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Dressing in the dark – I got to work at 6:45am this morning.  Blech.  Pictures taken at the bathroom at work.

051310 002
Super big scarf from H&M, black merino short-sleeved dress from Banana Republic over dark straight jeans from NYDJ, gray shoes from Miz Mooz, silver hoops and cuff, hair in messy updo, makeup basic, with Bare Escentual Buxom Eyeliner in Leatherette (love it!).
The shoes:
051310 005

I have worn them before, totally adore them.  Surprisingly comfortable too!

Will be another early day tomorrow, think I will be wearing my white gauzy peasant top from Old Navy with my Seven jeans.  If it's warmer than today, I will wear with my brown croco Carlina heels from Sofft.  If not, might wear these shoes again!

I am considering upgrading my cell phone.  I currently have an “old school” cell phone – it does everything that I need – takes pictures, I can text, get calls.  My plan is a reasonable price – I never go over minutes, have unlimited texts.  I don't have picture texts (have to pay for each) and don't have Web features (canceled that to keep the price low).  Well the phone is starting to get a bit old – doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to, scratched up.  I find I am texting much more than I used to be – even for work I often have to text and a QWERTY keyboard would make life easier (and texts faster).  I also wonder if I used my cell to check email, I would be on the actual computer less.

So I can get a free phone with my cell provider, but I would have to change plans to accommodate a “fancy” phone.  This would be an increase of $20 a month.  I don't see any other “old school” phones that are any nicer than the phone I have now so I don't see the value in upgrading from regular cell to regular cell.  But I don't know if it's worth the $20/month to become high-tech and modern with a phone that can surf the Web, hook up to my email account and calendar, have GPS (I don't have one for my car), blah blah blah…  What's your opinion?

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Ohmygoodness, that is one gorgeous scarf! I love the outfit, and your hair is so very pretty pulled up like that. You look fabulous!

  2. Do it!! I’m anti-change, anti-“new technology”, etc… and a year ago for Valentine’s Day, my hubby drove me to the apple store, bought me an iPhone, and said “just trust me” (he LOVES new gadgets and gets a new phone every 6 mos to stay current).
    Seriously, he was right. And to your point, I’m on the computer less, it’s easier to type, AND – like you mentioned – I use it for GPS!

    p.s. The H&M scarf is adorable – great touch to your outfit!

  3. I carry the Blackberry Storm and Love it. However, I carried the same RAZR for YEARS. I would recommend playing around with lots of people’s phones before making the leap. The guys working in phone stores are more than glad to “show you what they got” – and why their personal choice is the best. Now, if you want to hang on to that other phone for a little longer, get a new battery – should help with not being able to keep the charge. 😉

  4. I’m completely jealous of how awesome you still look getting dressed in the dark! I could never accomplish that.

    As for the phone, I just switched to an iPhone a little over two weeks ago. Before that I had a Nokia loser phone, as I like to call it, that would let me text and call. The switch was worth it because now I can access my email and all that other stuff on the go and if something is extremely important, I get it right then. Plus, the multiple apps that you can download [GPS, planner, books, music, weather, banking, fitness/weight chart, etc] are amazing! I actually find myself on the computer a lot less – there’s no need. If I need to look something up, I can do quickly and efficiently on my phone.

    The only downer on the iPhone, for me, is that it’s a little bigger than I’m used to and doesn’t fit as nicely into places and the battery is done by the end of the day. Other than that, it’s perfect!

    Hope that was of some help!

  5. First, I love the scarf and the shoes.

    Secondly, UPGRADE your phone! Seriously. I got an iPhone a year ago, thinking I’d never use all that crap, and I use it all the time. It definitely helps me not to have to be tied to the computer, too.

  6. Can I just ask if you know a good source where I can find out how to put on eyeliner this good? Seriously, I feel like an idiot when it comes to eye make-up, and you always look so put together!

  7. Hrm, I guess I could and stick with an old school cell, but maybe a newer, nicer one. However to use any newer phones, I would have to upgrade my plan to accommodate data and whether I keep this phone, get an unlocked or get the palm pixi, I would still have that $20 rate hike for data/internet. Hrm…

    I am leaning towards taking the Pixi and rate hike and I hate that I am leaning that way. It seems so silly…

  8. I use Sprint and have a Palm Pre. This was my first upgrade to a “smart phone”, before I had been rocking the Razor for year. But now that I have it, I love the Pre! It does everything I need it to and more. And yes, now that I can check my e-mail on my phone I am on the computer less.

  9. I’m having the same struggle at the moment – the phones that will keep my current plan are a HUGE step down in quality.

    I have it on good authority from everyone I know that once you get a smart phone you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So, if you decide to make the leap, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it, and the extra money will seem worth it.

  10. I made the change to a “big girl” phone last summer, and I love it. I travel a lot for work, and having my iPhone means I don’t have to take a laptop. It’s about $30 more for me per month, but worth every penny. The GPS function has also been huge for me.

  11. My coworker is an iPhone addict. I wouldn’t be getting an iPhone, I would be getting a much simpler and less chic phone – the Palm Pixi 🙂

  12. Um …..once you get your hands on an iPhone
    …you will never ever want something else again
    ….ever .!!! Worth every dime

  13. Thanks all for the phone feedback – keep it coming! My IT won’t cover it because it’s not for clients, more for team communication. And we’re a nonprofit so it would have to be able to be billable to a client. At my last 2 jobs I had a Blackberry and loved it for the Web access and cool gadgets, but hated being so connected to work 24/7. One reason I love this job is because I know if it’s after hours, I will be left alone. This company respects my personal life. I often joke that I need an iPhone to be able to see how our technology works on it, like to test out things for clients. They say sure, we’ll get you an iPhone, but then expect emergency calls at 4am and on your vacation. 🙂

    I ADORE this scarf. They also had it in a B&W print and I wish I got both. The cashier told me she used it as a sling when she broke her arm. It’s big enough that it could make some sort of halter top, a maxi dress, etc. with some strategically placed knots and safety pins. It has a little hole in it from it getting caught in a car door and I haven’t washed it for fear it won’t be as nice (even with hand washing). I think it could even be a tablecloth for a small table, and when we were doing the remodel for a while it was a window covering for our bedroom. 🙂 Talk about a good purchase!

  14. Get thee to your supervisor or IT department! See if they will either give you a blackberry type phone for email/txt purposes for work OR see if they will pick up the $20 expense each month for your new phone service. It is completely acceptable to request this if you think it may increase efficiency, ensure you can be reached during off hours, keep you more informed, and just plain help you to do your job.

    I save my bills for about 3-4 months and turn in expense reports 3-4X a year. Keep in mind that the price may be more like $30 a month if an Enterprise email service is needed – IT will know what service is required.

    The IT route will make you carry two devices, but you won’t be paying for the second one!

    just a thought…and on an unrelated note – that scarf rocks!

  15. I upgraded my phone to a qwerty/email capable one last summer and I love it. My phone bill went up a little bit, but I have no complaints! I Love my little phone!

    I have verizon, and I bought the LG EnV3. I got it for like $20 after rebates and renewing my plan, etc.

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