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Jacket: Mural | Tank: Lands' End | Pants: Ann Taylor (similar) | Shoes: Nine West | Necklace: MYHABIT | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

If you follow me on Instagram you know I wore this outfit Thursday night. I was asked by the Junior League of Washington DC to style two looks for their spring fashion show at the Chevy Chase Bloomingdale's.  I wanted something that would let me get on the floor to adjust a hem, race from the end of the runway taking pictures back to the fitting room to help my model change into her next look, and not be a sweaty grody mess by the end.  I recently picked up this tux-inspired boyfriend blazer from Mural at Nordstrom and felt it was a perfect choice.  I was right, I had a great time, I raced all over the second floor of that department store but still looked relatively put together!  This jacket also comes in hot pink and black, but there's something great about a white blazer that can make any look fresh and crisp.  Even better when the jacket has pockets big enough to comfortably hold a Tide to Go pen!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Both the store and the Junior League need feedback on this. The Junior League so they choose a more appropriate venue and the store needs to know they will lose business.

    1. I was in communication with JLW the entire time because as soon as they gave me the measurements of my model I knew it would be an issue because this location of Bloomies is known for choosing not to have plus size. The day of the fitting I had the head of Bloomies personal shopping, 3 salespeople, and several JLW members scouring the entire store helping me to find things that fit. JLW admitted it was a poor decision to have such a partnership of model and that store and were apologetic to the model and me. What angered me the most about the event was the patronizing manner of the Bloomies staff, how they would coo at the model like she was a child whenever anything that actually fit was on, even if it looked like crap. How they didn’t take into consideration her figure, her coloring, her personal style and just wanted to wrap her in beige linen or black jersey and call it a day. Oh I am just getting ragey thinking about it all over again. DC is famous for ignoring their plus size community even though there is a strong community of stylish women who are over a size 12. Some boutiques offer larger sizes, but many make the specific decision not to, not because there isn’t a market but because they feel it’s a sign of prestige or something utterly ridiculous and rude like that. Oh I could write a novel about this topic, I must finish my post!

    1. It was terrible. They had some 16s and XL but the selection was horrible. Basler was the only brand that went over a 16 and had selection. There were brands I knew who made plus sizes, 16, 18, etc but that location chose not to carry it. 🙁

    1. Unfortunately I was unable to get pictures since I was dashing around. And actually, while I found my model (a JL member) an amazing woman and fun to work with, the situation was frustrating. My model was a bit larger than I and the Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s doesn’t carry plus size. Instead of dressing this fantastic woman in my favorite spring trends, we struggled to just find two outfits that fit her. She ended up in a gorgeous pantsuit from Basler with a notched-neck silk blouse with a cherry blossom print for her first look; her second look was ‘resort’ with black Eileen Fisher pants and tank, a EF linen shirt over it, Eric Jarvitz black floppy sun hat, and Chanel sunglasses. I’ve been trying to write my feelings about this experience and hope to have a blog post in the future. The night after our fitting session I was so ANGRY. It was an unfair situation to put my model in, and it’s a situation so many of us experience when we visit malls. It wasn’t just the lack of sizes, but the selection in larger sizes and the attitude of staff and buyers for such stores. My model was a total rock star, she looked great, her attitude was inspiring, and the JLWDS was great to work with, but the rest was pretty frustrating.

      1. That is so disappointing for both you and your lovely model. I’m sure she was excited to work with a stylist of your caliber and be in a fashion show. This highlights a very real problem. I’m currently a size 10 and usually have no problem finding clothes that fit. But I’ve been larger in the past and well remember how limited my style choices were. But I thought stores and manufacturers had gotten the message …

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