Recent Fashion Purchases – Hits and Misses

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Wow, it’s been a while since I have done one of these posts! It’s a mix of holiday craziness… and me just not purchasing as much. The medical bills put a dent in my spending, but also I’m feeling better about what I own and just don’t need as much. And to be honest I’ve been pretty “screw it” with my work fashion. I love my job, I love who I work with, but there’s been a lot of change going on and I never see clients these days unless it’s on a webcam so I’ve gotten more casual with my attire (but have had to up my hair and makeup game!). So anyway, on to the recent hits and misses!

Wardrobe Oxygen - Recent Fashion Purchases Hits and Misses

1. Glamorous V-Neck Sweater Dress

I’m wearing this as I type this, so obviously I consider it a hit. However, it’s not a hit when it comes to figure flattery. I bought a Large, and it’s big. Like borrowed my 2XL boyfriend’s sweater big. I thought that maybe I should return it for a medium, but I like this oversized ridiculous look and I think a Medium may be too short. I can have it be off the shoulder, or wear as a V-neck. I’m wearing it with black fleece tights and ankle booties and my silver chains and messy beachy hair with some smoky eyes and I like the effect, though I know it likely makes me appear shorter and wider than I really am. Sometimes you just have to screw figure flattery and winter is the perfect time for that. I bought this in cream and it’s a soft ivory color with a tiny bit of a luster. If you have sensitive skin you may find it itchy. It’s opaque enough to not need a layer, but on a blustery day you may wish to add a silk cami or full slip for some wind resistance. If you’re taller, it may end up being more of a tunic, which would still be uber cute and slouchy. And the sale price is insane.

2. Cristabelle ‘Waterfall' Multistrand Crystal Necklace

I featured it in my Nordstrom sale post and sadly it’s sold out. Do I need this necklace? No. Is it awesome? HECK YEAH! It’s even cooler in person, all sparkly rhinestones. I considered for New Year’s Eve to wear with a black ponte dress and two rhinestone cuffs I own. It was a serious contender, this necklace makes an outfit.

3. LOFT Tipped Short Sleeve Dress

I bought this on clearance, final sale and with a promo code so it was around $20. I know how I fit in LOFT, I know I like ponte, it seemed like a win. This purchase made me realize LOFT is not for me. The dress does not fit like any other LOFT dress I own; it’s short (I got a 14 regular and it's a good inch above my knee), it’s cut completely straight so it was a bit snug on the boobs, loose on the waist, and bunched weird above the rear. I sold it NWT on Poshmark since I couldn’t return it.

4. LOFT Fauxmere Sweater

I bought this in Deep Turquoise Melange. I kept it, but mainly because I got it for $25. If it cost more I would return it because this is not worth more than $25. It doesn’t look or feel like cashmere, it’s that kind of knit that gets all wonky and stretched out if you line dry it but will shrink if you put it in the dryer. I wore it twice and now not sure what to do because it needs to be laundered. And the color isn’t nearly as rich and pretty as it is on the web. At first I was surprised by the positive reviews for this sweater considering my opinion, but I feel this is because as I mentioned above, LOFT isn’t for me. It’s for a college student or someone straight out of college who would find this sweater to be utterly awesome because it is in comparison to something from Forever 21. It is slouchy without making you look big and lumpy, I wore it once with my leather-front ponte pants and once with skinny jeans and boots. But it’s not anything amazing; I can find better quality at other stores for the same price.

5. Nina ‘Camille’ Sandal

On my desperate search for a NYE look, I realized I didn’t have a pair of dressy heels in a wearable height. Sure I have high ones that look pretty but end up being taken off by time I’m hitting the dancefloor at the wedding reception, but nothing I could wear for a couple hours of standing with a glass of champagne in my hand. I have short toes, strappy shoes usually leave my pinky toe hanging out all awkwardly. I also have puffy feet from walking on my toes as a kid so the strap over the toe area is often too tight, even with wide width shoes. These shoes from Nina looked promising because there wasn’t a thin strap; my pinky toes would be covered up and happy. I got them in wide. They aren’t the kind of shoes that will make people gasp and ask where you got them, but they’re sparkly and well made and comfortable and a nice low heel that I can wear for hours. They have a bit of a retro look to them. My pinky toes are happy, the top of my foot isn’t losing circulation, and the color is subtle enough to go with a lot, elongate my leg, and not draw a ton of attention. It says it’s a 3” heel but it’s more like 2.5”. This is a great shoe if you need a pair of dressy heels, desire a shoe that isn’t frumpy but is also comfortable. I bought them in Light Gold, but they also have the shoe in satin in a couple good colors (especially if you’re trying to coordinate with a Mother of the Bride or Bridesmaid dress).

6. adidas Originals ‘Superstar' 3-Stripes Track Jacket

It was on clearance, I bought it on a whim, then went on Amazon to see if I could find it for Karl and Emerson. I found them, ordered them, and was going to give them as a family Christmas present but then told Karl about them and we decided to open them early and make it out Christmas card. I’ve always wanted one, ever since I was a kid. So far I’ve only worn it on a hike on a warmer day, but have tried it with pencil skirts and other unexpected pairings and really love it. Karl wears it as a light jacket, and Emerson wears hers all the time, though it’s is a bit big (I figured I’d go larger so she can wear it more than a couple months).  As an FYI, the one I got from Nordstrom is much nicer than the ones from Amazon; it has a mesh lining, is a bit heavier in weight and has the logo on the back. The others are fine too, but unlined and only the logo on the front.

Have you had any hits or misses with recent fashion purchases? Share or warn us in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been working on finding good high-quality tights for work (sadly, I’ve moved into corporate, so my solution of tights + fleece leggings no longer works).

    I had been wearing the Nordstrom everyday opaque tights when I didn’t need as much control, and the black tights from Silkes (no longer sold, sorry!) when I needed to reduce lines underneath clingy dresses.

    So—I tried the high-waisted spanx you recommended here and spent every second of every moment of that first day wearing them very, very uncomfortable. And putting them on was a huge ordeal. Truly, it was an awful 10 hours. I gave it another go after washing and it was better, but just so not comfortable. I ordered the size right smack dab in the middle of my weight and height, but I don’t know if it’s my body shape, or if I just have abnormally large ribs, or what, but they are just not at all for me. They do, however, not fall down, and they do a great job at reducing lines. And the snag I got the first day didn’t run, so there’s that. But really, for all that pain, I would have wished for more all around sandwiching that helped me stand up straight rather than what I got.

    I also tried commando’s 110 denier tights, but they’ve been a bit fally-downy.

    I think I just may have to get as high a denier as I can in non-control tights and be done with it. Oof.

    In other news, these Cob Hill boots have been great for my wide feet and high instep. They’ve been perfect boots for work.

  2. Thanks for rounding up! I’ve been having issues with LOFT too. They’re definitely doing something wrong lately :/ I could always find something cute and with all their sales it would be cheap but now it feels cheap and doesn’t fit right. It’s a shame because I like that they have petites.

    And we always need a little bling 😉

  3. How funny, I’m 46, I’ve liked the Loft for a long time and got a few things from there this season that I adore! (A swingy a-line tee that’s nicely substantial, a viscose sweater in a great deep green-blue, a black and white tunic shell.) But it is more on the “fast fashion” side of things, and so much is about whether a particular retailer’s sizing works for you. Their Julie cut pants have always been very forgiving on me (I forgot, I bought two pairs of those this season too).

  4. Very helpful. I’m going to check on those shoes. I want dressy that doesn’t make me wish I could chop off my own feet.

  5. Aw, those sandals are REAL cute! I’m depressed about the LBD not working out. I know the last thing I need is another Little Black Dress, but I’m still always finding nice ones on my thrifting runs! If it doesn’t fit you, it probably wouldn’t fit me, since we have similar body types. Sadtrombone.wav, etc.

  6. I purchased a new bag, this Urban Originals bag, ( in a camel Cole. Carried it for almost 2 weeks and the silver fastener on the handle came off the bag. Bad! Especially since I was traveling and didn’t have another bag. Retuned to Nordstrom
    Rack and bought this one instead ( Urban Originals Castaway Tote. Nicer color, made better. Love love love! Especially the fringe.

  7. I was just in Loft this weekend, and definitely agree with the Forever 21 comparison!
    I have been on the hunt for distressed skinny jeans to tuck into riding boots and wear with flats in warmer weather. I didn’t have much money to spend, and tried on tons of pairs- I ended up getting the rockstar mid-rise skinny jeans at Old Navy! I almost didn’t even try them on because a few years ago I couldn’t even get them over my calves! They must have changed the cut because my calves certainly didn’t shrink- the higher rise is great and I am loving the jeans! Ordering another pair in white now.

  8. You could just keep a nice Hermes-looking scarf at your desk and drape it about you for your webcam stuff, lol

  9. I recently tried Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans (I think Catherine is the style). When I first tried them on, I thought I wasn’t going to like them because they were more fitted than what I generally expect in a boyfriend jean. But then I realized that that is why they work for me. With these, you get the boyfriend kind of style, but it’s not sloppy–I think I am going to wear them to a work retreat this Friday, and that’s saying something for that style. Such a nice break from my normal skinny jeans and jeggings. Plus the denim is very good quality. I found them very true to size as well. I totally mark them as a “win.”

  10. I asked for a J. Jill tunic & leggings for Christmas nad received them. The tunic was just… the latest in a long line is reassurances from the universe that any tunic that isn’t made of incredibly soft, forgiving material is just. not. gonna. work. It was a gorgeous green color, but showed every single lump or bump (which, after having a baby, I have PLENTY of both). I ended up exchanging both for this sweater:

    which I found in-store in this gorgeous maroon color, although it looks like the oatmeal shade is the only one left online. It’s not the most figure flattering, but color flatters my super pale skin and blonde hair beautifully and I love it with jeans and tall boots. So I definitely learned I need to try everything on first at J. Jill.

    1. Readers have asked me why I don’t feature more J.Jill and it is for the reason you mentioned – you need to be in the store and try it on. Each time I have ordered online I have returned because it’s really hit or miss with quality, fit, and even sizing. I also think their web and catalog styling is often misleading. I wish they’d get it together because they’re on the verge of being an awesome retailer.

      1. Yeah, when I was in the store doing the exchange, I realized that some things I thought were more form-fitting really weren’t – I think the catalog models have some of their shirts pinned in a way that is really not at all how they look in person. I understand some level of pinning for photography purposes (since you’re trying to work with sample sizes + models who may not fit those sizes), but sometimes I think it’s just unacceptably different from how it looks in person.

      2. Yeah, their web/catalog styling is very effective in hiding the, um, issues with the garments–maybe their stylists should confab with the designers!!

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