loungewear wardrobe. <3

  28. Summer fashion – for work, casual, date night, beach, working out!! Anything to focus forward a few months

  29. I too feel that you’re part of my socializing so please don’t go anywhere! It’s nice to have some degree of normalcy. Nails, hair, and eyebros help would be greatly appreciated now though. My root touch up was scheduled for this Thursday so it won’t be long before I’m multicolored!

    I also like some of the distractions. I was in the process of taking over my family’s law office—-transitioning from partner to owner. Now, I’m not only stressed about the whole transition (being the boss, making payroll, keeping the lights on, getting clients, etc.), but I’ve got the added stress of making sure the firm is still there when the courts reopen and we go back to normal. It was strange to learn I’m nonessential! I know I’m not alone so any suggestions for mental health and combatting stress would be a great addition too.

    Thank you for caring enough to ask! Wishing you and the WO2 community good health!

  30. Thank you for keeping it real. I’m enjoying your daily Insta stories and posts. I’d love a way to easily find referral codes so we can help you out if we do choose to shop. Skin care and self care posts are always welcome. And ways to amp is our casual wardrobes. Also, I whole-heartedly agree to the grooming issues. I literally just had my hair done before life was put on hold. And my hairdresser and I are already transitioning my color to gray (if anything it will speed up the process). But maybe some more affordable at home grooming options and skin care for now could be helpful.

    Keep doing what’s best for you. This is your livelihood and if you need to promote things, go for it. Your content and copy will be appropriate and professional. You’re really good at that part. Stay safe!

  31. “…I extended it to include charities and more forms of entertainment (music, podcasts, books, movies, TV). Do you like that? Do you want to see more?”

    and thank you very much in advance.
    Stay well.

  32. I’d like more self care posts…manicure, pedicure, facials. Also innovative products that you have uncovered. How ‘bout a yoga or chair yoga video? You could charge a fee if you like.
    BTW, what you’ve been doing is wonderful.
    Thanks, Allie!

  33. Honestly, I just want you to keep posting your normal content. I read WO as a nice break and a way to ‘keep up with a friend’ (even though we’ve never even corresponded). Write what you feel called to write, not what you think we may need. Keep giving it that Alison touch that makes it relatable to all of us, regardless of size.

    1. Thank you so much!! I’ll keep a good blend with normal content as a high percentage. While I can’t do outfit shoots outside (I guess I could but I don’t want to promote people going out and socializing), we do have studio equipment and I’ll do fashion content with my pink, cream, and white backgrounds!

  34. Like one other reader commented, I think it would be interesting to learn how to take care of our own grooming needs instead of being reliant on others to provide these services. This crisis has shown me that when you are dependent on other people to do your hair, nails, lashes etc.. you become a type of hostage. A lot of women are asking themselves “ Now what?” during this crisis. They have roots, gels and mustaches growing out and no one available to help them. Right now, I’m asking myself if I can do without these services or replicate them at home and still feel good about myself. A year ago, I stopped covering my gray. After a semi-scary transition phase, I started to feel so liberated. I actually love my grays and I now have the cheapest and easiest hair ever. I’d like to eventually cut out as many grooming services as possible to regain the power and ability I have to groom and look after myself and to save money. I think this crisis will help me do exactly that.

    1. I’ve got you! I have one about facial hair for next week, in chats with a nail tech and hair stylist to offer pro tips for at-home haircolor and doing our own manis and pedis. I too see this as a good time to save money and time from professional services and possibly simplify my beauty routine by doing things at home. Thank you for these ideas!

  35. Yes to whatever you feel like posting, but in addition perhaps consider posts related to shopping your closet, maintaining jewelry or shoes, basic wardrobe upkeep, basic repair sewing, etc. For things you don’t specialize in, you might consider guest posts. I know you moved away from that business models but these are extraordinary times! Also, continue the Q&A type posts that elicit reader responses. I think many of us are getting a welcome hit of sociability via commenting and reading others’ comments. Thanks and stay well!

    1. I am looking to get experts to do guest posts or interviews with me so I can share their knowledge for ways to maintain beauty and our wardrobes through this time. I love your ideas, thank you so much!

  36. What is everyone binge watching? My book club went to a virtual format and we spent more time on what people have been watching than the book itself. Serious need of entertainment and to see people…

  37. I was thinking of all the fashion-y bloggers I follow, you might be the one to think through the most about what’s appropriate right now. Some I follow are just still posting daily buy this buy that. I think everyone knows you still need to make money. So with thoughtful writing, posting sale posts and outfit posts seems appropriate. Capsule wardrobes for working from home, comfy clothes for relaxing while still maintaining a sense of style – all that stuff is welcomed. I think anything that sends a positive message that we will get through this and there will be parties and weddings and fun in the future is good, too.

    I think you keep being you, try to send positive messages (while avoiding over consumption, which you already do) and just putting a little of yourself out there will serve you well. Don’t apologize or over think too much – acknowledgement of the world is important, but so is keeping yourself financially whole, too!

  38. I agree this is light relief. I don’t think most of us will be buying many clothes. But we may want tips on how to cut your own hair!!

  39. I’m sure this would be incredibly hard to curate, but I think the internet could really use a “home page” for how to manage upkeep during this time. How do I cut my kids’ hair? My husband’s? How do I pluck my own eyebrows? Trim bangs? Do my own manicure (with cuticle cutting etc)? Create a mini facial at home? Keep hands soft despite all the washing? Polish teeth when dentist cleaning has been postponed?

    We’re really just trying to keep it together now, but I expect after a few weeks of this we will all be dying to feel human again.

    Thank you for all you do.

    1. I love these ideas. As I create posts like that I’ll make a page where I’ll have all of them and put that page into my menus so they’re easy to find. <3

  40. I enjoy reading WO as a mid morning break from my work at home job. I like to hear how you’re coping being at home, juggling all the things (kids, partner working at home too, cooking, checking in on family etc) like I am. Similar to you, my husband started his own consulting business almost 10 years ago, and I left my job in a big company last year to help him on the operations side. I do some of my own consulting for former big company on the side as well. I just lost that gig and we are nervous as hell about the next several months. While we continue to work, we wonder will our clients be able to pay us so we can pay our several remote employees? Usually he works at a coworking space, I work at home and the kids are at school so I have our 1600 SH home to myself with my pup. Not anymore! We are all here together. Kids: sleeping, Me: upstairs bedroom, Husband: endless calls in the living/dining room. On the plus side, I’ve loved taking walks and biking around our part of the city. It’s spring here and it feels good to be outside. But I am very fearful about the future, vulnerable Americans and the state of the country now. I didn’t intend to write all that, but thanks for listening!

    I’d love to see ways to mix up what’s in my wardrobe to make it a little more interesting work at home wear. While I’ve definitely cut back on spending on nonessentials (and I’ve always been thrifty) I enjoy the sales alerts because they are like window shopping for me, and very soothing. I also feel nervous ordering stuff to be delivered because I want to limit delivery persons exposure, and there are people in my neighborhood who steal packages. But I will click and buy for items that I deem necessary. Right now, that is a nice pair of jogger pants that can be worn out of the house. I like those from US, but they are sold out in my size.

    As far as content goes, I’d love to see how you’re repurposing items in your closet to make every day work at home dressing a bit more interesting while being comfy. Also: yes to sale posts! See above (soothing window shopping and you will probably get some clicks).

    Personally, I’m meh on skin/haircare. I don’t use a ton of product myself (maybe I should do more?) except minimal makeup. I like info about exercise and just reading about how you’re coping every day, working at home – with your spouse – and a kid who you’re trying to educate (my 11 year old is great, a natural homebody, but my 13 year old daughter is having a tough time missing her friends, routine, sports, theater etc. She’s very emotional. So just knowing we’re all in the same boat. Sending support to you.

    1. I just posted about the joggers/comfy pants in the FB community last week. I got several great responses and ordered a pair from Soma and two from Old Navy. Alison has referral codes that I used to help the cause. Stay safe!

    2. I love all these ideas and I thank you for sharing more about your life and situation because it helps me know you better and know what kind of content to create for you. Thank you so much!

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