A Cozy Chic Winter Capsule Wardrobe in Both Misses & Plus Sizes

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collage of clothing with overlay text. Cozy yet chic winter capsule wardrobe. A month's worth of looks for the coldest part of the season.

Welcome to Deep Winter, the time of year after the holidays when the days are dreary, the temps are low, and many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the “New Year New You” mentality of January and exhausted after the holiday season. We may be a bit softer or a different clothing size than we usually are, and what we need right now is not a resolution to be a different person but a mentality to truly care for who we are, wonderful, right here and right now.

To inspire you to care for yourself right now but still maintain style, I created this cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe full of snuggly fabrics, styles to work with a fluctuating figure, yet enough polish for a day in the office or a night on the town. And I hope you can find similar pieces already in your closet!

Come January, I want nothing to restrict me, dig into my stomach as I sit, require fancy underpinnings, cause foot pain, or make me uncomfortable in any manner. I'd rather spend a half hour applying lotions and potions to my face or doing my makeup this time of year than spend even ten minutes in my closet and I know I am not alone. I created this winter capsule wardrobe for those of us who prioritize comfort but also want to look chic and pulled together.

This cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe is available in at least sizes XS-3X. If an item isn't available in at least that size range, I link to a worthy equivalent. This capsule wardrobe is free of extreme trends so that come spring you can pack it up and have it ready for next January when you are on a sequin and velvet hangover, wanting to live in sweats but knowing you need to get out of bed and live in the real world. Also, a lot of these pieces will transition into early spring with ease.

You know I am a fan of color, and this capsule isn't super colorful, only having a pop of pink with a few select items. I did this because I find that loungewear and athleisure look more luxe when in neutrals, and because I know then these pieces will transcend trends and still look chic next year. If pink isn't your jam, the pop of color can be anything you desire, even another neutral. Don't like black? You can replace those pieces with gray, camel, brown, even navy (as long as the jacket and pants are a match).

My capsule wardrobes are guides, not gospel. I hope this collection of chic cozy pieces in this winter capsule wardrobe inspires you to see your existing closet in a new light, seeing how you may be able to recreate this or part of this with what you already own.

A Cozy Chic Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I created this cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe in January 2023. I have updated it for 2024 with links to similar items as some pieces are now out of stock. These similar items are exactly that… similar. I feel the links will provide the same effect even if they don't exactly match the items in the graphics. Unfortunately I have no control over stock levels at retailers.

A cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe in sizes XS-3X by Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

Shop this Cozy Chic Winter Capsule Wardrobe:
black ponte wide-leg pants (00-40) | ivory knit pants (XS-4X + petite/tall) | wide-leg jeans with stretch (4-26 + petite/tall & inseam options) | ivory wool-free cardigan (00-40) | black ponte blazer (XXS-5X) | pink zip-neck sweatshirt (XXS-XXL) | black Tencel turtleneck (XS-3X) | Breton stripe top (XXS-XXL; link to similar in 12-42/44) here is another on Amazon that looks similar | black insulating camisole (XS-XL) | ivory and gray ruana (similar in plus size/longer length) | floral dress (XXS-3X + petite) | pink socks | black merino wool tights (A/B-G) | pink print scarf | waterproof black leather boots (come in widths) | off-white leather sneakers

22 Looks from this Capsule Wardrobe

Below are 22 thumbnails of potential outfits made from this winter capsule wardrobe. Tap any image below to see larger. There will be arrows that pop up so you can scroll through the looks (on your mobile device you can swipe to view the next look). If you are on a mobile device and the footer ad is in the way, you can tap the “X” in the top right corner of the ad to remove it. Tap anywhere outside the image to return to this screen:

These looks have added items: bags, slippers, jewelry, and some cosmetics to complete them. I chose versatile pieces that transcend trends and have the quality to last for years. All the beauty products I own and love (use WOXYGEN15 at Flyte.70 for 15% off). The slippers have arch support to stay cozy and comfortable. I own that beanie and wear it all the time, indoors and out. The bags are all from brands I know and trust. And all the jewelry is from Missoma, an ethical and sustainable jewelry company that receives rave reviews for quality from members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community.

Adding to the Capsule Wardrobe

I made 22 looks with each bottom styled at least six different ways with the ability to have each pant styled at least eight ways. And if you add items already in your closet this look can go even further.

  • Add a longer sweater coat to wear over the dress (with or without the turtleneck) and over the knit pants with any slimmer knit top underneath.
  • A tailored pair of wide-leg trousers in a tweed, classic plaid, or suiting fabric can elevate a lot of the looks created. Add in a sweater blazer or a relaxed/boyfriend-style wool blazer (single or double-breasted).
  • If you have dressier or work occasions, look for a flowing silky piece to go under blazers and cardigans (Ravella is a great resource for silk shells, tees, and camis up to 3X).
  • Mix in the sweaters and knit pants you already own. This may seem obvious but we often get into such a minimalist capsule mindset we may restrict our style more than we really need to.
  • Add a wrap belt. ADA Collection makes the best leather wrap belts on the market and they now have each of their iconic styles available in extra length. Use it to cinch the dress for a different effect, to cinch a long sweater coat over the dress, or to cinch the ruana to create a new look for a cozy winter must-have.

Why Did I Pick What I Did for this Capsule Wardrobe?

This cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe is inspired by my own closet and contains many pieces I myself own. I'll break down my fit tips and how you can swap out these items if your personal style aesthetic isn't quite the same:

  • Black Universal Standard Stephanie Ponte Pants: I own two pairs of these pants… so far. I really like them. NOt all ponte is created equal, and this one is high enough caliber to be worn with a silky blouse for a night out or a blazer or cashmere sweater to the office. That being said, throw these pants in the washing machine, wear them all day on the sofa, take a nap in them. They're comfy, durable, and polished. I find the solid ones run a tad more snug than the ones with the stripes; if in doubt size up they'll still look great.
  • Ivory Old Navy Knit Pants: I do not own these but enough people in the Wardrobe Oxygen community and my own circle of friends have raved about them I felt confident adding them.
  • Lands' End Wide Leg Jeans: I own these. Lands' End runs big but I stuck with my usual denim size and am glad I did. I ordered the medium and dark colors and the dark rinse is stiffer, smaller, and not as cute. The middle color wash is the one I own and like so much I'm wearing right now as I type this (with a striped knit top and cardigan no less!). They're some of the only jeans I want to wear during Deep Winter and the leg opening means room for kneesocks and taller boots.
  • Universal Standard Cardigan: I have so many of you who share that you have wool allergies I thought this is a nice alternative that isn't cheapy acrylic. It gets fantastic reviews and while I don't own it now I may get one in the near future. It's a modern cut, not cropped but not long and dated, it can be left out or tucked in, looks good buttoned or opened, and if ivory isn't your jam there are several other colors to choose from.
  • Striped Shirt: I almost always add a Breton striped top into my capsule wardrobes. This one is a great price and great quality; I reviewed this Breton top at this link. This top is sold out at the time of publishing; this one I found looks awfully similar.
  • Ponte Blazer: Usually, ponte from different brands match up pretty well which is why I added this J Jason Wu blazer. It's available in its full size range at time of publishing and it's on clearance for less than $50. However, I can't guarantee its fit, quality or style. If you have a bit more, this blazer from Universal Standard is more likely to match the Stephanies for a suit effect, and I can guarantee the fit and quality will be stellar (I own several Universal Standard blazers).
  • Black Turtleneck from Spanx: I wanted to link to the Universal Standard Foundation turtleneck which I own and love and wear in the manners seen in this capsule, but the size range is currently limited. Spanx has never steered me wrong with quality, and I like that this fitted turtleneck is not compression, is opaque, and has a good size range. This could be replaced with a tissue-weight turtleneck or even a fitted sweater turtleneck (for this situation, merino would be good).
  • Ruana: I love a ruana, it's like wearing a blanket but it won't slide off your shoulders and looks a heck of a lot more polished. I wear mine all the time when working from home, and when I leave the house I pull it up and use it like a blanket scarf with my coat. This one incorporates the colors of the capsule in a plaid that can look at home in a ski lodge, an office, or a coffee shop.
  • Maxi Dress: Some days, you don't want to wear pants. Some days you want to look festive or feminine but you also want to be comfortable. This Anthro dress gets great reviews and is such a nice fabric and print (there are other prints available) it looks purposeful in a relaxed fit and is loose enough to wear over a fitted turtleneck.
  • Black La Canadienne Boots: I own these boots. I have owned them for a few years and they are amazing. Buttery soft leather, yet also waterproof. Lace up, but also a zipper so easy to slip on and off. I have the wide version and even with high volume feet I had room to add a pair of inserts. I wear these often with midi and maxi dresses and skirts, paired with black tights for a continuous line.
  • Sneakers: These sneakers are by Birkenstock and they are just as supportive and awesome as the sandals. I spent New Years' weekend barefoot and in cute shoes and was hobbling by time I was home. One day in these sneakers and my feet were back to normal. And they look nice too!
  • Pink Zip-Neck Sweatshirt: It's a fun color, it's not belly baring but not long so it looks polished with wide leg pants, and the zip neck means you can have it up or open depending on how cold it is.
  • Black Thermal Cami: Very lightweight, machine washable, and they truly keep you warmer while being simple enough that if some shows it just looks like any normal base layer.
  • Printed Scarf: To be honest, I lost track of this as I was building outfits hence it only being in a few. But a scarf like this in winter doesn't just add style but also adds warmth. Wear cowboy-style in open necklines, wrap around the neck with lower-necked tops, wear as a headband, tie around a low ponytail, knot around the handle of your bag.
  • Tights and Socks: What socks to wear in winter with sneakers, loafers, and other shoes that may show your ankle? A sock with a pop of color! These are cashmere blend and coordinate with the pink sweatshirt, but you can choose any sock in a fabric you desire. I recommend a tailored fit, which means a thicker band on top to hold them up or a knee-high. I know wool isn't for all but I own these tights and they're warmer than regular tights and hold their shape better than a lot of other winter tights I've tried.

You survived 2023, you deserve to start this new year with comfort, style, and a bit of peace. I hope this cozy chic winter capsule wardrobe helps you find some peace with your wardrobe during the coldest months of the season!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Beautiful capsule! Any chance that you will be doing the same for 2024? Some of the items that you suggested are no longer available. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I went through and linked to similar that is currently available. Things like the dress and the pink zip-up weren’t easy to find so I shared what I think will provide the same effect.

  2. As always, a great capsule wardrobe! And I love the concept of a comfy January wardrobe, that can still look polished. I live in Massachusetts and love my Bomba Merino wool socks. They have colorful ones and more subdued ones as well, and your purchases help homeless people!

  3. I got a pair of Vionics slippers recently Abe they’ve helped a ton – I’m going to be looking to that brave for flip-flops come spring when those become all I wear!

  4. Great stuff! Any chance you could post a picture of you in the Lands End jeans? I find their stuff hit or miss for me in terms of cut and rinse. I’d love to see how they look on you : ) I’ve also spent too much time searching for a new cross body bag and you may have solved my problems!

  5. This is such a great capsule! The dress is gorgeous! The outfits all look great. I want to check out the US cardigan and the ON pants – I don’t have anything like them in my closet. Thanks Alison!

  6. Thank you for this-both the reminder to be gentle with my January self and for the mix of chic, colorful pieces!

  7. What a great capsule — love.

    Things that esp appealed: The orange leather tote from Talbots. The Longchamp crossbody bag. The ponte pants from US.

    And now a note to your sponsors! Talbots needs to fire its accessories marketing folks, as it’s now been 3+ years since people have started complaining that their photos and descriptions do not include info on how a bag closes, what it’s lined with, or whether there are interior pockets. This orange leather tote is a great example. None of the info is shown or included, and there are multiple questions from customers asking for it. Imagine if there’s a floral lining, or a striped one, or a plain one. It totally changes the bag.

    Next: The Longchamp crossbody, which I love, has a too-short strap if you’re over 5’8″ or busty or wide. Longchamp does not include info on its strap lengths anywhere on its site, probably purposely?

    Finally: The US ponte pants, which I would adore, do not come in Talls (or just a longer inseam). In fact, not a single one of their US Collection does. Why.

    To end on a positive note, this capsule wardrobe is fabulous. I love the colors and textures you’ve pulled together. So chic.

    1. I reached out to Talbots to see if I could get the tote so I could review it and show it “IRL.” I agree, US needs talls and petites especially in styles like this! And thank you so much for this info about the Longchamp bag!

    2. Okay I got the bag. It is tumbled leather, a magnetic snap closure. It is lined in blue oxford fabric/chambray. There is one zipper pocket and two pouch pockets inside.

  8. As usual, I have to resist the urge to buy too many things from this capsule! I saw that US just introduced a new ponte pant that is somewhat more tailored and I may try them. And may go for the fleece from J Crew—such a pretty color, and I live in those fleeces in New England in the winter. Cozy and often flattering, as they skim over my tummy.

  9. The striped shirt is out of stock. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced shirt like that & was ready to put it in my cart in a NY second, but disappointingly, it is not available.

  10. I love the cream cardigan from US – i’ve never ordered from them before but it looked great. Also, I’m pretty busty so I worry about wearing light colors on top but it has a v neck which should help – so I ordered it! Fingers crossed!

    1. Your bust will always be the same size, whether it’s under a black top or cream, horizontal stripes or vertical. It may make a difference in photos, but IRL I say wear what makes you happy and that makes all of you look its absolute best! I hope you adore the sweater, do come back and let me know what you think of it!

  11. This is a great capsule. I am taking a trip to NYC in a few weeks and I think I’m going to base my packing on this. Those Old Navy pants are really calling to me, but I gave up on ON due to quality years ago…maybe worth another try?

    1. I looked at them in-store today and was pleasantly surprised. They’re a nice heavy weight, the pockets zip, and I was going to try them on if they’d had my size.

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