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Dress: Lands' End c/o Gwynnie Bee | Shoes:Oshima” c/o ECCO | Necklace: Boutique in Rehoboth Beach (similar) | Bracelets: Nordstrom (similar) | Bag: Belonged to my Mom

I received this dress in my latest Gwynnie Bee box and was surprised by it… Lands' End isn't usually known for low-cut dresses and this one needed a safety pin or two to make it work. Then I saw it on Hems for Her and my sister (also a Gwynnie Bee subscriber) informed me that I was trying it on backwards! Turned it around and suddenly it fit so much better! D'oh!

This dress is such an example of why I love Gwynnie Bee. I would have never looked twice at this dress on the Lands' End site, but I decided to try it with Gwynnie Bee (no risk!) and was pleasantly surprised! I decided to up the vintage vibe with these fun shoes from ECCO and this bag that I adore and always look for a reason to use! And lately I'm always happy for an opportunity to rock the orange lipstick!

As a reminder, if you're interested in trying out Gwynnie Bee, use this link or mention Wardrobe Oxygen and you can get a 30-day trial of the service for free!

Note: I do receive a commission off each new subscription to Gwynnie Bee that uses my specific link or mentions me or my blog.  However, I continue to promote and partner with Gwynnie Bee because I believe in and adore the company, its premise and the fab people that work for it! 

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  1. I love this! Sometimes your rock chick style is quite different from mine so I find it harder to appreciate an outfit, but I really like this look, particularly the summery accessorising (though I would possibly have lost the necklace). Know I haven’t commented for a while but still a big fan of the blog 🙂

  2. That is absolutely stunning! Are you sure you don’t want to rethink that boycott on color? You sure can rock it. And those lips and shoes? Girlfriend, what a stunner!

  3. I don’t normally comment on Blogs but felt compelled to write today. I have enjoyed your blog for a good year or so now, and today your outfit is just beyond pretty. I love some of the posts you have been putting up recently, they really give some food for thought!

  4. Fabulous! I am wearing a surprising Lands End dress today too. Love, love those shoes, I am going to check them out asap.

  5. I love wearing dresses backwards. i find it is an easy way to modernize vintage.
    Love the vintage vibe of this little get up hereeee….

  6. As always, I have to ask my favorite question, what shade is your fabulous lipstick? It is so pretty and goes great with your almost worn backwards dress. 🙂

  7. That’s Lands’ End??? I was just in a Lands’ End inlet looking for a swimsuit, and the clothes I saw were definitely not as fun and cute as that! Good call wearing it backwards. It looks really nice that way!

  8. Ha ha that is funny about putting the dress on backwards!

    That dress is gorgeous on you and those shoes…sweet!


  9. Love the dress! I’ve been eyeing it, but am worried about how it will look at the end of the day – can you give us a debrief?

  10. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I just ordered those shoes, and was kind of on the fence about keeping them after I clicked the button on them. But I love the way you’ve put them with that dress, so I can’t wait to get them now.

  11. I know you mentioned you’ve been a bit of a wardrobe/confidence rut these days, but I wanted to tell you that you look fabulous!! I know this is not your usual style but it looks great on you. And that gorgeous shiny hair and pretty lipstick. You are rocking this monday morning 🙂

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