What I Wore: Target Run

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What I Wore for the Weekend: Ramones tee, Ankara print skirt, Born 'Myndy' sandals and Ray-Ban oversized aviators what I wore on the weekend featuring ramones tee shirt ankara skirt born myndy sandals What I Wore for the Weekend: Ramones tee, Ankara print skirt, Born 'Myndy' sandals and Ray-Ban oversized aviators Tee: Had forever (similar) | Skirt: Etsy Seller Buy the Dress | Shoes: Born ‘Myndy' | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (on sale 25% off) | Necklace: Silver chain with various charms I've collected over the years | Bracelets: Cuff I've had forever (similar), beaded bracelets c/o Lifetherapy | Earrings: Etsy Seller Keti Sorley Designs

I wore this Sunday for a Target run, to head to the grocery store, the wine shop, and to drop off some clothing donations. This skirt is waxed cotton so it floats away from the body keeping me cool and doesn't wrinkle as fast as basic cotton. These sandals I purchased many years ago and still find them incredibly comfortable; I remember thinking I'd regret yellow as I have so little in my wardrobe but I treat them like a neutral. This combination looks more pulled together than shorts but for me I find to be more cool and comfortable and better fitting my personal style!

These earrings were a treat I recently bought myself.  I have wanted earrings like this since high school but always put it off feeling it was a frivolous purchase.  But recently I wondered why put it off if I have wanted it for more than two decades?  I'm 40 years old, a grown-ass woman so I bought them with my grown-ass woman money!  My 16-year old self is very proud.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. For me the yellow sandals slightly clash with the yellow on the skirt… BUT I still really love this! The whole look feels very ‘you’ (and the earrings totally work). When you tie your t-shirts at the hem, how do you get the knot not to fall out though? I’ve tried it before but mine always comes loose.. Do you stitch it in place like that?

    1. Yep they don’t match and I kinda like the clashing, it keeps it from looking too put together. There’s a clashing part of my soul 😉 And I pulled it very tight and I find the less that is pulled through the more the knot lasts.

  2. What a cool look! I wish I had held on to my high school concert tees.
    My yellow sandals are my favorite shoes in my closet. I’m thinking of buying a backup pair because these will most likely be done for by next summer.

    1. I had a Smiths tee I wore to DEATH and have no idea why I got rid of it, I missed it terribly and last Christmas my sister gave me the same one as a gift! It’s not too late to rebuild a collection, I’m keeping the Smiths tee for when I get around to DIYing it in a video or post for the blog!

  3. Me again … i didn’t notice the altered neck and sleeves. It looks great and a very feminine way to wear a “manly” t shirt.

  4. Another great outfit. I wouldn’t have thought to combine the Ramones tshirt with the skirt. I love red shoes and treat them as a neutral also.

  5. I love this outfit! So much personality. I have a quick question, how do you alter your band tees to look like that? I love band tees but hate crew necks, so I rarely wear the ones I own. Did you cut that one or was it made that way?

    1. I cut the band neck off, cut the hem off the sleeves, and then do a bit of altering on the neck. I usually put the two shoulder seams together and fold the shirt in half lengthwise so I can cut a bit of a V-neck, try it on, do a bit more altering, and no stress if it’s crooked or jagged, that just improves the situation. Put it on, stretch the neck a bit so it rolls and wash. Ready to go, getting better with each wash and wear!

      1. Thanks for the tip! I am going to try it with the Guns & Roses t I bought from Target for $10 first and see how it goes!

  6. What a great outfit! The Ramones tee and that skirt go perfect together. And yeah, if you’ve wanted those earrings for 20 years, I dare say they will not be a passing fad for you!

  7. Love the shirt and I LOVE the skirt. I love an Ankara print period. Same thing goes for rock tees. You look so cute and stylish.

  8. I love it when you dress like this! I can see your love and passion for music, it makes me think of all the great musical events you go to all year long. And hoop earrings are striking against too dark hair.

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