Wednesday: Weekend Look

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talbots skirt
anthropologie belt
banana republic purse
jute belt

Tee Old Navy
Skirt – Talbots (similar)
Belt – Anthropologie (similar)
Sterling Hoops (similar) and Cuff (similar)
Cartouche (similar)
“Emerson” Pendant – c/o Tags-n-Stones
Bag – Banana Republic (similar)

Yesterday I took off work to go to the doctor – I have had a nagging cough for two weeks that didn't seem like my typical seasonal allergies. Appointment with a new doctor (have new insurance), get there 10 minutes early and the door is locked. I call them and they say they tried calling me several times the day prior to say they had to close unexpectedly for water damage. Um, never got a call at work or on either of my cell phones and I know I didn't give them my home number. Pissed since it took over a week to get that appointment. Headed home to get some work done, and since I had the day off decided to pop over to the MinuteClinic inside CVS.

That quick visit ended up being four hours because every athletic procrastinating teen in the area was there to get his sports physical to play JV and Varsity. By time I was seen, the woman was completely frazzled and couldn't even fully grasp what I was telling her. But after repeating myself 50 times and she hearing my cough over and over she diagnosed me with bronchitis and gave me Flonase and cough pills.

Yesterday was pretty much a wash and last night was pretty poor sleep, so this morning I just threw on an outfit I often wear on weekends to run errands. While it's not uber professional, it gets the job done as I cough my way through the work day.

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  1. Super, super love this. It’s the perfect casual but pulled together thing I’m always trying to do. And, I remain obsessed with your curly hair 🙂

  2. My doc still charges if an appointment is missed without 24 hr notice. These people should pay YOU for missing their appointment! In the mean time, you look pretty damn good for being sick!!! ~Sarah

  3. I hope you feel better soon. At least you look good even if you’re not feeling the best.

    Had a question about belting outfits like this (as in, lack of belt loops in skirts). Is there any trick you use to keep the belt in place? I always find that when I try this look, my belt shifts either too far up, or too far down during the day .

    1. This belt is not only stretchy but has that clear grippy elastic on the inside so it nicely stays in place. When I wear belts without loops, for skinny belts I make them a hair looser than necessary so they don’t ride up, and for wide elastic belts like this I do them usually a hair tighter so they will stay in one place. 🙂

  4. For a thrown on outfit, I think this looks pretty great! I’m still trying to get comfortable with tucking my shirts in after years of leaving them un-tucked. It looks great on other people, but it’s hard for me to do.

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