What I Wore: Hanging Out

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WO21 WO22 WO23Romper: Love in Harlem | Denim Jacket: J. Crew Factory | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Sandals: Birkenstocks | Earrings: Amazon | Bracelet: Had forever (similar) | Necklace: Chain with various charms I've collected over the years

In my reader survey one of the things many of you requested is pictures of more casual of outfits. You want to see what I wear hanging out at home, or when I'm running errands. Well here's reality! I got this romper-eque thing on Amazon and it's a favorite. It's runs SUPER big; this is a Small and it's clearly still quite roomy. I was torn which color to get; I chose Navy but next summer may get another in a more fun color.  In the summer I wear with my skinny-strap bra and my Birks when just running errands but have paired with metallic sandals and even a belt to dress it up. Now that it's cooler I'm pairing it with my denim jacket when I step out, a sweater jacket or poncho when in the house. When it comes to super casual and loungewear, I often veer to a more boho feel which is looser, more relaxed, more funky prints and silhouettes and comfort trumps fashion. These silver Birkenstocks are a favorite; they're like a massage for my feet after a week in pumps, heels, and career shoes and though some of the silver has worn away with age,I still dig the metallic finish. Wearing accessories is an easy way to make loungewear look less bummy; a pair of hoops or a pendant necklace can do a lot to jazz up a look without sacrificing comfort or ease!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I thought this was gorgeous and ordered the blue one and a charcoal. I loved the fit when I first put it on. So cute!
    As the day wore on though, the romper started to migrate South. By the end of the evening, I kept having to adjust it to avoid having the neckline fall below my bosom.
    Does that happen to you at all? Did I somehow wear it wrong? (I can’t figure out how it might have been me, but stranger things…)
    I want to love these and wear them a lot. I live in Florida, so I have many opportunities for light, casual garments. Any advice is appreciated!

    1. I haven’t experienced that… until Karl line dried it outside. Why that would be different from me throwing it over the shower curtain bar is beyond me but it’s like the straps became bungees and it’s super stretchy and the straps now feel too long. This picture was taken after washing it twice, and I had been wearing it for a couple hours before the photos but now it’s all wonky. 🙁 So I don’t really know what to tell you. I’m thinking I’m going to shorten the straps but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Also toying with throwing it in the dryer to see if it helps, the price is low enough that if I ruin it I won’t cry too much.

  2. I want to love this as it looks SO COMFORTABLE but all the fabric bunching in the crotch doesn’t work for me at all 🙁 sorry! I think I would love it as a maxi but just not as a romper. But I love the idea of seeing your more casual outfits too!

  3. I like the denim jacket with this because the layer underneath is solid and the gathering and hem line falls well below the waist of the jacket. I see a lot of this kind of flowy look with another flowy layer over it and I think that is too much.

  4. I love the silver Birks! And that’s a romper? I thought it was a dress! How fun! That shade of blue flatters your coloring so well, looks almost like you’re glowing.

  5. Love the romper and casual look! What other shoes might you wear with it in cooler weather? I have a really hard time picking footwear when sandals aren’t an option (due to weather or formality).

    1. I don’t know that I would wear it in *much* cooler weather, personally. The fabric looks like it would be too thin and let too much cool air in. Closed toe bootie? Basic flat? with the same jacket or a cardigan in a neutral or coordinating color. And a drapey scarf because scarf is almost always a yes. I love point toe flats with All The Things, though. YMMV, I just like to remix inspirational ideas that I see on other folks’ blogs in my head.

      1. Agree, I won’t be wearing this much longer outside the house. Easy switch to a closed-toe shoe; I’ve worn with my bernie.mev elastic mary-jane like shoes, with Chucks, and think would work with as pointy-toe flat. And yes on a scarf at the throat for warmth and a fall feel.

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