A Green Faux Leather Moto Jacket for Fall

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chicos satin cargo pants

I think one of the reasons I like fall so much is the outerwear.  Denim jackets, leather jackets, twill utility jackets, trench coats, bomber jackets… the outerwear game is strong this for this season.  I am a sucker for a great leather moto jacket, but rarely do I find one that fits me great as I am short (5'3″) but also curvy.  Jackets that fit my bust, arms, and shoulders are usually a mile long in the arms; if they are the right length for my arms I can barely get them up over my biceps. So when I saw this faux leather moto jacket at Chico's was not only the most gorgeous shade of green but also came in petite? I HAD to try it.

wardrobe oxygen chicos

Jacket: Faux-Leather Moto Jacket c/o Chico's (2 Petite) | Tee: Ruffle-Sleeve Tee c/o Chico's (2) | Pants: Satin belted Cargo Ankle Pants c/o Chico's (2 Petite) | Earrings: Jenny Bird (old; similar) | Sneakers: OCA Low Leather c/o Cariuma 

alison gary of wardrobe oxygen 2020

Okay, faux leather can be sketchy.  It can be stiff and smell like gasoline, it can be rubbery and gross, it can be shiny and make noise when you walk, and it can be darn close to the real thing.  This is the darn close to the real thing type of faux leather.  Not too shiny, not thick, pliable, no gross smell.  To make it fit better, the underside of the arms and down the sides of the body are knit, but exactly the same color green so it's not really obvious.  The hardware isn't too shiny, it's not black and not silver but something in between that looks elegant.  Working pockets, the jacket can zip all the way up, tonal lining… this is a high-quality jacket. It comes in this color which is called Dark Jasper, cream, and black in regular and petite sizes up to Chico's size 4 which is equal to 20/22.  I am wearing a Chico's size 2 Petite which is equivalent to a 12/14.  Like most Chico's, I find it runs a bit roomy and is also shaped for body curves (not just the bust and tummy but also arms, shoulders, etc.).

dark green leather moto jacket

The one thing to note is this jacket is not cut to be true outerwear. If you want a piece you sling over your sweatshirts as you head out the door, this isn't the jacket for you.  This is cut to be the piece you slip over your blouse or dress, or wear as an alternative to a blazer. It is not insulated, the sleeves are styled to be slim, it's a shorter silhouette and a softer fabric and knit panels providing a nice drape. Reviews say the jacket is cheap but I am not sure what they would have liked instead, as I think this is a great faux copy of what would be an expensive lambskin leather moto jacket.  I did find shipping in the heat the plastic wrapping clung to the jacket and it was hard to get the protective wrapping off of the zipper pulls, but I've experienced that before with summer shipments.

green leather moto jacket

Okay so on to the pants. My husband did NOT get these pants and was making jokes about the 1980s but I think they're fierce.  It was a sunny day so these are looking uber shiny but at home they looked more subtle. I got them envisioning them with a black turtleneck sweater and either pointed-toe ankle booties that slip underneath them or my Rothy's flats. I saw them with a graphic tee and denim jacket.  I saw them with a silk or rayon blouse with two buttons unbuttoned showing my initial necklace and on my feet were anything from sneakers to loafers.  I'm thinking next time I wear them I'll do it with my black and white striped crew t-shirt (this is similar) and these white loafers. Essentially, I see wearing these anywhere you could wear a pair of twill cargo-style pants. Why wear faded olive chinos when you can wear black satin? If black isn't your thing, these pants also come in a gorgeous caramel/bronze color.  In fact, that's the color that drew me to these pants, they reminded me of the safari jacket my friend Sylvia wore this spring for a Chico's shoot.  I saw that jacket in person and instantly regretted not getting it.

1 2 4

These pants are machine washable and have that same give as a pair of chinos and the same amount of pockets.  The photos above show not only that my husband can make photo shoots fun, but also that these pants have a lot of give! I think this is a year to redefine your style, redefine what is considered practical or daywear or versatile.  And this is definitely a year where you should try to find joy in the everyday, and no easier way to do that than with what you put on each morning.

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The sneakers are from Cariuma and are my favorite low-profile white leather sneakers.  I have wide and high-volume feet with thicker ankles and trendy white sneakers look like I stuck my feet into two fluffy pillows.  These cut low, even lower than my Chucks, and I find them quite comfortable.  Cariuma is a sustainable sneaker brand based in Brazil that is very transparent with their sourcing and manufacturing process. I've had these sneakers for at least a year, have taken them on many travels with me, and they continue to be a favorite, especially with dresses and ankle pants where my other sneakers look too bulky. While I have them in leather, they also come in canvas, suede, and a variety of colors, prints, and different silhouettes. They also have shoes in mens sizes.

chicos ruffle t shirt

The t-shirt has ruffles down the shoulders and… I think I could have sized down. Or maybe I needed petite.  Or maybe I wish the fabric wasn't quite so silky and stretchy (for those familiar with the Universal Standard Foundation collection, this knit is similar).  I like the detail and it's not too stiff to feel comfy and not look bulky under a jacket or blazer… but this tee isn't my thing.  I receive a free outfit of my choosing each month from Chico's as being one of their ambassadors and this tee wasn't my first choice but my first choice was out of stock in my size at the time I placed my order. I think this tee is better for taller people.

chicos petite pants review

As I mentioned, I am a Chico's ambassador which means I style an outfit of my choosing each month and share it on Instagram.  If I do a blog post about the outfit, it's my choice and it's because I think the clothes are worth a more detailed review.  This month, I found it hard to decide what to get from Chico's. Don't sleep on Chico's, they have sizes up to 20/22 and run generously, they have petites and occasionally talls as well as lengths, and much of their clothing is machine washable. These are a few of the things I was eyeing when I decided on this outfit:

chicos review petite

machine washable crepe jumpsuit in animal print | highly-rated machine-washable cardigan available in 9 colors | modern alternative to a t-shirt
some of the best fitting pants (I have two pairs) in a subtle snake print | I have and love this denim jacket | I have this shirtdress in a different print
elevate your t-shirt game with ponte | my first-choice blouse back in stock | a badass trench for fall

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  1. Hey Alison, this is the first time I’ve purchased anything off one of your posts — don’t know how the affiliate process works but I also added other stuff to the cart at the same time and I hope you got credit for it!

    I absolutely love it! My arms are out-of-proportion large and it’s SO hard to find jackets with sleeves that don’t feel like sausage casings — especially in such a cool green color – without the rest of the jacket being so large as to be cartoonish — or so obviously knit that it doesn’t look polished.

    It fits like a dream and the faux leather has such a nice texture. It will be showing up in quite a few Zoom calls and videos this fall.

  2. When I saw this moto in your Stories yesterday, I clicked through and bought it SO FAST. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything based on a story before, but I’ve been looking for a petite moto in a fun color for years and was not letting this one slip away. Thanks!

  3. You look great in this. I had an almost identical pair of black satin cargo pants from Chicos many, many years ago. They were my favorite pants for traveling because they were so versatile and didn’t stretch out. I’m so happy to see them back!

  4. Love that dark green color and petite sizing. I’d like to add my vote for Cariuma shoes too. They are so good. I have narrow feet, but with lace ups they still work. I had a delivery problem and Cariuma went out of their way to be extra helpful.

  5. I thought these pants were the cropped matte satin US cargo pants. Now I have another way to style them. That is a lovely jacket and the green is an unexpected pop of fun.

  6. I love the easy wear ability of Chicos but I’ve noticed a problem I keep meaning to ask you about. Some of their knit tops are machine wash, hang to dry. When I do that, the color isn’t even anymore. It is as if the wrinkles that were created during the wash cycle got darker and even when steamed or dried flat … The spiderweb of darker lines remains. Is there a washing trick you use to prevent this?

    1. I haven’t had that. I have a few of their microfiber tanks and pima t-shirts in rotation, I do put them in the dryer which I know they say not to do. I did have a linen top do something similar last year but haven’t had an issue recently. That’s not cool, have you reached out to their customer service?

      1. I haven’t reached out to them, I kinda assumed it was user error (I’m no maven of housework, hence my lack of cashmere and other difficult fabrics). I will try that, I love their necklines and the weight of their fabrics. Maybe I’ll add that Woolite suggestion to my grocery list as well.

    2. I have a lot of their knit tops as they are part of my work “uniform” for Zoom calls. I wash them with Woolite Dark detergent on a delicate cycle with no other additives (i.e. no fabric softener), and then dry them on the 2nd lowest dryer setting (of four).

      Washed this way they seem to be indistructable.

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