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NWM 20070806 20001.7NWM 20070806 20002.15These pictures are at the end of the day. It was a rough day. I am still sick, and I had to fly out to visit a client in another state. Worked six hours, then flew, then finally got to my hotel. Had a fever. Didn't want to look pretty. Didn't care. JUST. WANTED. SLEEP.

Gray CBGB tee shirt covered by charcoal shetland v-neck sweater from L.L. Bean that originally belonged to my father. Straight bootcut jeans from Gap that are a bit too big. Black boots from Enzo, silver medium hoops and cuff, turquoise pashmina as scarf/airplane blanket. Hair was finger combed, but not touched otherwise. No makeup. My face hurts, my scalp hurts and I just need to sleep and heal.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Pashminas are pretty easy to find. Often you can find them for sale on street corners in cities. not the highest quality, but a good scarf. Mine was a christmas present from Nordstrom. I got my mom one from eBay for about $30 and once got one for a song through back when they were int heir heyday.

    I don’t like coats, they make me feel chlaustrophobic. I could easily spend the whole winter wrapped in scarves, pashminas and shawls with gloves.

  2. You are very brave for posting pics when you’re sick! I could never do that (low self-esteem, I guess).

    anyway, I think the outfit is cute! I LOVE the pashmina; where did you get yours, and what is it made out of? I am thinking of getting one (if I can find them for a reasonable price–are they still fashionable enough to find easily?)

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