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Every Mother's Day we take my mom to see a Washington Nationals baseball game.  She is a big Nats fan and loves going to the games.  It's fun for all and not as generic as brunch. 

This year we had hoped to take Emerson.  I got her an adorable onesie that had the Nats logo on the front and our last name and a 0 on the back.  Saturday night Emerson did NOT sleep well.  She is getting in all of her molars right now and wakes every 2-4 hours no matter what we do.  She woke at 6:30 on Sunday morning and would NOT go back to sleep.  I dressed her for the game (a red long-sleeved tee under the onesie, jeans, red Mary Janes).  I tried to get her to take a nap before we left but she was not having it.  Unfortunately I left her at home with my husband, and went to the game with my mom and sister.

Even though we didn't have Emerson with us, we had a great time.  The Nats won and it was a GORGEOUS day!

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When the sun moved in the sky, we were in shade and it got pretty chilly and huddled under a Washington Nationals blanket I got my mom for Christmas one year.
We had really great seats – my coworker has season tickets and hooked me up for the game.  It was amazing how EMPTY the stadium was.  Too bad, they all missed out on a fun day!
I wore an ivory and navy striped boatneck tee from Lands End, my Seven jeans and my Duo boots.  Silver hoops and cuff.  Very simple basic makeup.  Hair was done wavy/curly.
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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