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Picture 0011Picture 0021Attire:
Lands End – Orange fine gauge scoop sweater, black ponte trousers
David Tate – Black leather city boots
Silver cuff and hoops
Tags-n-Stones – Silver “Emerson” necklace

Washed and conditioned night prior; let air dry sans product
Curled random pieces this morning and used curler to straighten bangs
Jonathan Silky Dirt to smooth and separate

Philosophy – The Present Clear Makeup
Laura Mercier – Flawless Face Kit in Sand
Cargo – Matte Beach Blush in Tenerife
Revlon – ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis
Benefit – Lipstick in Bouquet Dive
Cover Girl – LashBlast waterproof mascara in Black (in case I cried when leaving the baby…. which I did)

Picture 008I love my new necklace from Tags-n-Stones. Since I am still not able to comfortably fit my wedding set on my finger, I have it around my neck and then have this necklace. It's as though all I love is together near my heart! Feel free to click on the image to see it in detail…

Well as you see I am back to work! And as you can see by the bags under my eyes, I am going on very little sleep. However I am still functioning and have yet to consume any caffeine!

It was hard going back, but I feel good now that I am here and using my brain. I just called my husband – he and Emerson are doing well. She was a bit fussy this morning but was napping when I called. Instead of taking the Metro, my husband drove me into work so I could use the commute time to hang out with my baby. Tomorrow I will be working from home; not sure if I will be able to post a picture.

I know the photo is dark – it was still dark out when I took it and it is in a different room from where I used to post (one with green instead of bright white walls). The old room is now Behr's “Cornsilk” and is Emerson's nursery. This room used to be our old bedroom and is now a pile of stuff waiting to become the office. The door in the background is the door to our new bedroom.

My original plan for 2009 was to start using a tripod for better pictures. I just haven't had the time (I wonder why?). I eventually will upgrade to that when I get the chance and the proper space to do so. So hang in there! πŸ™‚

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I see no evidence of baby weight whatsoever. πŸ˜‰ You look amazing, as always. I LOVE your necklace! When I’m a mommy, I hope to get something similar.

  2. Allie, it is great to see you back and posting your outfits again. You are looking so utterly fabulous and fit- thought you said that you were struggling with baby weight? WHAT baby weight?!
    Reading your outfit posts has inspired me to take more care about how I dress- when I started reading your blog you also introduced me to the Sartorialist. Now before I leave the house in the morning, I wonder whether what I am wearing would pass yours and his scrutiny.. as a result, I take an extra 5 mins before I go to bed to plan, and I leave for work with not quite a spring in my step, but feeling that at least I look good!
    Keep up the great work- Iknow from all the other comments I read here that I am not the only one who finds you an inspiration!

  3. You’re back! And you look amazing! I would have never pegged you for just having a baby. No way!

    Your necklace is such a cute reminder. I got a little teary eye at that, just because it’s such a nice token when you miss you family.

    Have to say, I am uber excited that you’re back! Hope your first day back was a success!

  4. OMGosh, you just had a baby?! What they hey, lady, you look amazing! My hubby and I are talking about trying to get pregnant in a year or so and I was scared that it would make my size 10-12 body even bigger. But you look so great! And so chic! Totally inspiring.

  5. You look great! I love the necklace. And I’m so glad to see you’re posting outfits again, because I love seeing what you pick out everyday.

  6. You look FABULOUS!! Congrats on dropping the baby weight (I never lost any of mine; even after nursing for almost a year). As you posted before, don’t worry about things not fitting the same or the odd lumps and bumps. Just take care of yourself and Emerson and stay healthy, and things will equal out in the end.

  7. Geez, you dropped that baby weight in no time. Hope your first day back wasn’t too hard, looking forward to your posts.

  8. Welcome back!! I would have never guessed you just had a baby. You look fab. I know its hard to be away from your baby but I’m selfishly looking forward to your posts again!!!

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