Weekend Reads #284

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Vera Molnár, Dürer, Pair Impair A, 2021
Vera Molnár, Dürer, Pair Impair A, 2021

Weekend Reads

Rihanna is ready to confess. (Interview)

Thanks to TikTok, the 1980s color analysis phenomenon is back — this time with help from AI. (Washington Post – gift article)

Pompeii: Breathtaking new paintings found at ancient city. (BBC)

The New Empress of Self-Help Is a TikTok Star. (The Atlantic – gift article)

Sorry, Wall Street: Fangirls run the economy. (Bustle)

I got mailers promoting toddler milk for my children. I went on to investigate international formula marketing. (ProPublica)

I've shared these a couple of times on Instagram Stories, but I got these shoe stretchers and they really work. They have some attachments to stretch in specific places for bunions, and have taken my almost working heeled sandals to slip on easy comfort.

You know so much more about yourself and your desires when you’re older that dating apps — even with all their frustrations — can bring unanticipated pleasure. (New York Times – gift article)

How the everyday belt became spring’s hottest accessory. (Glossy)

So fitting, I just shared where to shop for plus size belts!

Wardrobe Oxygen community member notified me that STAUD will customize their bags and certain apparel with your furbaby. OMG, a Mini Moon with Oscar on it?!?

Where Clara Bow ends and Taylor Swift begins. (Elle)

Your 2024 Met Gala Q&A. (Back Row)

5 networking tips for introverts (and anyone else). (Harvard Business Review)

Rumor is that designer Rebecca Minkoff will be joining the cast of Real Housewives of New York City. (Deadline) A reminder to all that Rebecca Minkoff is a Scientologist. (US Weekly)

Women’s college basketball is a worthy investment. (The Atlantic – gift article)

This new iPhone iOS 17.3 feature makes it much harder for thieves to ruin your life. (Wirecutter)

How to leave a bad online review without being a jerk. (Washington Post – gift article)

Related… How to turn a rant into a resource.

Last weekend, my sister and I finally finished clearing out personal files and what we wanted from our mom's house to prepare for an estate sale. We had so much to shred; years-old bank statements and utility bills, tax returns from decades ago, old receipts for items not still owned, bills for homes not still lived in.

The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to pare down. My parents both worked for the IRS at a point in their lives, hence holding onto so much, but we now live in a different time. The digital age permits us to store far less paper. This piece from Michelle Singletary at the Washington Post (gift article) tells you the financial documents you need to keep, the rest can go.


ricky stanicky movie poster

In the 80s and 90s we watched a lot of really stupid movies. Stupid concepts, bad acting, bad costumes, bad jokes. But they were fun. You didn't have to think har but you'd laugh hard and the following Monday at school or work you'd discuss it with others, how stupid it was but that one point was so incredibly funny yet inappropriate. That is Ricky Stanicky, a movie currently on Amazon Prime.

Jermaine Fowler, Zac Efron, and Andrew Santino sitting at a bar in Atlantic City in the Amazon movie Ricky Stanicky
Cheers to being complete douchebags to the loves of our lives!

It's so cliche and stupid, you may think it's a remake. Three friends, since childhood, have made up a friend to get them out of trouble and be an excuse to get out of situations. And now they're grown-ass men lying to their loved ones about their bestie Ricky Stanicky getting cancer and saving lives so they can go see a comedian in Atlantic City instead of their baby shower or write off rounds of golf at the job.

john cena as devo in the movie ricky stanicky
John Cena, as an Atlantic City act where he turns popular songs into pieces about masturbation. Whip it, whip it good.

A situation arises where Ricky Stanicky needs to show up or else and these three friends hire John Cena, a washed-up performer and addict in Atlantic City, to be him. I read that this film was originally cast in 2010 with James Franco in Cena's role, and then in 2012 Joaquin Phoenix was going to play Ricky Stanicky. Both would be more believable in this role than Cena, but dude puts his all into this role.

Zac Efron and Lex Scott Davis in the movie Ricky Stanicky
Wait, so you have been lying to me since the start of our relationship and almost cost me my career? That's okay; I love you, honey!

The three friends continue to make worse and worse decisions, and Cena's character continues to surprise while bringing the laughs and cringes. When I saw Ricky Stanicky was a Peter Farrelly movie, it all made sense. Men are asses, women are assumed to be stupid eye candy but not only figure it all out but save the day yet the men get the congrats and the forgiveness… it feels all so dated and stupid yet I did laugh several times.

John Cena as Ricky Stanicky, in a linen suit, white shirt, and a safari hat
Thank you, thank you very much. I put my all into this film and I am what saves it.

Props to John Cena, who was totally miscast but made this horrible movie actually a bit funny and brought the only joy. He made Zac Efron and Andrew Santino look even more like assh*les, made William H. Macy's character funny, and saved the day while being able to reinvent himself. Ricky Stanicky wasn't a great movie, but it did make me like John Cena even more.

For Your Entertainment

The All Things Go festival tickets went on sale this week. I have been to this DC/Maryland-based festival for many years but decided not to go this year. However, I had to check out the lineup and it's pretty fantastic. I like to research bands that are not familiar to me, and I couldn't NOT notice the band name Mannequin Pussy.

Mannequin Pussy is a Philadelphia-based alt punk band that originally formed in 2010. Their 2020 tour was canceled, in 2023 they bought back their masters and started their own label, and this year released their latest album, I Got Heaven. The title track has a 90s vibe I really dig, and I hope you do too!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love John Cena and appreciate the same qualities in him that you called out. He’s usually the best part of the movie or show he’s in.

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