What Are the Best Travel Pants for Women: 9 Extended Size Options Reviewed

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The best travel pants for women; 15 size inclusive styles reviewed at Wardrobe Oxygen

This is a review by Grace Mitchell, who is a member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community. In the Facebook group, Grace asked for advice on finding the best travel pants for women and received many recommendations. She figured that many others may be looking for a similar item for their wardrobe and asked if she could share her quest for the best travel pants here on Wardrobe Oxygen. I enthusiastically said yes, knowing this could be a valuable resource, especially for those who desire extended sizes or inseam options. Take it away, Grace!

The Search for the Best Travel Pants for Women

Don’t you just hate…pants?

Like many women, I have a hard time finding pants that fit me well, suit my taste, and are appropriate for my lifestyle. Though I am an unusual size/fit (more about that later), the real problem is the clothes! So many styles with gappy waists, useless or no pockets, awkward seaming, or a single too short inseam option. So many weird shiny fabrics and narrow, binding bands of elastic and buttons that dig into your flesh and snaps that won't stay closed!

Pants are so bad, in fact, that I’ve all but given up on wearing anything other than leggings or joggers in recent years.

As pants are such a perennial problem, I groaned aloud when I realized that I really needed a new pair to take on a trip to Greece. Due to the crazy restrictions on carry-on luggage on the airlines we’ll be flying (17 lbs?? Really??), I need to pack light.

What I Desire from Travel Pants

I need a pair of pants that will carry me from the overnight flight to the next day’s sightseeing and then out to dinner, and be able to do it all again the following day. I need something I can wash out in the sink if necessary, that will dry fast and not wrinkle. Something I can wear five of eight days without anybody noticing. I need The Perfect Black Travel Pants.

How does someone go from wearing no pants to wearing the same ones for multiple days running? My approach to finding these unicorn pants would have to be broad, my search exhaustive. I queried friends and online groups for suggestions and checked every retailer I could think of. 

I read travel blogs and looked at what they recommended. I clicked on Instagram ads and opened my mind to stores I hadn’t thought about in years. I made a list of qualifications for the perfect pants, and I ordered every pair that looked to meet most of the list.

In the end, I ordered more than twenty pairs of pants, all similar in scope, and compared them not just to one another, but to the ideal I’d built in my head. 

Searching for Extended Size Travel Pants and a Longer Inseam

To build that ideal, I started with as neutral a look as possible at my own body. I am a 42-year-old woman, six feet tall, and generally a size 18. I measure 43-38-49, with a full-length inseam between 32” and 34”, depending on the shoes.

I am very long-waisted, with my weight carried mostly in my butt and legs. I needed pants that came in a size I could conceivably wear. As I’m sure you can imagine (or you know firsthand!) that automatically excludes a whole lot of oft-recommended pairs.

For example, many travel bloggers love the Halle Pant II by PrAna. Those only come up to a size 16. Another favorite, the Rectrek Pant by Outdoor Voices, maxes out at an “XL” that fits a size 12-14. Other pairs, like the Dream Pant from Everlane come in big enough sizes, but are limited to a too-short inseam. Just based on my size, without even considering my build or fit preferences, more than half of the pairs I considered initially were removed from contention. 

My Criteria for Great Travel Pants:

After filtering out the pairs that simply would never fit, I needed to think more carefully about the criteria for which I was looking. It wasn’t enough, I told myself, to find a pair of pants that fit my measurements. I had *needs* for these pants. So I made the following list:

  • Black. I wanted to be able to wear these for days running, and my wardrobe is absolutely built around black as my go-to neutral. No other colors were considered.
  • Stretchy/easy to move in. The pants needed to be able to see me through both long flights and active days. I wanted them to be soft and comfortable, not stiff and unyielding.
  • Wrinkle resistant. Same as above–for what I wanted these pants to do, they needed to be crease-proof. I wanted to be able to ball them up in my backpack if needed. 
  • Fast drying. This was less vital, but still something I’d prefer. I see myself throwing these over a balcony railing or shower rod to dry, and I’d prefer they not still be wet when I want to put them back on.
  • Ankle length. This trip is happening in the late spring, so I want to be able to wear my perfect pants with lightweight tops and even sandals. That said, I really don't like the look of very-cropped pants or capris. I want something ankle length–what manufacturers seem to be calling ⅞ length. For me, that means a target inseam of 28”-30”. 
  • Lightweight. Like I said, these are for spring. I want something that isn’t going to get too hot.
  • POCKETS. I want to be able to put more than a stick of gum in my pockets. Deep, usable pockets are key. If they zip or Velcro closed, even better. 
  • Minimal bling. These pants are meant to be a backdrop, to be worn a lot and not noticed. I don’t want a lot of labels or other identifying characteristics. 

Other things, I decided I cared about less. The pants could be fitted or straight legged. They could have an elastic, pull-on waist or a drawstring or a full zipper and button combination. While I didn’t want anything obviously sporty or obviously hiking pants, either one could conceivably work, if they were understated. Finally, I decided not to give myself a budget. If I could find pants that I would really wear for days, I wasn’t sure I cared how much they cost. 

What follows is my review of many of the pants I tried. For the sake of brevity, and in a couple of cases because of shipping issues, I’ve skipped a few, but this is the bulk of them. Though it’s unlikely that your body is a perfect match for mine, I hope my observations will still be helpful if you, like me, need some unicorn travel pants. Good luck!

I Tried 14 Different Pairs of Travel Pants for Women

L.L. Bean Vista Camp Pant, Slim Leg

I generally like L.L. Bean for quality and find their fits to be pretty good, and I was interested in these in particular because I own the Vista Camp Shorts and wore them all summer last year. The pants, I figured, would likely be the same wrinkle-free, quick-dry fabric. And they are. They’re a 93% nylon 7% spandex ripstop blend that is both lightweight and soft, which dries quickly and moves with your body while you have it on. It’s also UPF 50+.

After consulting the sizing chart, I ordered the 1X, which is the same size as my shorts. The pants come in “Medium Tall,”, with a 30” inseam, but only through size XL (a lot of retailers do this and it makes me crazy–would it really be so hard to carry the talls through plus sizes?), so I ended up with the original, 28” inseam. 

A woman modeling the L.L. Bean Vista Camp Pant
Grace in the L.L. Bean Vista Camp Pant

It was clear these pants wouldn’t work as soon as I got them on. Though the fabric was a winner, and I had no objection to the drawstring waist or slim leg, the waist was too big (a look at the size chart tells me the 1X is for 39” waists, but these seemed bigger, maybe because of the lower rise) and the rise too short. I also didn’t like the smallish patch pockets in the back. The deep, zippered side pockets are fantastic, though, and I think these could work nicely on someone with a different shape.

The L.L. Bean Vista Camp Pant, Slim Leg comes in six colors, up to size 3X. Retail price is $79.

A collage of women's travel pants from Duluth Trading
The Duluth Dry on the Fly Slim Leg Pants (top) and the Flexpedition Slim Leg Pants (bottom) as seen on the Duluth website.

Duluth Trading Company Dry on the Fly Slim Leg Pants and Flexpedition Slim Leg Pants

I have a number of friends who swear by the quality and fit of Duluth Trading Company. My luck hasn’t been great there in the past, but I knew they were likely to have pants that fit my list of criteria, so I had a look and came away with two pairs.

The first, the Dry on the Fly Slim Leg Pant, I ended up hating. They’re a quick dry 97% nylon and 3% elastic fabric, but heavier weight than most of the other pants I tried. They’ve got elastic in the waist, but also a zipper and snap situation that did not work for me at all–the snap kept popping open when I moved! The waist was too low and there was a super weird seam down the front of the leg.

Update: Duluth has since improved the Dry on the Fly Slim Leg Pant. Per the Duluth website, the pants now have an improved button-close waist, which adds security, and an improved elastic waistband that stretches smarter to keep pooching and bunching at bay. They added 7 pockets and a new double back “V” belt loop keeps belts from riding up. Hidden pant straps let you convert legs into a capri length for versatile fit.

I ordered a size 18 with a 29” inseam, even though the sizing chart indicated it might be slightly too small, and it was in the hips and thighs. The Duluth Dry on the Fly Slim Leg Pants are available in five colors and three lengths through size 18, and they retail at $79.50. 

The other Duluth pants I tried, the Flexpedition Slim Leg Pant, were a bit better, but still a no-go. Though the size chart would have me think otherwise, they were too big around the waist, but also too tight in the thighs.

They were a good fabric, 89% nylon and 11% spandex, with plenty of stretch, and I liked the pocket situation, which included low-profile zipping cargo pockets on the legs as well as front slant pockets and back patch pockets. Like the others, the Duluth Flexpedition Slim Leg Pants come in 3 lengths, up to size 18. There are four colors and they retail for $89.50. 

A collage of models wearing the Albion Jetsetter pant
The Albion Jetsetters pant, as seen on the brand website

Albion Jetsetters

When you spend days looking at pants, pants start finding you. Specifically, they find you through social media ads, which is where I first saw the Jetsetters by Albion. I don’t typically buy things via Instagram ads, but I had promised myself I’d keep an open mind as I went through this process, so I checked it out and saw that these pants come in Tall up to XXL, so I decided to give them a try. 

A woman trying on the Albion Jetsetters pants
Grace in the Albion Jetsetter Pant

They’re terrible. Though I ordered the size their size chart indicated I should, these pants are skin-tight all over. They’re also made of a crinkly athletic-feeling fabric, have teeny tiny pockets, and bear a large, gold zipper at each elasticized ankle. These were a hard no. The Albion Jetsetter Pant is available in a whole bunch of colors and patterns, XXS-XXXL, with most sizes in three lengths. They retail for $88.

A collage of images from the Columbia website of their PFG Tidal II pants
The Columbia PFG Tidal II pants, as seen on the brand's website

10. Columbia PFG Tidal II Pants

The other pair of Columbia pants I really liked was the PDG Tidal II pants. PFG is Columbia’s fishing gear line, so I guess these are technically fishing pants? But they’re great. Lightweight, water repellent, easy care fabric, deep, zipping pockets; and a partially-elastic flat front waist. The waist is a bit lower than I’d prefer, but definitely not too low.

Grace modeling the Columbia Tidal pants
Grace in the Columbia Tidal Pants

Like the other Columbia pants I tried in an XXL, though, these pants were too large. The XL was a good all-over fit. The only thing I don’t like about them is the biggish label on the back of the waist identifying them as part of the PFG line–but it could be removed or covered. They’re available in black, pale gray, and navy, in sizes through 3X with three inseam options. They retail for $60.

A collage of images of bodies wearing th Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant
The Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant, as seen on the brand website

Athleta Mid Rise Brooklyn Ankle Pants

I almost didn’t order the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pants. At a 27” inseam in the non-tall sizes, and with tall only available through size 16, they didn’t fit my criteria. But they were so heavily recommended that I decided to give them a try anyway. They’re a very lightweight, wrinkle-resistant recycled poly/spandex fabric with SPF 50+, and they feel fantastic on–lightweight without being so insubstantial you feel naked.

I ordered these pants in a size 18, and they fit well in the waist, with a bit of unexpected extra room through the hips and thighs. They have deep front pockets and zipped back pockets and are pull-on styled. They have a small slit detail at the ankle that I really like, but it’s paired with a textured side stripe that I really don’t. They’re available in seven colors, in sizes through 26 in the regular length, 16 in tall, or 14 in petite. They retail for $99.

Alder Apparel Open Air Pant
The Alder Apparel Open Air Pant as seen on the retailer's website

12. Alder Apparel Open Air Pant

Alder Apparel has been on my radar since Lissa reviewed them on Wardrobe Oxygen. (Please read Lissa’s great Alder Apparel review for a lot of information about the brand's sustainable practices and transparent supply line.)  I had a look at their site and came away having ordered the 28” Open Air Pant. Alder Apparel is a company dedicated to size inclusivity, so I–for once–didn’t have to order the biggest available size!

The Open Air Pant is available through size 6X, in two lengths, and in eight colors! The size chart put me between an XL and a 2XL, so I ordered the 2XL, in the 28” length.

Grace modeling the Alder Apparel open air pant
Grace in the Alder Apparel Open Air Pant

These are great pants. The fabric is a mid-weight blend of 94% modal and 6% spandex. It’s comfortable, flexible, and apparently dirt and stain repellent–without being shiny or looking weird. I have every reason to believe it would dry quickly and prove wrinkle-resistant.

The pants feature a high, wide elastic waistband, deep front pockets, zipped back pockets, and an extra, almost hidden, zipped side leg pocket. There is also a carabiner clip at the hip. The fit on these pants is also good. I’d love a 29” or 30” inseam, but the 28” works, and I am pleased at the waist-to-hip ratio and room in the calves. 

Another thing to recommend about Alder Apparel is the website-ordering-through-delivery process. The website is full of great pictures, letting you see the pants on a variety of bodies. The package was beautifully wrapped in a custom fabric bag and really felt like a gift to open. The Alder Apparel Open Air Pant retails for $75.

a collage of travel pants from North Face
The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pant per the North Face site.

The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pant

Several years ago, for a trip to Alaska, I bought a North Face jacket that I really like. It fits well and is comfortable and has held up well. With this jacket in mind, and after reading a few reviews of the Aphrodite 2.0 Pant, I ordered a pair.

The Aphrodite 2.0, was a no right out of the bag. These are clearly hiking pants, are full length, and have really weird ruching that makes them appear wrinkled all the way down the leg. That said, were I to have any need of hiking pants, I’d keep them, because they fit great and felt good on, with a nice 94% polyester 6% elastic fabric and really good, deep pockets, including a small zipper pocket.

I ordered these pants in an XXL in the regular length, but they come up to 3X in three lengths. They’re available in three colors, and retail for $80.

website models wearing the Lululemon high rise pant
The Lululemon Stretch High-Rise Pant as seen on the brand website

15. Lululemon Stretch High-Rise Pant ⅞ Length

I hesitated to order Lululemon pants, as I had a bad experience with a pair of their leggings, which looked and felt awesome and then pilled after two wears. The Lululemon Stretch High-Rise Pant, though, looked like what I had in mind, so I ordered them in a size 18. They are a much looser fit than the rest of the pants I tried; based on the model on the website this is by design. They fit well in the legs and length and are just slightly too big around the waist and pelvis.

Grace modeling the black Lululemon high rise pant
Grace in the Lululemon Stretch High-Rise Pant

The fabric is a 69% nylon and 31% Lycra blend, so they’re very soft and stretchy, but not shiny or particularly lightweight. They’re very comfortable and move well with my body, and I expect they’d wash and dry out well and quickly. There are only two pockets, but they are deep and usable. These pants are available in five colors, through size 20. They retail for $118.

The Verdict: The Best Travel Pants For Me

When I went looking for The Perfect Black Travel Pants, the Alder Apparel Open Air Pant was what was in my head. They meet every criteria I listed: they fit great, and they come with the huge unexpected bonus of being from a company worth supporting. There was truly no contest regarding which pants were The One(s). Not only will I keep them, I am already wondering if I need them in another color.

I’m exceptionally pleased with the outcome of this experiment. Not only did I find multiple reasonable options, I found something that doesn’t feel like settling. Well-fitting, practical pants from a sustainable, woman-owned, and truly size-inclusive brand. I absolutely intend to spend a large part of my visit to Greece in the Open Air Pants, and after I do, I’ll come back and let you know how they did.

Who makes the best travel pants for women? We review 15 size inclusive pairs of black pants perfect for travel.

Grace reviewed these travel pants in 2022. In 2024, I revisited this post as some of the styles she tried were no longer available from the retailers. Her original review had 15 different styles of travel pants for women.

I noticed that almost every style of pant increased in price since 2022 except for the Alder Apparel pants. Originally around $125, the pants drastically reduced in price. I only hope it's because this unique company is doing so well they can reduce costs. And how wonderful that those were the favored travel pants in this review!

If you have a favorite pair of travel pants that come in extended lengths or sizes, please share in the comments below. Your review may be exactly what another member of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community is searching for!

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  1. LOVED this review!! Thank you for being so completist!

    Quick Q: Alder pants are now $75, sale no returns/refunds. Do you still stand by those pants almost 2 years later?

    Thank you!

  2. This review with actual photos of a real woman was very helpful. Thank you. I am traveling to Iceland later in the year and purchased the Columbia pants. Great recommendation.

  3. I too cannot thank you enough. The amount of research, detailed information, and my god – your pictures are so so useful. I wish I had found you a while ago. I shall thank my sister for forwarding your site.
    (We are going traveling in South America from 11,000 feet down to the Amazon. 80% of my family falls into the “beautiful people” size 6, and wear 8 inch high heels in the desert , …where as I am comfortable and a loose T-shirt and sweatpants. So thank you for helping me find something that won’t look dumpy.
    PS. I was just at our local Orvis, and although I am really not that big a girl, their size 16 wasn’t even close. I fall in that 16/18 category most of the time. It’s so annoying and embarrassing to ask if they have this, that, and the other in a bigger size. Sometimes they can order them, but I still have no idea if they would work.
    Bless you, bless you, and thank all the other ladies for their input. I may try the Namaste pants, partially just because I like the name.

  4. This is so helpful. I often give up on finding pants in my petite-plus size, but you have inspired me to try to keep looking and that they are out there.

  5. Thanks so much for this! I’m a size 4-6 but 5’8″ and long waisted with a juicy peach and thighs. As you were describing what you were looking for I was thinking about my Athleta Brooklyn ankle pants, which I like but are a bit too big in the waist. I’ve found that my wardrobe has turned over into mostly Athleta over the past few years because they offer talls in both bottoms and tops, but now I will check out Alder and Columbia, too.

  6. I have those Lulu trousers! I can report they hold up really well – I’ve worn/washed mine regularly for maybe 3 years now and they still look exactly the same.

  7. Did you once say your sister (or another relative) has a blog concerning makeup? How do I reach that information?

  8. Thank you, Grace, this was a helpful article! I’ve never considered Columbia before, and now I definitely will. That said, perhaps you could give Duluth Trading one more go, with their “Namastash” pants. I love these for their wearabilty, good looks, and tons of pockets. I’ve had mine for four years now and they still look brand new, no wear or tear, and no pilling. I am shorter than you, sadly these only come in a 31″ inseam so I had to shorten them. But I wear the heck out of them.
    Thank you again for all your hard work!

  9. Grace – thanks for doing this!!! What an undertaking! It’s always helpful to see clothing on real women’s bodies. Enjoy Greece! Alison – I really enjoy these features!

  10. Grace, excellent post! I ordered the Alder pants you recommended, but was surprised when I entered my age/weight/height they suggested an XL – usually I’m a Medium or Large? But I’m going with it! And I got a 10% discount from the website which was pretty cool. Thanks again for your time doing this research and have a blast in Greece!

  11. From one tall gal to another – thank you, Grace, for putting in this work! Glad you found your perfect pair. I will check out this brand.

  12. How timely! I’ll finally be traveling internationally again, and was looking for a pair of comfy plane pants. I swallowed hard, and ordered a pair of the black Alder pants. I hope they won’t be too long for 5’2″ me. This post was SO HELPFUL! More please! Travel jackets?

  13. Grace, this was wonderful! Thank you for the detailed descriptions of these pants and why they did or didn’t work for you. I have a trip coming up myself and have been trying to find one pair of pants I can depend on for two weeks. This is very helpful!

  14. Grace, such a great post! Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I love when Allison writes reviews like this as well—very helpful, even if we might be different shapes & sizes. I always have an idea in my mind of “perfect” travel pants & still haven’t found them. I really thought the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pants were going to be the ones because I have a pair of their jogger style that I like quite a bit. But, no, they were not. The crotch area was so weird—way too “up there” if you know what I mean. I’m 5’4” so I thought maybe going up & size but in petite would work—nope, same problem. Also tried just going up a size & still had the same problem. So aggravating because they are very cute in the pics on Athleta’s website. Very frustrating.

  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! I read every word! I am a relative new comer to Alison’s site ( but a fellow Marylander!) and now I am a fan of Grace’s post! The amount of work and detail you both put into your posts is ABCD…Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

  16. What a comprehensive review! I couldn’t be more opposite from you: 5’ tall, curvy figure, short waisted, but still found your review of all these pants helpful. I ended up ordering the Everlane pants. Well done, Grace.

  17. What a great post! Wanted to recommend the Savannah Trail Pants by REI Co-Op. Lightweight, full length, $55. They are hiking pants but can pass as travel pants–the only giveaway is a horizontal seam on the thigh which doesn’t really show in black. They are very lightweight. 2 big front pockets (hold my iPhone 13) and one back zip pocket. The only downside is they do stretch out with wear – you may want a belt (they have belt loops) or consider sizing down.
    I wore them for a weeklong trip that involved city sightseeing and hiking often in the same day without changing anything but my shoes, and they worked great. they come in plus up to 2XL – not sure about tall since I am not tall.
    P.S. can we talk about retailers who sell up to size 16 and then Plus starts at 18W??? 18W is NOT 18!!! So frustrating when you’re a 16-18 cusp.

  18. Hey Grace, if you ever decide to start fashion blogging regularly let me know! We have such a similar body type – and it’s impossible to find fashion bloggers for 6ft, size 18 ladies. Should we talk about shoes next? lol

    1. OMG, shoes. If Alison ever wants a very plus-sized shoe review, I’m her girl. I was a 12 BEFORE my son was born, and in reality now I’m a 12.5 or a 13, though I can still wear a 12 in a few brands/styles. It’s a hard road.

      1. Yep, me too! Pretty sure I’m a true 12.5 wide but depending on the brand and style – I fit into (or not!!) anything from a 12 to a 13 medium or wide. At the start of the shoe seasons – I order anything that looks like it might fit that I might not hate… I return a LOT of shoes. Thank godzilla for Nordstrom and Zappos.

  19. FANTASTIC! I don’t have a a trip on the horizon but still found this information extremely helpful for other outings. Thank you Grace and Alison.

  20. This was wildly helpful. I ordered a pair of the outdoor research pants you mentioned because people in the reviews say they don’t stretch out, which seems to be my problem all the time. If those are bad, I’ll work my way down your list!!!

  21. Thank you! Great information that I’ll definitely use! I’ve tried and enjoyed Nic & Zoe Tech Stretch pants, but a couple of your recommendations look more promising.

  22. Wow. What I take away from this piece is that Grace had to try on 20+ pairs of pants to find ONE that she loved. No wonder I can’t find any! I need to be more relentless, LOL!

    Thank you, Grace, for this incredible compendium of options.

    1. I tend to have to be pretty relentless to find things that work. I recently did this same thing with swimsuits–that was a trial!

      1. I have to add that Alison talked awhile back about consumers getting a bad rap for ordering and returning items. This post is a perfect example of why we have to! Grace’s “20 pairs for the price of 1” experiment shows that going to a retail store — or even a cluster of retail stores — and attempting to find these sizes with these inseams in this color with these attributes would be a complete waste of time.

    2. AMEN! What does this say about the fashion industry that women of all shapes and sizes have so much trouble finding pants that fit.

    1. Buying “pants” is a nightmare for me. Even though my body type is very different than yours I so appreciate your detailed reviews and photos. I’m 5’1″, curvy with an apple shape. My thighs and calves are often an issue with pants being too snug. And the crotch area is a whole wild beast in itself. Either the fit seems to be way too much fabric where it bunches up, or too tight when bending or sitting. I have given up on jeans of any sort. Tired of wearing leggings and joggers. I have two pairs that I have on constant rotation. One is from Chico’s that are about 10 years old and are looking their age. The other pair is Eileen Fisher that is more than 15 years old. Still holding up but not looking new.
      So glad you found something that fit and you were happy with them!

      1. Katmar, you might be my pants twin if you add short legs to the mix! I recently tried on 20 pairs at Talbots and came away with zero…same with LLBean. So frustrating!

      2. Katmar, your shape sounds about the same as mine. Have you tried Nic and Zoe? I have found success with their pants, especially because you can order them in petite sizes usually. Also, White House/Black Market for curvy jeans—they give me more room in the hips and thighs.

  23. This was such a great article. My needs are different. I am short and short waisted, but the information about the fabric and feel is so useful. Great job.

  24. What a great roundup- I think I found some options for an upcoming hiking/sightseeing trip to Denver. I love grace’s reviews- I’m 5’11” size 14ish and it’s just so affirming to see other people with bodies like mine. I always feel like an outlier and this is why I love this corner of the blog/influencer space.

  25. SO helpful! I’m constantly traveling and in search of my own pair of “unicorn” pants, and this definitely added a few to my radar I would have never considered. Thank you!

  26. This is a great list! I’d also suggest Betabrand Journey pants. They are amazing and the pocketing is to die for.

    1. I looked at those! Ultimately, I decided I didn’t want ponte for this, but I think I may try a pair of those anyway. I’m excited by their size offerings.

      1. It’s a lighter weight Ponte, but still might be a bit too heavy for what you’re looking for. Otherwise, they are AMAZING.

        1. Hi Erica,
          I’m planning on some winter travel this year so the Betabrand might be what I’m looking for. thanks!

  27. Thank you Grace for putting yourself out there and sharing so much with us. Have a great trip, and I’m so glad you found what you where looking for

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