Friday: Mar 09, 2007

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D 120306 094D 120306 095Today I am going to a hockey game in the city after work, so wanted to look appropriate for both events. Black and gray fuzzy stretchy v-neck sweater tunic from Banana Republic, gray ribbed tank from Old Navy underneath, denim trousers from Gap, black city boots from Impo, silver cuff bracelet.

You may have noticed that I haven't been wearing silver hoops lately. My large ones were in my purse in the front pocket (very structured pocket), yet when I took them out a few weeks ago, one of the posts was missing. Not in the pocket, nowhere to be found and the earrings not wearable. My medium hoops, I remember taking them off one evening and putting them on my bureau. The next morning, only one was there. Not sure if it fell on the ground and got lost or even eaten by the dog, but two weeks later I still cannot find the missing hoop. As for the Nordstrom dangly earrings, well one fell out mid-day without me noticing it and I have not been able to find it. This is terribly frustrating because I have had the medium hoops for years without an issue and don't usually lose jewelry. Top this off, I am trying this month to not buy anything that is not necessary. Just gas, groceries and replacements for things I NEED. yes, I love me some silver hoops and it sort of makes me ME, but I don't NEED them… though i do feel a bit naked….

Anyway, today is a far better hair day. Washed and conditioned with my beloved Kiwi, added Suave Professionals healthy Curls mousse, scrunched and dried with a diffuser. I then hit random sections with a curling iron to give definition. I then lightly brushed out the curls with my wood-bristled brush, used the curling iron to straighten out the bangs a bit, then hit the whole thing with some Sebastian Shaper Spray to keep it in place.

Makeup started with my Smashbox Primer since it will be a long day. Over it is L'Oreal True Match foundation in C3 and a touch of concealer around the eyes in W4-5. On cheeks was the Smashbox Soft Lights in Tint on the apples, then Nars Orgasm blush applied over it also on the apples. On eyes, I took my Maybelline shadow quad and ran my brush over all the muted grayish shades and then applied to the lid, curled the lashes and applied DiorShow Unlimited mascara in Black and then a nice swoop of Maybelline's Ultra Liner in Black on the top lash line. On lips is Revlon's ColorGlide in Rum Radiance.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for just a little while, too, and I love how you look so put-together every day. I’m striving for that myself (though with 2 small kids it’s a struggle…)

    Hope you had fun at the Caps game, my hubby’s there tonight. 🙂

  2. Gosh, that’s a hard question! A lot of my clothing is old… I have clothes from when I worked at Express and I left there in 2001. I scour sale racks at my favorite stores that I know fit me (AT, ATL, BR) and I use my Amex and where I get points toward getting gift cards. Also I have years in retail so a few connections and discounts in the past so that helps me.

    For clothing, haircut, dry cleaning and beauty products I think I spend less than $100 a month. For example today the trousers I bought in the fall and wear weekly, the sweater I got on sale last season for about $24 and the tank was $5 and the shoes $39. This is one of the rare outfits where everything I am wearing is less than a year old.

    I have an old cell phone where I can’t text or take pictures. I live in a very small home and drive an old car. I love fashion so my money goes there. I would rather have a great outfit every day and feel good walking into a place than have the latest gadget. So for me, it’s about priorities, buying quality so it can last for years, and deciding what I love (new shoes) and what I can pass on (a latte or a new gadget).

    I also highly recommend thrift stores – you wouldn’t believe what people will donate. Things with tags still on them, designer duds and high quality garments. I have English shetland sweaters I have grabbed for $2 and when I was smaller (and there was more variety in my size) I found Calvin Klein, Diane VonFurstenberg, BCBG, Barney’s house brand, Banana Republic, J. Crew and more at less than $5 a piece.

    I wear the same things over and over, switching up the combination or the accessories. May not be exciting for you readers, but it’s kind to my wallet. I get credit cards for the stores I love and pay them off each month so I get on their preferred lists and get all the special deals. I do a lot of online shopping so I am not lured by something not on my list. It’s a bit of a hobby for me!

    And thanks for the compliment, I do feel quite sassy today in the hair department!

  3. You look fabulous today! I’ve only been reading yoru blog for a short while but I’m wondering… how much do you generally spend on clothing items on a monthly or annual basis? Some of the names you cite are already in my closet but most are not. Part of it is funding, part availability. So, just wonder, how much does it cost to look like you. Love your hari today BTW.


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