Universal Standard Fit Liberty is Back!

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Universal Standard Fit Liberty is back, and it's better than ever! If you are new to the size-inclusive brand Universal Standard or have no idea what Fit Liberty is, read on because this is pretty awesome, especially for us grown women who deal with body size and shape fluctuation. On top of this, I have a deal below where you can get 40% off Universal Standard Fit Liberty PLUS an extra 10% off with my exclusive promo code!

What is Universal Standard?

Universal Standard is one of the most size-inclusive fashion brands on the market, offering elevated basics for work, weekends, workouts, and special occasions in sizes 00-40.

I have been a fan of Universal Standard since 2017. Unlike many brands that grade up and down from a size 8 dress form for Misses and a size 20 dress form for Plus, Universal Standard creates a whole different pattern for each size, ensuring a much better fit.

Alison leaning against a wall, wearing the Universal Standard All Day blazer in black over a cream and white stripe Tee Rex tucked into dark Joni jeans, On her feet are ivory Vionic loafers
Wearing a classic look from Universal Standard that would work at pretty much any size.

Universal Standard's Unique Sizing

Universal Standard started with sizes 10-32, which is why a 10/12 is XS. As the fashion brand grew, so did its size range. It is important not just to assume your size with Universal Standard, but to check the measurements on the size chart, which is different for each garment sold.

For example, I sometimes wear a size S with Universal Standard and sometimes an XS. With Universal Standard jeans I am usually a size 12, while I am a 14 or 16 with other brands. This is because a lot of other brands grade up and down, so fit isn't as consistent or curve-friendly. Also, Universal Standard denim has fantastic stretch (and really deep pockets!).

Alison wearing the Universal Standard All Day blazer in black buttoned up to show fit and length of sleeves
Wanted to show the length and fit of the All Day blazer sleeves; I usually push my sleeves up since I am short.

What is Universal Standard Fit Liberty?

Universal Standard's Fit Liberty is a first-of-its-kind, complementary service that empowers you to buy clothes that fit exceptionally on your current body without the fear or expectation of size fluctuation hindering decisions about investment, style, fit, or comfort. If your size changes, you can replace the old garments with completely new pieces in an updated size for FREE within a year of purchase. 

Don't worry about the condition; Universal Standard knows that these clothes will be worn and live life with you. Within a year from purchase, if your size changes, Fit Liberty is there for you to update your closet to your current body. On top of that, all Fit Liberty returns will be upcycled or laundered/donated to organizations supporting women reentering the workforce.

Alison wearing a striped t-shirt tucked into Universal Standard Joni jeans in a dark wash. She is pulling the waistband to the side to show the stretchiness of the jeans.
Even though Universal Standard jeans are stretchy, it's natural, especially in midlife, to need to change sizes within a year.

What Clothes are Part of Fit Liberty?

Not every garment sold by Universal Standard is part of Fit Liberty; however, if you check this link, you will see an awesome range of tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, and denim, including what I am wearing in these photos.

For reference, I am 5'3″ and usually wear an XL/16 on top and 14 on the bottom. I am wearing the All Day Blazer in XS and the Joni jeans in size 12, both of which are part of Fit Liberty. Universal Standard provided these two pieces to me in exchange for promoting Fit Liberty on Instagram. I styled them with a striped Tee Rex I already owned (size XS).

Any piece in the Fit Liberty collection is automatically eligible for a one-year size exchange should you go up or down in size within a year. Fit Liberty gives you the freedom to change sizes without fear, anxiety, or added expense. And right now, the Fit Liberty collection is on sale!

Alison facing away from the camera to show the back view fit of the Universal Standard Joni jeans
Always helpful to see the back view of a pair of jeans to determine fit!

Save 40% off on the Universal Standard Fit Liberty Collection

Through April 30, 2024, the garments part of the Fit Liberty collection are 40% off. Offering amazing wardrobe staples for all four seasons, this is a great deal to update your closet for now and the future without worrying that items may not fit come fall. This is a phenomenal deal; I can't recall the last time Universal Standard has offered 40% off!

Save an Extra 10% off at Universal Standard

Think 40% off is fantastic? Well, Universal Standard has provided the Wardrobe Oxygen community a code to save an additional 10% off your order! Use code INFS-WARDROBE10 at checkout for 10% off your order; this code can be stacked with the 40% off Fit Liberty

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Just an update that everything worked, including Alison’s extra discount. Now, we’ll see if the fit works! I have both the Riviera and Farrah jeans in size 12 but with recent weight gain in my tummy, they are just too uncomfortable even with stretch. So I got the Farrahs in a 14 since they were on sale. They are pretty form fitting so I hope they won’t look big in the hips.

  2. Wonderful promotion and I used it to snag another pair of the Seine high rise skinny which I love. Also thanks for the extra 10%! I was surprised though that shipping was $15.00. *gulp*

  3. Just be careful if you pull up an item and decide you like it better in a different color or variation. Not all colors of the same item offer Fit Liberty, which I find somewhat frustrating. But eventually, I realized I needed to stick to the literal item posted through Alison’s link.

  4. I sort of “ Rome up” with US for a while. I stopped getting emails, etc. I felt like they had gone too far away from the reasons I fell in love with them. This sale, and the Fit Liberty program have pulled me back in. I’m excited for the new things to arrive!

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