Weight Watchers Update

weight watchers

The big smile on my face isn't because I am engaged (still happily married), but because MY ENGAGEMENT RING FITS AGAIN!

Seriously, this is the best Mother's Day present EVER! At least once a week I try on my wedding set, hoping that it will fit. Each time, no luck, can't even get it over the last knuckle. Then Sunday morning I tried it… and it slipped right on! The wedding band doesn't fit yet (it was always a bit smaller than the engagement ring), but that's okay. Baby steps!

This week I removed 0.2 pound. Nothing spectacular, but it's better than a gain. I was more active, I was tracking more than the previous week, making smarter decisions. I'm okay with this small amount because it is still progress and I didn't feel deprived this week or as though I was on a diet.

And even though it is only two tenths of a pound, it was exactly what I needed to get back into wearing a ring that I haven't been able to fit since the first trimester of my pregnancy!

Fellow Weight Watchers folks, how was your week?  What successes did you have, what learning experiences did you encounter on your journey?

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  • Patricia

    Good for you. I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain either.

  • That’s great Patricia – even staying flat meas you’re doing something right!

  • Beth

    Awesome! My last weigh in was 4/10 and I’ve had so much going on (custody trial, lent, Easter, new job at a restaurant, etc.). I haven’t even been tracking and avoiding my weigh in’s out of guilt. Luckily I only put on 1 lb this month and am stoked! A weight gain isn’t so bad.

  • Hey only a pound with the month you have had? That’s awesome Beth!

  • tiger1962

    I lost exactly the same. But I feel like I’m in a rut. I need to give myself a kick in the butt to be more disciplined. Congratulations to you though — that is great!!!!!!

  • Amy H.

    I removed only .1 pound this week, but given that the past week included both my birthday (my husband and I threw a cocktail party with an enormous birthday cake), two singing performances and a fall while running on Fri. that physically (partly) and psychologically (more) prevented me from running on Sat. and Sun. as planned, I’m thrilled with simply maintaining!

  • Congrats Allie, keep it up! It is 9am here and it’s nice to start my day knowing someone had good news to share.

  • Linda

    Thank you for this detailed account of your successful strategies. I will be rejoining Weight Watchers again with my 15-year-old daughter. It’s such a sensible program and, in my case, even vegan-friendly! I tried doing it at home on my own and complicated it for myself, thus slowing my results. You inspire me though!

  • The best way to get out of a rut is acknowledging said rut! Good luck!

  • Great job Amy, and happy belated birthday!

  • Aw thanks!

  • Awesome! I find the meetings/online support really keep me on track and hold me accountable. Best to you and your daughter!

  • Linda

    Oh yes, Allie. I have a question. Do you use the 49 extra bonus points every week? Some of my WW friends only do the 29 points a day, and they are afraid of the extra calories with the extra points.

  • I don’t usually, I only use them if I know I am doing something special like a dinner out, drinks with the girls, etc. I pretend they, and activity points don’t exist.

  • Great NSV — non-scale victory!

  • Linda

    That’s helpful to know. I think I will do the same, since my metabolism doesn’t allow me a lot of wriggle room. Calories are calories, afterall. Please continue to keep us all posted either here or on FB, since yours is a success story in the making–the best kind!

  • Andie325

    YAY! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  • Guest

    Thanks Allie. You’re right about baby steps. If I take it in small steps I won’t feel as though I’m overwhelmed. I did take one baby steps as over the last few months I’ve weened myself off of sugar in my coffee & tea. That’s huge for me as I could never drink coffee without sugar before. Obviously, it’s not enought. Onto the next step…

  • That’s a huge step. May not seem like a big victory on the scale, but a big victory towards a life change. You can do it!

  • Christina

    Congratulation!  I am really impressed with your ability to combine discipline with living a fun life.  If you reach a happy weight but your rings are too tight your rings can be gently stretched until they are comfortable.    

  •  I know they can be resized, but they are platinum so they can’t be stretched, and the wedding band has channel-set diamonds and they fear it will affect the curve of the ring so to resize is tricky and expensive.  I just see it as weight removal inspiration! 🙂

  • Baby steps. I don’t have time for the gym, or even an exercise video. Often the only exercise I get is walking to work from the Metro stop two blocks away. I have snacks in my desk – fruit, low-cal popcorn, Weight Watchers chocolate so I never want to run to get a candy bar. I drink a LOT of water – minimum of 60 oz at work, and pretty much only water when at home and out. I always eat breakfast. I keep a low-points snack in my purse so if I get hungry on the go I don’t get stuck with only high-point options. I never eat off Emerson’s plate any more (so easy to end up eating half a grilled cheese when not even hungry). Have snacks available at home – frozen grapes, small containers of weight watchers yogurt, bananas, canned pineapple, microwave popcorn (jolly Time is the lowest in points). Walk when I could use escalator or elevator. Entertain Emerson while she is eating dinner by dancing – will force myself to dance a la Jazzercise to two songs. Also do a lot of dancing while holding her as weight training. Having the house full of only diet-friendly foods (no need for fake stuff, Emerson can also eat skim cheese and yogurt, low fat other things, and of course fruit and veggies).

    Make one habit per week. Maybe one week it’s water, another it’s changing salad dressing to a fat free option. The next may be using the stairs. Don’t do it all at once, you’ll never have time. And if it’s slow loss, well that’s more likely to last for a lifetime! Good luck!

  • Congratulations! That is awesome!

  • I’ve never commented before, but you inspired me to try Weight Watchers, and I removed 2.6 pounds in my first week! Looking forward to seeing what happens at my weigh in tomorrow.

  • Guest

    You should be so proud of yourself! Any advice for a busy mom of two who wants to lose the baby weight? How do you manage to do it when you’re so busy with family and work. I’m having a really hard time and would love some advice. I’m not on weight watchers but just trying to adopt some of the same practices and be more conscious to lose some weight. It’s really hard for me because I’ve never had to lsoe weight and was always able to eight whatever I wanted. I would love some advice! Thanks!

  • thanks so much!

  • hisjealoussky

    Congratulations! That is so exciting!

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