What I Wore: Stitch Fix Success

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angels rebel wilson moto jacketI've written about two of the four Stitch Fix boxes I've received thus far. The first two were… eh. The second two?  Way better. I believe you get out of Stitch Fix as much as you put in. Regular communication with your stylist, plenty of feedback, regularly updated profile, and access to your Pinterest and Instagram accounts can really help get the right content in your monthly boxes.  And in my last Stitch Fix box was this jacket.

plus size moto jacket red suede moto jacket red suede biker jacketJacket: Rebel Wilson X Angels via Stitch Fix (1X) | Sweater tee: J. Crew (old; similar) | Jeans: Universal Standard (12) | Boots: L'Amour des Pieds | Bag: ALLSAINTS | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

rebel wilson angels red suede jacketIf you follow me on InstaStories you may have seen when this jacket arrived and how thrilled I was to get it.  So often, plus size fashion is cheap, over-embellished, and downright tacky. I love how this jacket is classic styling, soft buttery suede, a nice rich color, well crafted, and the price quite reasonable for the quality. And receiving this in my Stitch Fix box proves that with time and communication, my stylist has really gotten to know me and my personal style. I wore this look this past weekend when Karl and I took a quick two-night getaway to National Harbor. I wore this look for sightseeing and lunch. The weather was lovely that day and this lined suede jacket was a perfect layering piece over my lightweight sweater tee.  I cannot wait to see what will be in my next Stitch Fix box, it's arriving next week and I'll be sure to review it for you.

red plus size moto jacket This experience trying Stitch Fix has made me a fan of the program, and I am so thrilled that Stitch Fix wishes to celebrate you by offering one Wardrobe Oxygen reader with a $200 Stitch Fix credit. This can be used to cover your monthly fee and to buy what items come in your Stitch Fix box that you fall in love with. Stitch Fix is available for straight and plus sizes, maternity, and even for men. There's a Stitch Fix for most everyone and this is such a great way to try the program and build a beautiful wardrobe. What a perfect gift for a loved one, whether it's Valentine's Day, a new mom, a college grad, or most anyone!

How to Enter:

Wardrobe Oxygen X Stitch Fix Giveaway

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try stitchfix for a while now. Every time I like something one of my girlfriends is wearing, and ask where it’s from, they tell me stitchfix!

  2. I’m on weight watchers (again) and would love a chance to try some new clothes while I figure out what looks best in a new size at a new time in my life.

  3. I would love to try stitch fix, I would hope that it would introduce me to items that I may not have considered for myself before.

  4. Stitch fix has been so hit and miss for me! I haven gotten a few tings I like so I keep coming back. AndI have liked it better then Dia & Co.

  5. That red jacket is lovely! it looks great. I’m interested in trying Stitch Fix to update my wardrobe and find a couple of statement pieces to really define my personal style

  6. I have tried Stitch Fix a few times and was happy with my boxes. After trying Stitch Fix, and then going shopping, I found that I was instantly annoyed with shopping for something and craving another Stitch Fix box. It is so nice having a stylist pick clothing out for me. I plan on getting another box soon.

  7. I’m so glad they’re finally doing larger sizes! I’ve wanted to love them for years – I struggle with breaking out of my comfort zone, and would love to have some help nudging me toward a few non-classic non-solid color pieces.

  8. I’ve been shopping lately but not finding anything that hits the sweet spot of classic but modern. I’d use the certificate to up my game.

  9. I would love to try Stitch Fix. I find it very difficult to find petite pants that work for me….or flattering dresses with sleeves, so I would love to see what someone else could come up with!

  10. Stitch Fix has been such a mixed bag for me. I love to shop and typically find that while I love what stitch fix sends, I miss going out and shopping for the stores. I do love it to infuse my wardrobe with a bit of trendy items and enjoy when a stylist pushes my boundaries.

  11. Thanks for the update on Stichfix. I had tried it when it first came out and found the clothing too young and too big. I did get some great accessories. Now they have petites and a little encouragement from you, I’d love to win and give them another go working consistently with a stylist.

  12. I’ve been getting Stitch Fix boxes for some time, and I think they have definitely helped me expand my personal style outside of my comfort zone. I’ve gotten some of my favorite dresses through Stitch Fix, and I was never a dress person before. Stitch Fix also sent me my first pair of skinny jeans – a style I thought I couldn’t pull off, but Stitch Fix proved me wrong!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway and giving all of us the opportunity to expand our fashion horizons!

  13. You look fabulous in this outfit! I love the dark hair-red jacket-dark trouser look! Stitch fit would be interesting,

  14. Thank you for the chance at Stitch Fix! I find myself wearing the same handful of things over and over and could really use some help to reboot!

  15. I’ve gained some weight but work from home full time, and therefore don’t have much need to buy new clothing, so wear the same few things over and over. Would love to try some new pieces!

  16. The older I get, the more I hate shopping at malls. So Stitch Fix would be amazing, because a stylist would pick out cute things for me and I wouldn’t have to leave the house! 🙂

  17. I just got my second stitch fix box and I loved everything out of it. I even got something that I pinned on my Pinterst board!

  18. I love the idea of someone else picking things out for me! As a working mom, I really struggle finding and shopping for myself.

  19. I have wanted to try Stitch Fix, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet…….. I am afraid that they won’t get me or my style. Plus I am hard to fit.

  20. Recently gave Stirch Fix another try after a colleague raves about her experiences. She also told me about Facebook groups where people post their fixes! Who knew? I’m finding it a great way to add to my Pinterest board (which i didn’t have before for Stitch Fix, and my fixes have gotten so much better!

  21. What a great jacket! I’ve been dying to try Stitch Fix since they added plus sizes – I have a full time job (and commute) and two young kids, and I haven’t updated my wardrobe in a shamefully long time. I’m also awful at picking out good pieces that work with other things in my wardrobe, so I’d love to have a curated selection to look at and pick from.

  22. My first Stitch Fix is due to arrive on Valentine’s day. After reading your article I’m even more anxious about what I’ll be receiving. So glad I found your blog!

  23. I tried Stitch Fix this summer, my wardrobe was outdated and I am terrible with styles that flatter my figure. I LOVE the clothes I have received. Especially useful are the examples and advice about styling the outfits. I have expanded my clothing choices by mixing and matching items I already owned. Worth very

  24. The Instagram entry for @stitchfix says “You must follow @lovehicos to win with this entry, are you following this account?” though the link goes to @stitchfix correctly.

  25. I’m always so tempted to try this out! I’ve had 2 babies in the last few years, and all my clothes are just old and frumpy at this point. I just need an update!

  26. Love the red jacket! I tried Stitch Fix a couple of years ago and didn’t really like the things I received, but maybe I needed to communicate with the stylist more as you suggest? It might be time to try again.

  27. I need style help! I just lost 60 pounds and I don’t know how to dress this body! I think a service like this would be worthy!

  28. Love this! My last two Fixes have been such a bust even with very specific feedback. I’m considering quitting but would love to be won over with this credit!!

  29. I could use an update to my wardrobe. I have two little ones and I causally live in leggings and whatever I can grab that covers my bum. Yet going to the store sounds terrible so stitch fix might be perfect!

  30. That’s a great jacket on you! I have always stayed away from that style b/c I don’t like my hips so much but I’m seeing them everywhere on all types of figures & they are just so stylish. Glad your StitchFix worked out!

  31. I have been with Stitch Fix for almost a year now. I be truly love the ease of it. I don’t always have time to shop, so all I have to do is let my stylist know of upcoming events and she takes care of everything. She has also taken me out of my comfort zone. Yeah me !!!!

  32. I tried StitchFix years ago and didn’t like the quality. It sounds like they’re much improved and I would love to try them again.

  33. I have been dying to try Stitch Fix. I’ve absolutely no time or patience to shop for nice clothes for myself. It’d be such a godsend to have someone else do it for me!

  34. Love that red jacket!
    I’ve never tried Stitch Fix before but would love to check it out.
    I’m in my 50’s now and focusing on comfort and quality instead of fads and quantity. It would be great fun to see what a stylist would choose for me.

  35. I totally agree that working with your stylist to fine tune why items aren’t loved, and specifically what is working allows the stylist to hit the Mark. My 14th fix will arrive soon. Excited for new fresh Spring additions to a wardrobe I could have never created on my own.

  36. I’ve tried Stitch Fix two times and would love to try it again! I ended up with one of my favorite shirts ever from Stitch Fix…but 9 things that didn’t work. 🙂

  37. Ahhh, Stitchfix! Great idea, but, like you, I gave up after a couple of rounds. Now that my life is super busy, I think it would be a good time to incorporate it again for a spring refresh!

  38. Having someone select things for me is an element of surprise I would love. It would also force me out of my comfort zone…always a good thing!

  39. I’ve tried StitchFix once, but I’ve been wanting to give it another try. I did end up getting 3 of the 5 pieces they sent in the first box. Love that read jacket so much!!

  40. I have had a lot of fun with my Stitch Fix subscription (have received 4 boxes and kept about 1/3 -half of the items I’ve been sent so far.) It’s a bit of an indulgence but I don’t really like shopping, and NEVER would have picked out the things that have become my favorites (a pair of truly skinny jeans, several embellished top, a pair of hammered slivery loop earrings, It’s fun!

  41. I have received six StitchFix boxes so far and almost all of what I received was fun and very useable for my lifestyle. I would jump up and down and cheer if I received that red jacket in my box! I may just have to leave a note for my stylist for Spring. In my experience, leaving specific clothing ideas and travel plans has led to some nice sets to keep.

  42. Love that stitch fix is an easy way for this busy working mom to add some pizzazz or trend or something fun to my wardrobe outside of regular store hours which are not friendly to busy working moms.

  43. I’ve often been tempted to try Stitchfix, mostly to get me to try new pieces i wouldn’t ordinarily gravitate toward. It’s so easy to fall into a style rut!

  44. I just signed up for Stitchfix last week. I have been feeling in a rut with my style and that maybe some things don’t suit me anymore. Excited to get my first box.

  45. I love stitch fix but haven’t gotten a box in years due to baby/post baby/ we just bought a new house… I would love some fresh stuff in my wardrobe. A lot of my go-to going out type outfits are from stitch fix. The red jacket you got is amazing!

  46. I just found your blog – and I could certainly use some fashion help! I have an apple shape, thick middle with slim arms, hips, and legs. Women’s fashions are difficult to find that look good on me – I’ve swung around from oversized items, lagenlook (not for me, I think), sweaters – hard to find one that closes. Your jacket from Stitch Fix looks wonderful. I’m looking forward to some new ideas on how to dress to create an hourglass shape! Glad I found you!

  47. The thing about Stitch Fix is I’m worried I’ll triple my clothing budget if they get it right and I like most of what they send. Would be really hard to say no to great stuff coming in the mail every month.

  48. I’m so glad your boxes are getting better! I’m not very creative when it comes to building outfits, I would love to have some fresh ideas!

  49. I love that jacket! I think the idea of stitch fix is perfect for my daughter—23 and a young professional. I think it might break her out of her comfort zone and help her find things that work for her.

  50. I’m expecting my second fix next week. I’m hoping for more success than with the first. Actually, that jacket of yours would be perfect! 🙂

    1. My phone freaked out and posted before I was done 🙂

      I have a 2 and 4 year old and don’t have time to really shop for me but I would love to try StitchFix to re-boot my style!

  51. I’ve gotten two stitch fix boxes now, and I really love it. I’ve kept one thing from the first box and two from the second, and I get compliments every time I wear those things. I appreciate your review of them, which I think is what finally prompted me to try it out!

  52. I actually love stitch fix – I know a lot of ppl have mixed results, but for whatever reason my stylists usually get me at least one thing I love! The two times they didn’t, stitch fix gave me my next box without a styling fee! I haaaaate shopping and I am bad at thinking outside the box when I DO shop, so they are exactly what I need.

  53. Love the idea that Stitch Fix could be a way for me to try some styles for pants and tops that are morevout of the,box than my staples.

  54. I’ve been curious about Stitch Fix. I love to shop so I’ve always been a bit doubtful about these types of subscription services. BUT, I am hoping that it could get me out of a bit of a style rut so would love to use it to try some new things that I wouldn’t normally pick up in store!

  55. I have been intrigued by these different monthly fashion boxes, but I’ve just never make the decision to dive in – maybe now is the time!

  56. That jacket is gorgeous– and definitely brightens up the gloomy weather that has recently descended on the DC area. I have been curious about National Harblor, and look forward to any write-up you do on your visit there!

  57. I just started stitch fix last December and got some great pieces in my first fix, but have been delaying the next fix for financial reasons. I’d love to continue with it though!

  58. I would love to give it a try! I’ve never worked with a stylist before and I’m approaching my 50th birthday. Looking forward to trying new things in this new decade 🙂

  59. I would love to try Stitch Fix again…I was doing it every month, but stopped because I was getting a lot of stuff in my wardrobe and wanted to pare down. Would love to get a box for Spring!

  60. I love StitchFix! I’ve been using the service for about a year and a half, and I would say the vast majority of the box have been spot on (with a few exceptions)! I’ve gotten some great pieces that I wouldn’t even look at if it weren’t for StitchFix! LOVE!

  61. I love that they are offering petite options and so would enjoy the chance to reconnect with the service! And I could use an edgy piece or two to spruce up for Spring. LOVE that jacket on you 🙂

  62. I kind of want to get my husband into StitchFix just so someone (other than me) can offer him some suggestions on ways to switch things up a bit. That jacket is pretty cool.

  63. I have a hard time breaking out of my black/grey comfort zone – this would be a great way to try new looks I normally wouldn’t!

  64. This red jacket is gorgeous. This outing looked like fun. Hope you & Karl enjoyed some much deserved time together.

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